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Some of the accusations for the charges against Madame du Barry, compiled by George Grieve:

  • She enjoyed the favour of the Crown of France, even after her so-called disgrace, and until the date of the Revolution she has been connected with those who are now our cruel enemies.
  • She kept up relations with those enemies after the Revolution.
  • She supplied the counter-revolution with money.
  • She has made counter-revolutionary remarks against the Revolution and against Paris.
  • She wore mourning for Louis XVI in London, where she only visited the emigres and the enemies of France
  • She has squandered the resources of the state
  • what angelica says:
  • I'm not here for you.
  • what angelica means:
  • Angelica
  • Alexander
  • Congratulations You have invented a new kind of stupid
  • A 'damage you can never undo' kind of stupid
  • An 'open all the cages in the zoo' kind of stupid
  • 'Truly, you didn't think this through?' kind of stupid
  • Let's review
  • You took a rumor a few maybe two people knew and refuted it by sharing an affair of which no one has accused you
  • I begged you to take a break, you refused to
  • So scared of what your enemies will do to you
  • You're the only enemy you ever seem to lose to
  • You know why Jefferson can do what he wants?
  • He doesn't dignify school-yard taunts with a response!
  • So yeah, congratulations!
  • Angelica
  • You've redefined your legacy
  • Congratulations [ALEXANDER]
  • It was an act of political sacrifice!
  • Sacrifice?
  • I languished in a loveless marriage in London
  • I lived only to read your letters
  • I look at you and think 'God, what have we done with our lives and what did it get us?'
  • That doesn't wipe the tears or the years away
  • But I'm back in the city and I'm here to stay
  • And you know what I'm here to do?
  • Angelica
  • I'm not here for you
  • I know my sister like I know my own mind
  • You will never find anyone as trusting or as kind
  • And a million years ago she said to me 'this one's mine'
  • So I stood by
  • Do you know why?
  • I love my sister more than anything in this life
  • I will choose her happiness over mine everytime
  • Eliza
  • Eliza
  • Is the best thing in our lives
  • So never lose sight of the fact that you have been blessed with the best wife
  • Congratulations For the rest of your life
  • Every sacrifice you make is for my sister
  • Give her the best life
  • Congratulations
Imagine #144

Imagine you and Draco are staying a a hotel. When you get in the lift, no one else is there and Draco can’t keep his hands off you, then you two make out until you reach your floor

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More Pictures of my Artemis Cosplay from MCM Comic Con. Here’s to hoping there will be more of her in Season 3!!! 

