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Sightseeing In London ~Dan Howell Imagine~

Hello humans! So I got a request for a Dan Howell imagine and i’m sorry it took so long to write, I had really bad writers block. BUT I hope you like it! :)

*Not My Gif*

I evened out the frame on the wall and stepped back.
“Done.” I said as I smiled at my surroundings.
My best friend Y/BF/N and I had moved from Canada, all the way to
London. It was a little scary, but worth it in the end. I had finally
put the finishing touches on my room decor and I was finally able to
“Wow! This looks great Y/N!” Y/BF/N said.
“Thank you.” I said smiling.
“So what do you say we go out and explore a little bit? You know, get to
know London a little bit better.” She suggested.
“Sounds fun!” I said, jumping up.
I changed out of my lounge clothes and put on a nice shirt and some skinny
jeans. I grabbed my phone and purse and we headed to do some sight seeing.
We walked past all the beautiful, tall buildings and stared at London’s
beauty. We walked on for awhile and finally saw the Thames River in the
“Look!” I exclaimed.
Y/BF/N looked up and saw them.
“It’s beautiful..” She replied.
We started walking faster, not taking our eyes off the beautiful sight, when I
ran into a tall, dark figure, knocking us both to the ground.
“Oh my goodness I am so sorry!” I exclaimed before I even got a chance to look at
the person.
“It’s fine, love. Don’t worry about it.” His thick accent sounded like heaven.
Wait a minute. I’ve heard that voice before.
“Are you okay, Dan?” I heard another guy say.
I know that voice too!
I turned around and saw two boys staring at me.
I knew them! They were Dan Howell and Phil Lester!
“I’m okay. Are you okay, love?” Dan asked.
He looked even more perfect in real life.
“I-I’m fine.” I stuttered a bit.
He stood up, then reached his hand out for me. I slowly grabbed his hand and stood
up next to him.
“I’m so sorry. We just moved here and I was so distracted by all the buildings that
I stopped paying attention to all the people.” I said.
“It’s totally fine. I do that a lot too.” He said, smiling at me.
I smiled and looked over at Y/BF/N to see her smirking at me. She knew I thought Dan
was cute.
“Well I’m Dan, and this is my friend Phil.” Dan said, pointing to Phil.
“I actually watch your guys videos. They’re great!” I said.
Both of their cheek’s turned bright red.
“Thank you!” Phil said with a huge smile.
“I’m Y/N and this is my best friend Y/BF/N.” I said.
“It’s nice to meet you guys.” Phil said.
“Its nice to meet you guys too.” I replied.
I looked over at Dan to he hadn’t taken his eyes off of me.
I blushed and looked down at my shoes.
“So since you guys are fans, would you want to hang out maybe?” Dan suggested.
“We’d love to!” Y/BF/N answered before I even processed the question.
“Great! Would you wanna go watch a movie and play some games?” He suggested.
“That sounds lovely.” I replied.
He smiled and we all started walking together. Phil and Y/BF/N were walking in front and
Dan and I were walking in the back.
“Correct me if i’m wrong, but are you Canadian?” He asked.
I smiled and nodded.
“I am.” I replied.
“I thought so. I can hear your accent. It’s cute” He said.
I smiled and blushed a bit.
“You’re accent is cute too.” I said.
His cheeks turned red again.
We got to their flat and walked in.
“Make yourself at home.” Phil said.
Y/BF/N and I sat down on the dark grey couch.
“Someone likes you.” She sang in a playful tone.
“Nooo.” I said, trying to hide my face.
“So what do you guys want to do?” Phil asked, sitting next to Y/BF/N.
“We could play Mario Cart?” Dan suggested, sitting down next to me.
“Yes!” I said.
I really loved that game.
Phil put in the game and gave us each a controller. We played for about an hour
and Phil was the final champion.
“How are you so good at this game?” I questioned him.
“I have no life, that’s how.” Phil said laughing.
I smiled and laughed along.
“How about a movie?” Y/BF/N suggested.
“How about ‘Horrible Bosses’?” Dan asked.
Phil nodded and put the movie in. We all sat back and watched and without realizing,
I had my head on Dan’s shoulder. He smiled to himself. I looked over at him.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize..” I whispered so Y/BF/N or Phil wouldn’t hear us.
“It’s totally fine.” He replied.
I smiled and tried to look away, but his eyes were mesmerizing.
He stared back and inched closer and closer. He looked over to make sure they weren’t
paying attention, then softly placed his lips on mine.
For someone I had just met, this sure felt right.
He pulled away and smiled at me.

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