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Of Old Memories And Future Moments

Surprise! A wild phanfic has appeared! I was watching PINOF8 when suddenly I had a moment of inspiration so I wrote this oneshot. Hope you like it!

summary: “Rummage inside Phil’s bedside drawer‘‘ it said. Oh no. What would have happened if Dan had found something more interesting than a lip-balm inside Phil’s bedside drawer?

word count: 2.6k

no trigger warnings

They had been filming Phil Is Not On Fire 8 for some time when…

’‘Wait a minute, wait a minute,” Dan said, pulling Phil aside so he could read the screen better “Rummage inside Phil’s bedside drawer, okay!” he exclaimed, rapidly moving towards it while Phil repeatedly saying “no” and trying to stop his friend.

Dan opened it and found a lip-balm which he picked up and exageratedly spoke to Phil, “How pale are you?”

Phil didn’t even have time to respond before Dan threw the lip-balm inside the drawer again and searched for something more he could show to the camera.

The black haired boy was still, not even daring to move a muscle. He wanted to stop Dan before he found something he didn’t really want him to see but it was too late.

“Phil, why…?” Dan looked at him, two pieces of a ripped photo on his hands, which he slowly put together to properly see the picture.

It was a photo of them back in 2012, before everything went down. It was a selfie of both of them, happily smiling at the camera while Dan’s hand squeezed both of their faces together. He remembers it well.

They had been a surprisingly warm Autumn day and they had been sightseeing London for hours when they stopped in Hyde Park for a rest, the sun was setting and not many people where there, only a few birds tweets could be heard. They sat under a tree, their thights touching while their backs were resting against the tree trunk, a pile of orange and red leaves around them.

“Let’s take a selfie to remember this day…” Dan said, taking the pocket size digital camera they had been carrying around all day.

Phil leaned a bit closer so he could fit into the frame, not really wanting to invade Dan’s personal space. Even though they had been together for a few years, he knew Dan didn’t like getting his personal space invaded, and he respected it.

“Phil, don’t be silly, get closer!” Dan laughed at him, one of his hands reaching his cheek to squish their faces together, not a centimetre left between them. Phil felt relieved and he finally allowed himself to smile properly before a flashing light blinded him.

He didn’t even have time to change his pose when he saw another flash of light, this time Dan’s lips on his cheek, giving him a peck.

“I really want to print these two, I really like them… what do you think Phil?” Dan’s voice brough him back to earth, shaking his head a bit and looking at the camera screen. They really were good photos.

“Yeah, I like them too. We look so happy, you make me so happy…” Phil whispered, giving Dan a peck on the cheek as the brown haired had done a few moments ago.

“You make me happy too…” Dan told him before kissing him hard against the tree trunk. Their kiss only ended when the last sun rays soaking their faces faded away, letting them know that the day was over even if they didn’t want it to end.

“Dan…” Phil’s timid voice brought him back to the moment they were now. Dan looked at him and then back at the picture which he still had in his hands, sad and hurtful memories clouding his mind now. His eyes were starting to water, not really wanting to recall the horrible argument that lead them to their break-up back in 2012, and how Dan had ripped that picture…

It was to much. The pressure was to much. After the “Valentine’s Video” had leaked a few days ago Dan couldn’t handle the comments he was receiving. He couldn’t imagine this was happening. And yes, in his mind it was all Phil’s fault, even though deep down he knew it wasn’t but he didn’t have anyone else to blame that’s why he was screaming at him right now. 

“Why did you even film that stupid video?” his voice sounded around the living room while he paced around.

Phil didn’t even respond, to scared to confront Dan, so he just shrugged his shoulders, making him smaller in the sofa seat.

“You knew I wasn’t ready to come out, and yet you outed us with that video! What made you think you had the right to do that, eh?” Dan’s face was red, he was angrier that he had ever been.

This time Phil tried to defend himself, “Because you are my boyfriend and I wanted to thank you and show how much I love you, that’s why I made the video and it leaked because of a YouTube glitch, it wasn’t my fault!”

Dan wasn’t listening as he was too angry to think clearly, he was still conviced Phil had made this all happen.

“Well, it’s a strange way to show how much you love me, making a video of pure bullshit so everyone can know what a happy couple we are when we aren’t!” Dan said, grabbing the photo of them squeezing their faces together that was resting in the bookshelf and shoving it into Phil’s face before ripping it in half and throwing the pieces onto the floor.

Phil’s face fell as soon as he saw Dan ripping the picture. He looked at the pieces that were now lying on the floor before speaking up “Are you not happy with me?”

