london riots


Q: What’s more embarrassing than the underclass destroying their own communities?

A: A government that cares more about the 2012 Olympics than taking the time to find out WHY.

Stop what you’re doing and watch.


London rioters in their own words, fucking inspiring. 

Well done to everyone who got tore in to the filth during those riots. Fuck ‘em.

One cannot say often enough that the victims of crime are, like the perpetrators, more likely to be poor than rich. For example, single-parent households in Britain have a more than one-in-20 chance of being burgled in any given year; and since most burglars are recidivists, indeed multiply so, it follows that the class of victim is much larger than the class of perpetrator. Leniency toward criminals is not therefore a form of sympathy for the poor, but a failure to take either their lives or their property seriously. For Miéville to talk of “panicked reaction” in these circumstances is a form of moral exhibitionism. He is showing off in front of his peers.

Theodore Dalrymple

was also said, with slightly less flair, by Jack Bolling.


We’re really digging the new track from Beech for their track ‘London Riots’. Check it out.


The uncritical discussion of riots in the media after the Zimmerman verdict upset me. It also reminded me of my joke about the London Riots of 2011 & the question “Why Do People Riot?”