london rave

Simple, witchy and layered for a weird winter day. Wearing no makeup besides eyebrows.

In my part of Australia, this winter has been incredibly strange. We have had the hottest winter day, the coldest winter day and also one of the quickest temperature drops on record. The weather is really messed up.

Top: Shein
Cardigan: Punk Rave
Skirt: Thrifted
Necklace: Restyle
Belt: Killstar
Shoes: Underground

I went to London for NYE this year, and it was a bit mental. It was a squat party basically imagine this:

and this:

(not my pictures) and fill it with thousands of teenagers, loads of drugs and 5 rooms of music. Jesus christ, I can honestly say the best night of my life, I met so many amazing people, so many weird things happened and everything was intense. I took acid and I just couldn’t leave the psytrance room, and danced with so many strangers (I also took a pill and dmt- which was crazy and beautiful).

I really just want to go back, I love the raver life style I don’t understand why it’s not more of a thing where we live, we just have mental parties and have the ability to get fucked really well and really quickly.

Half the people in my country don’t even know what a shottie is, my friend showed someone from up north ‘how we do it’.

But man, just take me back so I can dance all night with my people