“What?” Phil’s question took him surprisedly, he didn’t expect to hear that from the blue eyed.  

“Are you not happy with me? I don’t want to be the one who makes unhappy, you don’t deserve that…” Phil spoke, his timid voice was loud enough so Dan could hear it.

“Damnit Phil! No, I’m not happy! I told you I was but no, I’m not and I don’t think I have ever been” Dan lied, still angered about the video thing, wanting to hurt Phil as much as he had hurt him, even though it was not the same.

Phil let a tear slide down his cheek and quickly cleaned it with his hand, hoping Dan didn’t notice. And he was right, because Dan keept screaming at him.

“I tried to be happy but you just keep doing things that made me wonder why do I like you! This was the last straw Phil… We should break up.” Dan’s last words were almost quiet, he didn’t meant to voice those word. They were a lie. But his brain  and his anger weren’t cooperating.

Phil lifted his head and looked at his brown eyes, “let me fix this, you are my best friend too, I cannot lose you Dan…” he pleaded him, taking a few steps forward and trying to grab his hands, but thinking it twice about it Phil retracted them to he side.

Dan considered what Phil was asking him. He didn’t really want to lose his best friend either. So he took a deep breath and responded “let me think about it, and yes, you are gonna fix this because if you don’t we are done.”

And with that Dan left the room, letting Phil sat back down on the sofa with his head buried in his hands before picking up the ripped picture and saving it in his bedside drawer, where he knew Dan would never find it.

Dan remembers now how Phil had stayed days and nights trying to take down every single video and hurtful comment that he could find, trying to fix it. To fix them. He also recalls Phil’s voice, asking for forgiveness and trying to get back together, but Dan couldn’t handle it. Not anymore. He was still angry at Phil, angry at himself, for being insecure, for not trusting him enough  .So, not really wanting to lose Phil he agreed to stay as friends until today.

“Dan…” the blue eyed’s voice brought him back to reality, fixing his gaze in the clear blue orbs that were watering. Oh no.

“Why did you save it? After I hurt you so much why did you?” Dan questioned him. Phil didn’t know that he had lied all those years ago and he decided he was going to tell him, but he needed to hear Phil’s statement first.

“Yeah, you are right, you hurt me with your words but I hurt you too. You said I made you unhappy, but I kept staring at that picture and I knew our smiles were real. We were happy. I didn’t know what I did to make you so miserable so I’m sorry for whatever I did…” Phil took a breath before continuing, “I saved the picture because deep down I knew I had made you happy at some point in our relationship, the laughs and smiles of that day couldn’t be fake, I know they weren’t. So that’s why it was in my bedside drawer, because everytime I feel down, even though it hurts, I look at and compare it to many of the photos I see of you on Tumblr to see if you have the same smile as you did. And you have it. You have the same smile and I realized that even though we are not together you are happy and that’s what matters.”

Dan was crying, he didn’t expect those words from Phil. He hadn’t done anything wrong, and he still was beating himself up because Dan had lied all those years ago. He just wanted Dan to be happy, and Dan hadn’t done anything to thank him.

“Phil no,” Dan said, leaving the picture on the bed and hugging his friend, who circled his arms around his waist, bringing him in a much needed hug. “Phil, I’m sorry and you are gonna hate me for this but I lied to you all those years ago.”

“What?” Phil whispered, trying to untangle from the hug but Dan didn’t let him.

“I lied to you. I was happy with you. You made me happy. I lied because I was hurt. After the video leaked and I read all those comments I was angry and I wanted to hurt you too. I knew it wasn’t your fault but I was still a kid and I didn’t know how to react… I was in such a bad place with uni and then this, it had been all too much to handle and I eneded up balming you and hurting you. I’m sorry Phil, I’m so sorry.” Dan was fully sobbing now, his face buried on Phil’s neck, whiskers smugged.

Phil was silently crying too, not really making any noise so Dan wouldn’t have to worry about him either. Dan was right. He had been a kid when all of that happened, and even though their relationship had been strong the pressure of fame and the comments had hurt, leading Dan to break their relationship so he didn’t had to deal with all of it. He had been in a bad place then, but Phil understood everything now.

“Dan, shhh Dan… I don’t hate you. I could never hate you.” Phil tried to calm him down, but it didn’t seem to be doing much. “I understand now why you did what you did. I understand. I’m sorry too.”

“But Phil you have nothing to be sor…” Dan tried to explain himself but the blue eyed didn’t let him.

