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Random posters have been popping up on London bus-stops speaking the truth about our fucked up police forces. Lmao @ the police officer calling it in (3rd picture), the truth hurts!

(The riots mentioned are the London riots of August 2011 which happened after the police shot dead, Mark Duggan, an unarmed black man in Tottenham. The shooting was later ruled to be ‘lawful’ hence how they ‘got away with it’.)

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Can you please stop spreading misinformation about Benedict Cumberbatch? He hasn't stolen any roles from anyone- he was cast in roles. What you claim are problematic statements have been taken out of context, twisted and then magnified. BC is a decent, kind person who works to right wrongs, believes in social justice, and dedicates tons of his time and influence to charity.

Actually no he wasn’t just cast in roles he’s sought out for roles. And in the case of Doctor Strange a character that is frequently racially ambiguous and that relies on the Mighty Whitey trope and lots of cultural appropriation the only way to fix it would have been to cast an Asian actor.  Not to mention the clear whitewashing of the ancient one in the film is problematic. So he doesn’t get any reprieve for being in that shitty movie.

And because all of you BC stans say the same shit I’m gonna start copy pasting my responses.

This is copied directly from your fave is problematic


(With help from alltheladiesyouhate and rotationalvelocitydensity)

Also he played Khan which was shitty whitewashing, Khan Noonien Singh was supposed to be Indian.

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Reminder: the 2011 London riots started with peaceful protestors demanding answers following the death of Mark Duggan (another young black man executed by police), and escalated when police responded with anti-riot tactics. 

If you were unaware of this, or had forgotten, it’s because the story was rewritten by the mass media the moment an opportunity presented itself. Protestors were blamed for ‘provoking’ police violence, and opportunistic looters and anarchists became (and remain) the mainstream face of the story. And after the streets were cleared, it was just another excuse for the government to eviscerate spending and support systems for poor and minority communities.

Situations like these are not stages for white leftists to get up on and firebomb police cars. Co-opting the situation in Ferguson is completely inappropriate, and actively dangerous to the same community that’s already under attack..

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Can you please try not to post anything about the 2011 London Riots? I know about what you post, but those riots were awful. They may have started off well (protesting the murder of a guy named Mark Duggan), but they descended into a bunch of twats setting shit on fire and looting anything that cast a shadow. Please don't glorify that shit.


Look, I get asks and comments like this about almost everything I post, from people smashing a store window to hitting a nazi to blocking a street to even just protesting in general. There’s always someone who thinks that what the people fighting oppression are doing is just a little too forceful or too impolite or too inconvenient. What I do try to avoid posting are right-wing riots, or non-political riots over sports wins and losses and shit like that.

About the looting during the 2011 London riots: You see this regularly when you have riots in poorer areas where riots over social issues can turn into looting and I don’t think that deligitimizes the original intent of the riots or the protests at all, and I can see where the looting comes from. To quote an article by someone better at words than me:

“I have sympathies with the hooded kids on the streets of our cities, if only because they’re among the most neglected, ridiculed and dismissed people in Britain. I don’t sympathise when they’re breaking into my house. I don’t sympathise when they’re setting fire to local shops, when they’re mugging and intimidating.

But when I see the TV shots of them in Manchester city centre, breaking into the Arndale Centre – a truly Debordian Palace of Consumerism – stealing shoes and tracksuits, I find it hard to be overly critical. These are kids brought up in an age of buy and sell. Labels, logos, status, advertising. This is the world we’ve given them; a world they’re throwing back at us.

Andrew Maxwell, an Irish comedian, put it best: ‘Create a society that values material things above all else. Strip it of industry. Raise taxes for the poor and reduce them for the rich and for corporations. Prop up failed financial institutions with public money. Ask for more tax, while vastly reducing public services. Put adverts everywhere, regardless of people’s ability to afford the things they advertise. Allow the cost of food and housing to eclipse people’s ability to pay for them. Light blue touch paper.’ “

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Why don't you like Benedict Cumberbatch ? Just curious, not looking for trouble

  • compared autistic children to frankenstein’s monster (starts at 8:25, read a transcript & explanation here)
  • whines about being privileged (“all the posh-bashing” made him want to move to america. because people who are posh - read: rich and privileged- are so oppressed and have it so hard.)
  • in an interview with the guardian he talks about the 2011 london riots where youth were protesting police brutality after a 29-year-old black man was killed by a police officer; quote: “But those [idiots] saying they’re doing it for socio-political reasons? Fuck off, no you’re not, you’re on a jolly and you’re getting away with it. It makes me want to belt them, make them lame for a bit so they’re dependent on other people’s mercy… It’s very hard for me to talk about it, because I came from an incredibly privileged bubble so the minute I open my mouth I can sense the comeback of, ‘What the fuck do you know?’ And that’s fair. But my sympathy is with the people who do know what they’re talking about, who have been brought up on estates and live morally decent, contributing lives and who have seen opportunists destroying all their work.” in other words, fuck the poor kids! rich people can be decent too! #NotAllWhiteRichPeople
  • defends the class separation and aristocracy from victorian/edwardian times (“Everyone was held in their place, but what was honourable about it was that there was a duty of care from the top down” because the “top” level really cared about the people on the “bottom” level ???????????? gross)
  • about how his ancestors owned slaves: “When I became an actor, Mum wasn’t keen on me keeping [the last name Cumberbatch]. ‘They’ll be after you for money.’” (by “they” he means “descendants of the slaves our family used to own”) … “The issue of how far you should be willing to atone is interesting. I mean, it’s not as if I’m making a profit from the suffering.” (except that’s exactly what you’re doing)

benedict cumberbatch is a vile, vile reptile.

(i admit i did use yourfaveisproblematic as an outline but a lot of their sources are old/broken/untrustworthy/deleted so i went and found direct sources of interviews with him and left out the ones i couldn’t find sources for; although tbh i think these five points are enough)

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I know about the 'coloured' comment, but did Benedict Cumberbatch do anything to incite the hate for him recently or is this just because he's Dr. Strange? I'm not going to spend money on that movie and may not see it at all because I won't support yellow face, but I like him.

This is coming up because of the Doctor Strange movie but also because he’s generally a shitty guy. This is copied directly from your fave is problematic


(With help from alltheladiesyouhate and rotationalvelocitydensity)

Also he played Khan which was shitty whitewashing, Khan Noonien Singh was supposed to be Indian.

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When Humans Chose Compassion Over Violence

  1. Caring citizens offer tea to British riot police [London, England, 2011]
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  5. An Iranian police officer is protected by civilians after being beaten by rioters [Tehran, Iran, 2009]
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