london symphony orchestra



Okay, so I get a little ocd with my iTunes library, but all of the different art for the 6 released albums made me grumpy…so I fixed them! I wanted something simple, and luckily the names of the movies are iconic on their own, so I didn’t need to include the logo as well. 

They’re all hi-res pngs, so please feel free to drag and use them for your own libraries. Credit for online sharing is always appreciated =]

Mstislav Rostropovich, recording a programme in the ‘International Concert Hall’ series for BBC television in 1961. For the programme he played the Shostakovich Cello Concerto with the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Charles Groves. Rostropovich was born in Baku in Soviet Azerbaijan on 27 March 1927 and died in 2007.


The London Symphony Orchestra covering Two-Mix’s Just Communication from Gundam Wing. 

My inner 12 yearold weeps tears of joy and bafflement at the loving rendition of 90′s techno-infused j-pop by the same orchestra that did the Raiders of the Lost Arc soundtrack…


And here it is, the Overture to Candide

Composed and Conducted by Leonard Bernstein and performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.