“No, Dan, don’t try to excuse me” Phil grabbed Dan’s head and made him look into his eyes, “you have grown so much since that happened, we both have. I made mistakes too, I hurt you too, and we have learnt from them…”

“I’m glad our friendship was strong enough so I wouldn’t lose you.” Dan whispered to Phil, hanging his head down and picking the discarded photo again, putting the pieces together to look at the picture again. He wasn’t crying anymore, but some of the tears left fell onto the picture.

“You will never lose me. I promise you that,” Phil said, picking up one of the photo’s pieces and lookng at it, “Even if neither of us would want to admit it we needed each other, even as friends, even if we eneded up not speaking for weeks I was reassured that you were still in the flat.” the blue eyed said, knowing Dan felt the same.

Even if they hadn’t spoken for weeks he was glad Dan was in the other room, it was a sign that neither of them was ready to let the other go, that they still needed each other, even if it was a few feet away.

“Wait here…” Phil stood up, leaving Dan confusedly sitting on the bed, but before he could say anything Phil came back with a roll of sticky tape.

Without a word, Phil took the two ripped pieces of the photo and tapped them together, making it whole again. He lifted it and gave it to Dan, “here, for you.”

Dan was deeply touched by Phil’s gesture, but he couldn’t accept it, he had damaged that photo and with that their relationship and Phil had fixed it again for him. He wanted to bitterly laugh at the metaphor, to be honest.

“Phil, I can’t… I ripped it in the first place, I don’t deserve to have it back.” Dan told him, handing it back to him but Phil put his hands behind his back making it impossible to give it to him.

“No, no, it is a ’'no return” gift, now you will have to keep it forever!“ Phil said, a smile on his face.

The blue eyed’s silly antics made Dan laugh and even though he could leave the picture just there, he couldn’t bare himself  to do that.

’'Thank you” Dan sincerely said, looking onto Phil’s eyes and triying to communicate with his gaze what he couldn’t with his words, hoping Phil would understand. Not just for the picture, but for understanding, for forgiving him, for being such a good friend… even if Dan still loved him like he had done years back. He never stopped to be honest.

“No need to thank me, there is nothing sticky tape and a truthful conversation cannot fix.” And with that Phil winked at him, grabbing the sharpie from the nightstand and drawing the whiskers back again in Dan’s face, who smiled widely at him at the gesture.

“Now c'mon, we still have a few questions to answer.” Phil said trying to grab the phone that was on the other side but before he could do it Dan tackled him onto the bed, landing on top of him, grabbing the sharpie from his hand and lifting it to Phil’s face, “yours are smudged too, you spork!”

They both laughed and Dan started his work. Phil didn’t even realize he had his eyes closed when instead of a sharpie he felt a pair of chapped lips on his, making slowly move them, enjoying and remembering the sweet sensation of Dan’s lips he had missed so much.

Once the kiss ended, Dan looked at him, scared of his reaction.

“You know? You laugh at me for having lip-balm on the bedside drawer, but if you plan on kissing me again I suggest you start using some!” Phil told him jokingly, making Dan release a breath he had been holding before hitting him on the chest before burying his head on the crook of Phil’s neck.

“I hate you.” Dan whispered into his ear.

“I hate you too.” Phil responded, before hugging Dan a bit closer, just the sound of their breaths in the room.

Phil Is Not On Fire 8 could wait.

One Day at a Time (chapter 4) Lin-Manuel x Reader

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5


Summary:  This is inspired by Lin’s adorable tweet about him messing around on a friend’s Tinder account recently. Lin gets chatting to you on tinder and you decide to meet, and quickly begin dating. After spending 2 weeks in London while he films Mary Poppins, you return home and wonder if you can really make the long distance thing work. 

Warnings: Remember when this started out as fluff? Pro tip: don’t try writing fluff after going through a breakup IRL.

A/N: There’s a lot of discourse on rpf at the moment. This is a rpf and is tagged as such so if that’s not for you then don’t read, and I hope we can still be friends.

Word count: 3775

Tags: @coolschmoolzines @iputmyselfintothenarrative @ruth-hamilton-delrio @invisiblerambler @mofoing-democraftic-republican @thedoctorsnerdgirl @21phantasticromances @buckybarneshairpullingkink @nesthemonster @sunriseovertheroomwhereithappens @rebel-with-cause


“You’ve never really talked about her,” Lin said suddenly, absentmindedly stroking your shoulder with his thumb.

“Who?” you asked sleepily


You shrugged. “There really isn’t much to say,” you said, dismissing the conversation with your hand.

It was Sunday morning, the day before you were due to fly back to New York and for some reason neither of you could find the willpower to get out of bed. You’d tried unsuccessfully all morning but somehow managed to stay wrapped up in Lin’s arms, trying to make the most of what little time you had left with each other.