MCM London October 2016

Photographer: Colin Roy Eastaugh Photography

Cosplay by: JuliettenotJuliet

six years of this
  • mofftiss, 2010: here, sherlock holmes. shiny benedict cumberbatch and layered actor martin freeman as holmes and watson!
  • audience: wowowow s1! what great setup. what great premise. such cleverness!
  • audience: omg a cliffhanger
  • mofftiss: yeah are they going to get out? who knows? tune in next year?
  • audience: haha okay!
  • mofftiss: ahhh psyche! they got bailed out by a random phone call!
  • audience: lolol cool bro nice setup of irene adler. cool that she's gay. cool setup of john and sherlock's burgeoning relationship.
  • mofftiss: relationship?
  • audience: yeah, relationship.
  • mofftiss: pfft. yeah. we lie all the time.
  • audience: haha, bro. yeah you do.
  • mofftiss: omg sherlock doesn't die! what's going to happen next?
  • audience: john will be so sad! the whole point of this was for john! how romantic.
  • mofftiss: yeah, right?
  • audience: i can't wait! i want to know how it happened!
  • mofftiss, after two years: it doesn't matter HOW it happened!
  • audience: oh! because it matters WHY he excluded John! it's about their relationship!
  • mofftiss: yep. and here's mary and redbeard to complicate things.
  • audience: ooooh. lots of drama! how are they going to get out of this???
  • mofftiss: bang!
  • audience: whoa! so bold. what a great and complex female character. damn. that's amazing. didn't see that coming.
  • mofftiss: you were told, but you didn't listen!
  • audience: haha damn yeah bro.
  • mofftiss: now we gotta sell the resolution of the shooting and make people buy that john forgave mary
  • audience: lmao how you gon do that? sherlock literally restarted his heart for john, the man he clearly loves.
  • mofftiss: ;)
  • audience: shit! sherlock killed magnussen for mary! he must have a plan!
  • mofftiss: ;)
  • audience: omg an aborted confession!!!
  • audience: omg a fever dream about his fears and desires!!! and conspiracy!!! you love us!
  • mofftiss: love your fandom!
  • audience: oh man. series 4 is going to be amazing.
  • mofftiss, after two years: here you go! thatcher and agra!
  • audience: ...
  • audience: ???
  • audience: oooooh. shiiiiiit. Sherlock is in his mind palace, right? the whole time?
  • mofftiss: ...
  • audience: mary ain't dead. lmao you're doing that moriarty thing again. moriarty is back, and mary's working for him.
  • mofftiss: ... challenge your audiences! here's tld.
  • audience: ooh man. td-12 is gross. culverton is gross. but that talk. that talk! and that shot! euros!!
  • audience: so mary's dead? what plan do you have?
  • audience: i bet my child's ass it's extended mind palace. so many questions unanswered; how are they going to pull it off! it'll be so clever!
  • mofftiss: shit! the third episode leaked!
  • audience: ...
  • audience: ???
  • audience: rofl this is soooooo fake
  • audience: you had more time to do this ep
  • audience: you have two eps for us. this is like clue!
  • audience: you're hella clever
  • audience: lmao i can't believe you made such cheesy things, but at least it's fake
  • mofftiss: ... please don't share leaked version
  • audience: haha look! they're making sure everyone is going to watch the leaked version so that the rug can be pulled and we're all going to be so surprised!
  • mofftiss: *airs s4e3*
  • audience: ...
  • audience: but that's the same...
  • audience: what the fuck?
  • audience: you mean you're just shitty writers all this time and we've been giving you the benefit of the doubt!?!?
  • audience: we wrote better analysis of your own show than you did!
  • mofftiss: lmao you entitled dickweed. we just write what we waaaaant. women just have sex to get over things. who you are doesn't matter. everything we've built up was for no reason. factory reset everything, muthafuckas. can't afford bennybatchman anymore! so let's make sure it's reset so new people can come in to ensure this show is either trash or cash cow.
  • mofftiss: TRASH OR CASH COW
  • mofftiss: *cancels all public meetings* byyyyye binches

You asked it as if nothing else mattered to you.

beside you (cassian/bodhi)

Bodhi Rook has a long-standing date with Cassian Andor. Not that he would call it that in front of Cass, only Jyn. Well, in actual fact, it’s mostly just Jyn that calls it a date, when on a Thursday evening the doorbell rings like clockwork and she leaves their flat or hides herself in her room, usually with a wink in Bodhi’s direction and a huge grin on her face.

It started back when they were in first year of university, when Bodhi, stupidly, had decided that doodling a portrait of the really cute guy sitting in front of him was a good idea. 

It probably would’ve been fine, just another sketch in the corner of his notebook that no-one else looks at, if he hadn’t bumped into said guy as he slid out from his row and dropped the book on the floor. With just enough luck, it had landed open on the page he had just be doodling on. 

Cassian had let out a bark of laughter and Bodhi’s cheeks were bright red, but somehow, he’d come out of the situation with a new contact in his phone and the promise of Spanish lessons in exchange for A3 sized drawing of Cassian’s face. 

Since then, the Spanish is long forgotten and the drawing of Cassian is probably in the hands of some girl he was half in love with all those years ago, but the Thursday evenings every other week are still standing.

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