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[ID: 8 photos arranged haphazardly on a wrinkled white sheet; description clockwise from left (@ 9 o’clock): 

  1. a portrait photo of the silhouette of a woman sitting in a doorway looking out onto a well-lit street 
  2. landscape photo of Frankie, a white non-binary person, sitting on a couch with their head resting on their hand; a guitar neck and rainbow flags are visible in the background 
  3. landscape photo of a non-binary person wearing a black t-shirt in a bookstore, bending at their hips to look sideways at a bookshelf 
  4. landscape photo of posters on a bookstore wall; the one in focus reads “cops don’t make us safe” in bold black caps 
  5. landscape photo of a doorway opening onto a well-lit street; overhead are two large fans and circular pieces of black paper reading “writers4utopia” in pink, one letter per circle 
  6. landscape photo of a pole in a bookstore; a white sticker on it reads “stop LNG” at the top in white caps over a black rectangle, and “support Madii Lii / Luutkudziiwus Territory” in black caps at the bottom; between the text is the Madii Lii crest 
  7. landscape photo of a worn and dirty floor; between two chares and a rectangular support is a single lavender sprig 
  8. landscape photo of an older white man with greying hair and a beard and moustache to match, half-smiling while seated on a bus

end description]

there are other Objectively Good ones, but out of 96 recently developed, these are the 8 i love 

Lin-Manuel Miranda being charming af on the 2017 Olivier Awards red carpet (x)

What else have you learned about British culture since you’ve been here?

…You guys have Cadbury Creme Eggs like year round, and that makes me very happy because we only get ‘em around Easter.

How do you eat yours?

One fell swoop–like a snake eating a rat I eat my Cadbury Creme Eggs.


the calendar // panic! at the disco

Show of support posted by Jojo the Pap who’s been working with Louis and the boys for the past and few years, and photographed Louis at Sony HQ In London only over a week ago. 

p.s. Yes I know we’re not fans of her but I do appreciate the public display of support for Louis coming from people who have worked with him and know him. That matters. 

Imagine #144

Imagine you and Draco are staying a a hotel. When you get in the lift, no one else is there and Draco can’t keep his hands off you, then you two make out until you reach your floor

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my favorite fics [9/?]

This Wicked Game by @cherrystreet [70k]

An AU in which The Bachelor is gay, Louis is a contestant, Harry is the bachelor, everyone drinks a lot of champagne, the entire world gets to watch them fall in love, and no one plays by the rules.

Camila answered this question about a lesbian relationship where one is afraid to come out… she said “I have learned that” and seemed to have caught herself, IS SHE SPEAKING FROM EXPERIENCE?! uhmm but who knows, I could just be delusional.. so 👀

So, on the subject of devils:

These guys are described as vaguely humanoid beings with sharp teeth and hollow bodies, who conceal their true forms from humans with glamours. They live to troll. They have a superficial fascination with the arts, and the human invention they praise most often in-game is music. They don’t have a concept of friendship or generosity; to them, every social interaction is a transaction, either in the form of favors and debts or in the literal form of legal contracts. The Brass Embassy’s dances and balls are as legendary as they are dangerous. They host Wild Hunts in the Forgotten Quarter, announced by the sound of horns, and insulting them is a great way to end up their quarry. Accepting food or drink from them is… unwise. And (as shown by the unfortunate travelers at Moloch Street), occasionally they spirit away humans who have become too close to them for mysterious reasons, never to be seen again.

Maybe Londoners would have more success with Hell’s dignitaries if they started calling them The Fair Folk instead.