Lin turned over, propping his head up on the pillows while studying your face. “Trust me, you don’t come out of a long term relationship, a relationship which ended in total heartbreak and come out of it completely unscathed,” he prompted.

He could sense your unease and held his hands up.

“Sorry, you don’t have to talk about it. I just want you to know that you can if you want to.”

“Oooh look they do a torture tour of the Tower of London, you can see where everyone was beheaded and everything!” you said brightly, suddenly completely engrossed in a London sightseeing leaflet in next to you on the nightstand.

Lin looped his arm around your waist, kissing your neck to bring your attention back.


You sighed, dropping the leaflet and turning round to face him..

“It’s annoying when you do that you know,” you said gently, wrapping your arm around him.


“When you’re understanding and encourage me to talk while simultaneously reminding me it’s ok if I don’t want to talk. It’s almost like you’re encouraging a healthy relationship or something,” you joked.

“Yeah I’m weird like that.” He smiled, kissing your head. “I know it’s none of my business.”

“No it’s not that,” you said. “She… Kay…. I spent a long time thinking I’d spend my life with her, I thought she was my person.. But that person never actually existed. She left, she’s seeing someone else now and I’m actually ok.”

Lin stroked your arm as your voice dropped.  

“And yeah it hurt but… I guess I can’t spend time feeling sad about a person who doesn’t really exist anymore. I can’t keep living in the past, does that make sense?”

Lin looked at you for a second before nodding solemnly.

“And you don’t have to worry about me, I can talk about this stuff. Jesus, I love talking, it’s my favorite thing to do! But right now…” you looked up at him through your lashes. “ I don’t want to talk.”  You smiled mischievously, biting your lip and tangling your legs with his.

Lin grinned at you before pulling you close, wrapping you in his arms. “We really aren’t getting out of bed anytime soon are we?”

Your lips hovered over his and hot breath tickled your lips.“Stop talking” you whispered.

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Superwholock Extravaganza: Dean Edition

Gif not mine

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Content/Warnings: fluff, humor, angst

Words: 3150

A/N: Happy Halloween, everyone! I have something really special for you guys today! Not one, not two, not three, but four awesome fics, four different pairings, same theme: Superwholock! Each fic will involve a different pairing that will be released throughout the day. First up: Dean Winchester! Enjoy, guys, and have a spooky Halloween!

…two may end up coming out tomorrow, depending on how much I’m able to finish.

Episode 1: The Empty Soldiers

“I can’t believe we’re in London!” You gushed, staring in awe at the sights around you. As someone who had barely been out of the Americas, everything was new and incredible. “London!”

You heard Dean chuckle as he wrapped a loose arm around your waist. “Yeah, it’s pretty incredible.”

“Too bad we’re here on business,” Sam said. “It must be something pretty big, if you had to bring us here, Cas.”

“Bigger than you could possibly imagine,” Cas said gravely. “Imagine or understand. Like you said, Sam, I did not bring you to London to sightsee.”

“Then why did you bring us here, Cas?” You asked, glancing over at the angel.

His face was just as serious as his tone. “Unfortunately, I am not permitted to tell you. Rest assured, however, knowing you will find out soon.”

“What’s that supposed to - Cas!” Dean started, yelling at the angel as he disappeared. “Cas!”

“It’s no use, Dean, he’s gone,” Sam said with a frustrated sigh. “Let’s just find a place to stay. The sooner we do that, the sooner we can figure out whatever it is he brought us here for.”

You sighed, taking Dean’s hand as the two of you walked out of the empty alley Cas had brought you to. “I’m starting to wish we were here for sightseeing.”

“Same here,” Sam agreed. “But hey, maybe we’ll see that famous detective guy.”

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I am tired of this killing innocents nonsens.

Everytime we get the news that there has been a new terrorist act. And every time the chills run trough my body. People i love are there at the moment of the attack, have been there just before the attack or are traveling to the place just after the attack. And its this way for almost everybody at the moment.

Brussels: just a few days before my hubbie and daughter brought one of our best friends to the airport. 
Berlin: the son of a friend has just escaped he was around the corner of that christmas market.
London: My daughter was traveling to England on a schooltrip just 2 days after the attacks. If they have gone 1 week early it would have been her and her classmates hiding at  Borough Market or running for there lives at  London Bridge because all the London sightseeing was at this places.
Barcelona: 3 friends of ours live in Barcelona. I went to bed with the fear. From 1 of the friends we still don’t know if she is oke. 

