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London Scottish, Connacht, And Argentine Lads Along With One Woofy, Bearish Guy Strip Down To Their Skivies!

There’s Something Incredibly Sexy About A Man In His Underwear With HIs Socks On!

Sexy As Frackin’ Hell, Baby!

In celebration of almost 5,000 followers and the fact that I’m having a clear out of physical copies of some of my collection, may I present to you my Super-Duper CD Giveaway! You lucky emos can win up to 3 cds each. All you have to do is:

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29.01.2017 // It’s been a hectic week, but a good one. I got a conditional PhD offer from King’s College London on Thursday! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to afford to go, because I’ll need funding in order to do it, but I won’t hear back about any decisions regarding that for quite a while yet, as it was a separate application… 

Pictured: me reading a C18th play I printed out, with a desktop background feat. James Joyce.
Louis Tomlinson dons a hoodie as sources say he has reunited with ex
The One Direction star, 25, rocked a casual look as he popped into his record company in West London on Thursday as sources claim that he is now back together with his ex-girlfriend Eleanor Calder.

He recently sent fans into overdrive with rumours that he had reunited with his ex-girlfriend Eleanor Calder two years after the couple split.

But Louis Tomlinson wasn’t giving anything away as he stepped out to visit his record company Sony in West London on Thursday.

The One Direction star, 25, opted for a casual look for the meeting, wearing a black zip-up hoodie over a white t-shirt.

He donned pale blue jeans which were ripped at the knees and spotless white sneakers.

The dad-of-one looked a little sleepy as he clutched a coffee on his way into the office.  

Louis’s casual appearance comes just days after speculation that he had reunited with his fashion blogger ex-girlfriend Eleanor.

The pair, who dated for three years, triggered intense speculation when they followed each other again on Instagram and started liking posts.

Sources claim that the pretty pair are  back together following a secret reunion in Los Angeles.

Adding to the rumour mill, Louis and Eleanor were spotted wearing very similar sweatshirts. 

The couple, who parted ways in March 2015, reportedly rekindled their romance after Eleanor flew out to LA for work.

‘Louis and Eleanor spent a lot of time in Los Angeles together this month,’ a source told The Sun.

‘It’s early days but they are an item again. Eleanor was flown to Los Angeles for a huge Tommy Hilfiger fashion event as she works with the label as a blogger.

'They have a really special three years together and they have found it quite easy to find that spark between them again.’

Louis and Eleanor donned a Vetements hoodie inspired by Jack and Rose from Titanic just weeks apart from one another.

Louis wore his to pick up a coffee on Thursday in Hollywood, while Eleanor posted a sizzling shot of herself wearing a hoodie from the same French brand.

Her sweatshirt appeared to be the same as Louis’s apart from the yellow lettering.

Pouting sultrily at the camera, the brunette beauty - who split with Louis in 2015 - rocked a pair of black thigh-high boots in the snap.

And Louis was clearly impressed with the photo - and their similar taste in fashion sense - as he liked it on Instagram.

Fans claimed that the almost identical garment was a sign of their imminent reconciliation.

'I’m so happy you’re on good terms with Louis,’ one wrote, while another added: 'Louis was wearing the same top recently!’

'It’s obvious that Louis is going to come back with her to end all this s**t, so here we go.’

Others eagerly picked up on the fact that the father-of-one had liked Eleanor’s photo, commenting: 'Louis be stalking lol.’

'Omg Louis liked the post,’ while another pleaded: 'GET BACK YOU TWO.’

The couple were introduced by Harry Styles, and in 2014 Eleanor, now 24, acted as the Maid of Honour at Louis’ mother’s wedding.

But the pair split just a year later, with the stress of  constantly travelling the globe said to have been the root cause of their relationship woes.

Louis has been ostensibly single since splitting with American actress Danielle Campbell last year after the tragic death of his mother Johanna from leukaemia in December.


Bear Hugs

Ben Franks And George Robson Celebrate London Irish’s Champion Title!

Woof, Baby!

Maurice (James Ivory, 1987) at 30: Maurice reaches London

On Thursday 5 November 1987, Maurice received its UK Gala Charity Premiere at the Cannon cinema Shaftesbury Avenue (today’s Odeon Covent Garden) in aid of the Writers’ and Scholars’ Educational Trust. Present at the premiere were Maurice’s stars James Wilby, Hugh Grant and Rupert Graves, director James Ivory, the wider cast and crew, and celebrity guests who included the mysteriously photobombing Pete Townshend of The Who. [Premiere image courtesy of holmeslovewatson-blog, scanned from the Japanese British actor fanbook Igirishu no Kikoushi tachi Part 2.]

On Friday 6 November 1987, Maurice opened to the London public.

On c. 19 November 1987, I saw Maurice (at the same London cinema) for the first time – but very far from the last. :-) My personal story here

Here’s a special celebration edit from me

The sources images for 1, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 13, 14 and 15 are all scanned from my personal collection of Maurice memorabilia, magazines, cuttings, photocopies and a ticket(!) Source image for 6: holmeslovewatson-blog as above. 7: My photographs of the Cannon Shaftesbury Avenue/Odeon Covent Garden, 2013. 8, 9 and 12: myscreencaps. The remaining poster images were sourced online.

All the text snippets are from Mark Sanderson’s incomparable Maurice interview/feature ‘Ivory League’, published in Time Out, 4–11 November 1987.


About last night event, gala Whither would you go? in Harold Pinter theatre

As always we have plenty of selfies with James and no information about his performance. God bless Martin Freeman’s fans who helped us with Christmas concert last year and now with this charity event. 

For those who are interested… Martin Freeman read Hamlet, the To Be or Not to Be, act 3 scene 1. I cried, but I was crying already with the previous video so I blame partly to that.
Bertie Carvel read Richard II, act 3 scene 2, and gave me the shivers. To finish the first act in a happy note (after a video that made me cry as well) James Norton and Jack Whitehall did a little comedy scene of As You Like It, act 2 scene 7. Jack Whitehall is surprisingly good at Shakespeare. He should do some drama. Go for it!
Lee Evans killed me with The Tempest, act 2 scene 2.


This was very last minute. I was actually back to Glasgow from London last Thursday. This fucked me over. After two nightshifts, and an hour of sleep I took the train to London and now I’m here, just for the night -train back home tomorrow at 5:30am- and I wondered why do I put myself through all these uncomfortable situations, because my body is exhausted and I’m so broke. Why can’t I have normal and cheap hobbies?! But this… I couldn’t not escape. The premise was 1) Shakespeare. 2)Fundraiser for refugees. 3) Jamie Lloyd. 4) LOTS of actors I love.
It moved me to tears more than once. The purpose of the night was to raise money for the United Nations Refugee Agency. Short clips were showed of different stories of different kinds of refugees around the world, and then these stories were paired up with the reading of a scene of a Shakespeare play. The readers? Take a pick! Martin Freeman, Bertie Carvel, Jack Whitehall, James Norton, Lee Evans, Olivia Williams, Celia Imrie amongst others.
It kind of make you think about you how lucky you are in life, and how terrible this world is, and how the world has turned it’s back to these all poor people. This is all fucked up.