london riots

… an example of the true power of ideology, when for one night the superstructure collapsed and people seemed to be allowed to do whatever they wanted, yet all they wanted to do was steal more trainers and consume more.
—  Interview between Vice and Slavoj Zizek, on the London riots

drunk bloke with sunglasses asks the police officer forming human cordon around the burning mazda if he can kiss his shield and kiss his helmet.. officer is not amused and warns drunk bloke of impending arrest if he doesn’t stop messing around ! especially when he tries to get a hand underneath his helmet


I’m talking to all of my British followers when I post this And any follower who is bothered about the future of great Britain Search up London Protest on twitter or even on tumblr The news hasn’t reported on it at all This is what we have came to, the fact that the only way to get our voices heard is to riot This is not what a “majority” looks like We have to do something Or the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer


Q: What’s more embarrassing than the underclass destroying their own communities?

A: A government that cares more about the 2012 Olympics than taking the time to find out WHY.

Stop what you’re doing and watch.