How can people do this kind of things. How weak and what a coward you are if you drive in on people with a car or truck. This people did nothing to you. There is no god who tells you to go out and kill in a coward way and kill yourself or have a suicide by cop after you’ve done this. 

Have people learned nothing from a the religulous wars of the past? Let everybody have the religion they want and let everyone live in peace with there choice of religion.

TDBM Drabble--5.04 (#3)

300 words again (will i ever be able to write less? no)

“Don’t do anything rash.” Jean laid her head against his chest, relishing the closeness. Lucien sighed, resting his chin on the top of her head, thinking. 

He spoke into the silence, “We could run away. Pack up and go anywhere in the world and start over. You could wear a beautiful dress on a beach somewhere and we could elope, just us. Sail from city to city and see the world. No one would know us. We’d just be Dr. and Mrs. Blake.”

Jean closed her eyes and lost herself in his dream: the two of them exchanging kisses on the ferry from London to Paris, sightseeing across Europe, losing themselves in a new city every month. But it was just a dream.

She lifted her head, smiling sadly. “But no matter where we go, Ballarat will be part of us. We’d know the truth.” She stroked his cheek and watched his eyes fall close, turning his face into her palm, and pressing a kiss to her hand. 

“I just want to marry you, Jean. I want to introduce you as my wife. I want–”

She surged up on her tiptoes and wrapped her arms around his neck, plastering herself against him. “I want that too, Lucien.” She choked on her words. Being his wife, his equal, his partner was all Jean had wanted and she was so close to having it. It felt like it was slipping from her fingers. 

Sniffling, she stepped away, arms still looped around his neck. “I just said nothing rash, yes? Running away hardly seems reasonable.”

Lucien smirked, placing a kiss on the tip of her nose and leaned his forehead against hers. “Then, my love, we need to have a discussion about your definition of rash…”

I Want To Write You A Song - Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 16)

Part 15

You and Harry had packed up the car again and were about to head to breakfast before going to Anne’s house. You were standing outside holding your arms close to you. Yes, you had a jacket on, but it was just a light jacket that was not keeping you warm at all. 

“Could you hurry up, I’m freezing!” You groaned. 

“It’s not that bad,” Harry said peeking his head around the side of the car.

“Easy for you to say. You have a huge coat on, while I might as well have nothing,” you mumbled. 

“Hey, I told you to pack a coat,” he said. 

“In case you forgot, I’ve lived in LA for the last 7 years, where I’ve never needed more than a light jacket. So, I don’t exactly have one for this crazy weather,” you defended. 

He laughed. “Go up to my closet and pick one of mine out for you to wear until we can purchase you a proper coat,” he said. 

“Ugh, fine,” you said turning around and going back inside the house. 

You went to his closet and tried to find one that wouldn’t fit too big on you, but with your height compared to his, it was gonna be a challenge. You just randomly grabbed one and put it on before heading back outside. 

Harry smirked over at you and you rolled your eyes. “Shouldn’t we be going?” 

“Yep,” he said shutting the trunk closed. “We can stop and get some breakfast and then go,” he said. 

You nodded. “As long as I get warm soon, I’ll be fine,” you mumbled. 

Harry laughed walking over to you and wrapping his arms around you. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep you warm tonight,” he smirked. 

“Ew, no. We’re not doing that in your mother’s house,” you said. 

“Aw, come on. She won’t care and we’ll be quiet,” he said. 

“I care and we both know we’re not exactly quiet,” you pointed out. 

“True, but there’s always a first time for everything,” he smirked. 

“Nope, not gonna happen,” you said. 

“Ugh, fine. You say that now, but we’ll when the time comes,” he said kissing your head and getting into the car. 

You shook your head getting into the passenger’s side and Harry pulled out of his driveway. 


After stopping to get some coffee and bagels, the two of you were on your way to his hometown. You had taken over the job for the road trip playlist and Harry smirked when one of his many favorite songs started playing through the speakers. 

“You know this is our first trip together?” You said. 

“The first of many,” he smiled grabbing your hand and lacing your fingers together. 

“I can’t wait,” you smiled. “I know during most of this trip, we’ll be seeing your family and then once we’re back in London you’ll have some work to do, but will we get to have some alone time together? I really want to see your hometown where you grew up and then maybe go sightseeing in London since I’ve never been, but if you don’t have time, I understand,” you said quietly. 

“Hey, don’t worry about that. Of course, I’m going to make time for my girl,” he smiled. “This trip is just about work for me, it’s about us getting away from LA for a bit and everything. If you want to make a list of everything you want to do, I’ll make sure we’ll do it. Although, I think buying you a proper jacket and winter wardrobe should be at the top of the list,” he joked. 

