london punk scene


Did you miss Jamie and Sam on MorgenMagazin on 30.3.17? No problem. We have the two acoustics and interview right here and we’ve translated the interview just for you.

Interviewer: He is successful as a model and actor, we can see him here beside Johnny Depp in Sweeney Todd, a vampire in the Twilight Saga or as a shadowhunter in The Mortal Instruments. Jamie Campbell Bower is with us, welcome and good morning.

Jamie: Thank you very much.

Interviewer: One of your talents we haven’t mentioned yet, we have already heard some, you are a musician. You sing and play guitar in Counterfeit. We call it punk rock but you presented it a bit softer a moment ago. Why did you choose punk?

Jamie: Umm, it was never really a decision that I made to go and make a punk band. I never set out to like try and be any specific genre. I guess, I sort of grew up, I’m 28 now, and for like the last portion of my younger life I was very happy and floating around I think. And then as I got older I became sort of a little bit more disillusioned I think with life. Umm and therefore this anger just came out of me and I guess it ended up being described as punk music now I s'pose but that’s cool I’m down with that. That’s fine.

Interviewer: We want to hear and see it so here is a little clip. It’s definitely punk rock from Counterfeit. Tour has started, you played yesterday in Hamburg. How was it?

Jamie: Yeah we started three days ago in Hamburg, it was great. Yeah yeah yeah it’s been good thus far. Yeah we had a night off last night which has been really nice, so I’m rested as I can get which is good. But it’s been crazy, wherever we play it always goes a bit nuts. Our shows are what I’d call reactive, um, so we’ll just react to however the audience are as much as we can. We give back whatever we get.

Interviewer: You are from London where the punk rock scene started. It’s a real export hit. The Germans love the punk rock scene. Can you feel that during your shows? Today you are playing in Berlin, it will probably be massive.

Jamie: Yeah, I think for us like playing anywhere in Germany is always such an honour, I mean the kids here seem to just instantly be into rock n roll music in whatever shape or form, there’s no front to it, they’re very much accepting of everything you’re doing and yeah I think it transfers for sure, I mean in terms of a London punk scene now, there isn’t really a London punk scene now it’s very much like a very isolated small pocket of it.

Interviewer: Jamie, we know you as an actor, we have just seen a few clips. You played in Harry Potter. How can we understand that? It’s the typical question to a musician who is an actor at the same time. What is your second job?

Jamie: What’s my second job, I can’t choose, I can’t choose, they’re both my life. I love them both. I’ve been playing music since I was about 15. Both of my parents work in the music industry so I’ve just grown up around it. Um, it just happened that the acting took off first. Yeah I’m trying to juggle the both of them at the moment which is tough but it’s cool. I’m having a good time doing it. I’m stressed. For sure.

Interviewer: You don’t look like it. A question for the fans? When can we see you in a movie again?

Jamie: Um, I’ve just finished shooting a television show, comes out in June, it’s called ‘Will’. We made it for TNT but it’s coming out over here as well. Um, so that’s about a young William Shakespeare, I play Christopher Marlowe so that’s out in June.

Interviewer: Can you use the different skills in your other job, the musical talent in acting and the other way around? The acting talent as a punk rock singer on stage? What do you do? What can you take from the one job to the other?

Jamie: Erm, I don’t think there’s much of a transfer in terms of what I do in acting to music. Erm, I think that music allows me to be a lot more free than my performance as an actor. Since I started this band I’ve sort of shed a lot of those anxieties and my fears and I think that that gave me the opportunity to on camera, to do the same thing, you know to feel free and to not have any worries. So, that kinda. There’s not much to cross over for me to be honest, they’re two completely different like, skills.

Interviewer: Great that you are here from Counterfeit. You are running the band with your brother and a few other people. Jamie Campbell Bower. Get ready, thank you.

Jamie: Thank you so much.