london suede

Brett is the commander; we’re just the space cadets. For someone who looks like a rodent, he’s pretty good. He’s always off kissing some lad in someone’s room. It’s the John, I’m Only Dancing vibe. He is very Bowie. All power to his skinny little elbow. Suede are mega.

Ian McCulloch

This is an actual comment (from here) made by Ian McCulloch (of Echo and the Bunnymen) in 1993. It’s totally loony but it still makes sense and that’s why I love it. Thank you, Ian McCulloch, for your priceless insights!  


Suede - “Love & Poison” performance from 1993

I found this and I can’t stop singing every word. I was a very confused pre-teen.

1. The Next Life
2. Moving
3. Animal Nitrate
4. My Insatiable One
5. Metal Mickey
6. Pantomime Horse
7. He’s Dead
8. The Drowners
9. Painted People
10. She’s Not Dead
11. To the Birds
12. Sleeping Pills
13. So Young


Blur performing at Mile End Stadium, London 

June 17, 1995 

 "It was great, a lot of people there hadn’t been to a gig before, or certainly one of that size. Because we’re the first proper band of our generation to get to playing gigs that big.“ 

 - Alex James, 1995