You stuck your tongue out at him. “It’s not my fault! I don’t buy what I don’t need and I don’t need winter clothes to keep me warm in LA,” you said. 

“Well, that’s gonna change, love, because being with me, we’ll be coming back here quite a bit and you’re gonna need to stay warm. I can’t have you catching a cold,” he said kissing your hand. 

“Anyway, so is your sister coming to your Mom’s house too or we are we just going to meet up with her in London?” You asked. 

“She and her boyfriend are making the trip up,” he said. “Mum wanted all of us together to celebrate my upcoming announcement.” 

You nodded. “Have you already met her boyfriend?” 

He nodded. “I have, he’s nice and I’m glad that he makes her happy,” he smiled. 

“Has your mom met him too?” You asked. 

“Yeah, they’ve been together for a while, so he’s met everyone in our family already,” he said. 

“Ah,” you said looking out the window. “So, all eyes are going to be on me then?” 

“Hey, it’s not going to be like that. They’re not going to set you down in the living room and ask you twenty questions. My Mum isn’t like that. As soon as we get there, she’s going to run out the door and come over to hug me like she hasn’t seen me in years and then she pull away and want me to introduce you to her. Then after that, we’ll go inside and she’ll have lunch all prepared and we sit around and chat,” he smiled. 

“About me.” you sighed dramatically. 

He laughed. “How else are they going to get to know you? I mean I can only tell them so much,” he smiled. 

“You’ve better only said good things,” you said. 

“As if there was anything bad to say,” he said looking over at you. 

“I think we both know that there is,” you mumbled. 

“Just because your family is the way they are, doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you,” he said. 

“It’s hard to believe that when I’m the only one in the family that my family dislikes,” you sighed. 

“They’ll come around eventually and when they do they’re gonna realize how big of a mistake they’ve made all these years,” he said. “And speaking of, have you thought about when you want to get into the studio to start working on your album?” 

“No, I haven’t really thought about it,” you admitted. “I was going to reach out to Ed and see if he would like to help me out with it and I was always wondering if you would like to as well,” you smiled. 

“Really?” he said looking over at you. “You want me to work with you on the album?” 

You blushed. “Yeah, I do, but I understand if you don’t want too. I know you just finished working on your own and it’s gonna be released soon, so you’ll be busy with promoting it and everything. Nevermind, don’t worry about it,” you said quickly. 

“No, baby, I do want to work with you,” he smiled. “I would love to work with you and help with it, I’m just a little surprised that you wanted me too.” 

“Why?” You asked. “Why are you surprised?” 

He shrugged. “I don’t, I thought maybe since I was your boyfriend, you wouldn’t want to mix that with your career.” 

“I think that’s a little late seeing as how we’ve already written a song together,” you laughed. 

“I know, but that was technically before we got together,” he pointed out. 

“It’s what got us together,” you smiled. 

“True,” he smiled. “I honestly think that will always be my favorite song.” 

You laughed. “You’re so cheesy.” 

“But you love me for it,” he smirked. 

“That I do,” you smiled. 


It wasn’t long before Harry pulled into the driveway at his Mom’s house. The butterflies in your stomach. Harry smiled looking over at you. 

“Ready, baby?” He asked. 

You leaned over to kiss him quickly. “Yep.” 

He smiled and the two of you got out of the car. Just like Harry had said before, Anne came running out, however, she didn’t run over to Harry first, but to you. 

“Y/N!” She smiled hugging you tightly. “It’s so great to finally meet you.” 

Harry gasped. “Mum! While I’m glad you’re happy to meet my girlfriend, I can’t believe you just bypassed me.” 

“Oh, shush,” she said. “I see you all the time, but this is the first time I’m getting to meet Y/N. Come inside, I have lunch all made and then we can chat after.” 

“Don’t mind me. I’ll just be getting the bags of the car. By myself, while everyone is inside eating without me,” he said dramatically. 

“Stop being so dramatic. You can come and eat some lunch too and then come back out to the get the bags,” she smirked. 

You laughed as the pout on his face as you went inside with Anne. You washed up a bit before joining everyone at the table. There were sandwiches and drinks laid out and Harry sat in the chair next to you. 

“How was the drive?” Robin asked. 

“It went well,” Harry smiled. “We talked and had music playing, so it made the time go by fast.” 

“This is your first time to the UK right?” Anne asked. “What do you  think about it so far?” 

