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Lin-Manuel Miranda being charming af on the 2017 Olivier Awards red carpet (x)

What else have you learned about British culture since you’ve been here?

…You guys have Cadbury Creme Eggs like year round, and that makes me very happy because we only get ‘em around Easter.

How do you eat yours?

One fell swoop–like a snake eating a rat I eat my Cadbury Creme Eggs.

“Something about it felt like home somehow….”  

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the calendar // panic! at the disco

Why “Kingsman: TGC” broke my heart

The end of “Kingsman” left me with a strange feeling.

There was a huge royal wedding - the perfect ending of every fairytale where true love wins. So why didn’t I left the cinema smiling?

Because of the look on Harry Hart’s face. This man looked death in the eye and survived. He got his memory back, he is alive but … just look at his life right now.

All his colleagues are dead. All his friends are dead. His best friend died right in front of him. His home is a ruin, all his stuff and his memories there are destroyed - the butterflies, the pictures, Mr. Pickle. The boy he lo… Eggsy is probably gone to live in Sweden with Tilde. And Harry still needs to deal with the feelings of murdering a whole church.

Harry is all alone in London. His only companion is Mr. Pickle jr. That look on his face in that last scene … he is saying goodbye to his last friend.

This broke my heart and just the thought of it makes me sad.

It kind of reminded me of that big theatre scene at the end of “Moulin Rouge”. All the people are cheering for the magnificent show and no one sees the real tragic behind the curtain. It’s just like that. Vaughn showed us the fairytale ending with a princess & a prince, the perfect happy end. Behind the curtain is Harry Hart, all by himself.

And that’s just one thing of a long list of sad “TGC” stuff like all those unnecessary deaths.

Imagine #144

Imagine you and Draco are staying a a hotel. When you get in the lift, no one else is there and Draco can’t keep his hands off you, then you two make out until you reach your floor

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More Pictures of my Artemis Cosplay from MCM Comic Con. Here’s to hoping there will be more of her in Season 3!!! 

MCM London October 2016

Photographer: Colin Roy Eastaugh Photography

Cosplay by: JuliettenotJuliet

my favorite fics [9/?]

This Wicked Game by @cherrystreet [70k]

An AU in which The Bachelor is gay, Louis is a contestant, Harry is the bachelor, everyone drinks a lot of champagne, the entire world gets to watch them fall in love, and no one plays by the rules.