“It’s freezing,” you laughed. “I’m not used to the cold, hence why I was wearing Harry’s coat earlier, but other than that, I really like what I’ve seen so far.” 

“That’s great, especially since you’ll be coming back more and more now that you and Harry are together,” she smiled. 

“Yeah, that’s why he’s forcing me to get some winter clothes,” you giggled. 

“Maybe tomorrow we can go on a shopping date with Gemma,” Anne suggested. “We could have a girl’s day out.” 

“I’d like that,” you smiled. 

“I have a feeling my Mum and sister are going to want to spend more time with you than me,” Harry whispered to you with a pout. 

“Aww, I’m sure you’ll live,” you smirked patting his cheek. 

He groaned and you kissed his cheek. 

After lunch, Anne brought you over to the living room, while Harry got the bags. 

“I can’t wait to show you all of these,” she smiled bringing out old photos. 

“Aww, baby pictures?” You asked. 

“Yes!” she smiled sitting down next to you. 

She opened the photo book and you smiled when you saw the first picture. “He was such a cute baby,” you giggled. “And tiny too.” 

“I know, it seems like ages ago since then,” she smiled. 

“AWW MUM!” Harry groaned. “Already with the baby pictures?” 

“What?” She asked him. 

“You were so cute,” you giggled. “What happened?” 

“I grew up into one sexy ass of a man,” he smirked. 

“Harry!” Anne said. 

“I’m joking,” he laughed sitting next to you. 

“Yeah, you got that right,” you joked. 

“Hey!” Harry said offended. 

“You’re going to fit in around here Y/N,” Robin smirked. 

You giggled looking over at Harry, who had his arms crossed and pout on his face. He stuck his tongue out at you and you laughed. 

“Stop being like that, and look at the pictures with us,” you smiled tugging on his arm. 

“Ugh fine,” he said sitting up. He put his head on your shoulder and looked at the pictures with you and Anne. 

You all spent the rest of the afternoon looking at different pictures and hearing stories about Harry while having some tea. Harry smiled as he watched you and his mom laughing and getting along. He kissed your head and wrapped his arm around you as he continued to watch the two of you.

Homesick - NH One Shot.

Author note: with this, I close every Christmas writing for this year. Letting you all know that It’ll be up s o o n some New Years Series!!! Can’t wait! Since my sleep schedule is a pretty fucked up today. I’ll try to post a sneak peek tomorrow at 9pm (Paraguayan time. Early in the US and late in the UĶ) so . If you want to read. Stay tune! Now, enjoy this 💕🍒 ps. I did this with my point of view, considering I’m from South America. We don’t have snow and we celebrate the night of the 24th.

You can’t actually tell how you’re feeling.

This is your first Christmas (and hopefully not the last) away from home. You move to London in September, for the first year at College. You were doing fine , till holidays season approach and you started to miss every second of being home for Christmas. Your mum nervousness starting since the 22th for you to get your clothes and help her with cleaning the house. The food making the 24th. The whole family gathered for the toast the second the clock is on 12am. The big hugs, the laughs and the tears for the people whose are not there anymore. You woke up already tearing up the 24th.

Niall invited you to join him to Ireland for the party there, that you politely declined saying that you were too way new for going to his family Christmas party. The truth was that you were homesick, and you did not want to handle your boyfriend’s family (although they were so lovely when you met them a month ago) .

So now you were wrapped in your duvet, in the couch, with your adopted dog tucked in your neck. Hating the cold , other thing you miss. In the holidays season back at your country is hot. Nothing of this cold time at all. But, again. You’ve enjoyed the snow earlier with Charlie when you both went out for a walk.

Its already the evening of the 25th when your door knock and you get up, (carefully for not wake up your lovely dog) finding Niall, smiling. Tired but with bags in his hands. Seems like he drove to your house directly from the airport.

“What are you doing here? Thought you are going to come back in some days” you say, letting him get in and closing the door you ran to the couch leaving to a sleepy Charlie.

“Can’t stay there more knowin’ that me girlfriend is here alone” he say, wrapped you in his arms.

You hugged him strongly and smell his cologne. He smells like beer and mint.

“Thanks for coming though. You seems really tired bub, why you don’t get a shower and then join me and Charls for a movie marathon? Home Alone will be on soon so” you say, unwrapping yourself from his embrace and kissing him quickly.

You made some chamomile tea for you and some English tea for your boyfriend.

You were back in your earlier position in the couch again, when Niall shows up wearing just shorts and socks.

“Not used yet?” He say pointing to your excessive sweaters.

“Not at all. I thought by the time we reach December I’ll be used to the snow, the cold mornings and the cold wind. Seems like I need some time” you say happily when he opens his arms and you tucked yourself in.

“Me mum send ya a gift because ya couldn’t attend” he say watching the movie starts.

“Oh, that’s so nice from her! Remind me please to text her tomorrow to thank her for the gift” you say, now focusing your attention to movie as well.

“Will do” he say, positioning his head in top of yours.

Your sniffs were loud to Niall who was asleep by your side, you tried to contain but you couldn’t. Seeing Kevin meet his mother made you cry.

“Babe, everything alright?” He say, voice thick cuz he’s been sleeping.

“Yeah, sorry. Go back to sleep” you say, tightening your arms around Charlie who (again) is tucked in your neck

“Is the movie?” He asks


“Or is because ya are homesick?” He say cautiously.

“Both. I just.. I facetime them earlier Niall, they looked happy and they were having the annual meal post-Christmas with food from the night before and what do I got? A fucking sandwich from a shop because I was so sad to even cook this morning” you said, breathing after you let go what was stuck in your throat.

“Oh love. I knew that will happen to ya. That’s why I came. Your mum texted me. She said if I can check on ya because she was sure you weren’t right and they miss ya too . A lot” Niall said, taking you in his arms, pacing your back while you cry.

“Well I should thank her later then because I miss my home so much” you said sobbing.

“I know baby, I know” he said kissing your hair.

When you relaxed a bit more, another movie started “Marley & Me” and may or not may you cried again, but Niall did cried with you too. He took a quick pic posting to instagram

“I just love this movie” he say tiping something on his phone

The next morning, you woke up still a bit zoomed out because your breakdown last night. A bit embarrased also because Niall has to deal with you in such a state.

You smell something familiar.. like your mum’s cologne.

You ran downstairs, finding Niall with Charlie, both watching t.v. disappointment running through your body, you maybe were hallucinating.

“Morning” you say, sitting by Niall’s side and taking Charlie from his arms.

“Hey love. Better?” He said, kissing your forehead.

“Yes. About that, I want to apologise because you had to deal with me and I’m the worst with those feelings and I made you come earlier than expected so I’m sorry” you say thoughtfully.

“No worries love. I was planning to come earlier than I planned anyways so you didn’t change nothing. Now, could ya get me some coffee from the kitchen? I ran the coffee machine before you went downstairs and is for two mugs but I’m really comfy here” he said giving you a strange smile as you nod and walk to the kitchen.

You didn’t expect at all being greeted with hugs and screams and tears.

“Surprise!” Niall yell coming to the kitchen

Stunned, you look at your mum, dad and brother standing there.

“What the fuck babe?” You say your hands in your mouth.

“Language lady!” Your mum said, she is crying in happiness you suppose.

“Mom! Dad! What the hell you are all doing here?” You said still stunned but hug them all.

“After our facetime yesterday I noted how unhappy you were so I talked with your dad and brother and I texted Niall and he arranged all this . I mean bought our tickets and sends a car for us in the airport it was so nice from him” your mum explains.

“What? You did all this!?” You said laughing.

“Yeah, I know you were homesick because you had been in that mood before I left for Ireland though. I’m glad I could help somehow” he said winking an eye.

“I missed you all so much” you say, again hugging them and then running to where Niall was standing looking at you happy.

“Thank you. I love you” you say, kissing him deeply.

“I’m happy if ya are happy my love. Merry Christmas” he said kissing your cheek.

“Omg right! Merry late Christmas you all” you said smiling.

That day consisted on sightseeing London with your family, updating you about the family and enjoy each other as well loving every little more to Niall because how nice and kind he has being with you and your family.

reiding-and-writing  asked:

Imagine all of us CM Tumblr pals came to your place to have a giant sleepover: what would you plan for all of us to do? What kind of landmarks or sightseeing places would you take us to? (Ps I wish this could actually happen lmao)

So that’s not much sightseeing to do where I live. We could visit Chatsworth house which is where a lot of the Pride and Prejudice Movie was filmed. And there’s some escape rooms in the city I live in so we could all break off into smaller groups and challenge each other to those! Or we could rent some apartments in London and all go sightseeing there…. And maybe to the Harry Potter studio tour!

But basically we’d all have the best time, drinking (for those old enough) eating junk food…. You could all bring goodies from your home countries and we’ll all trade so you guys can try English treats and we can try yours! And then I imagine we’d watch the most horrendous episodes of CM and all yell at the screen, and the probably watch some musicals like Grease and Annie to cheer ourselves up!

The MFW men as butlers! / Best viewed as width 540px.

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