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Before the 2012 London Olympics, this sculpture entitled “Under the Baobab” was constructed with wood, steel, and various fabrics that represented different cultures around the world. 

The goal of the project was to elapse the space between strangers and cultures and to bring together everyone in the heart of one community. 

“Inspired by the idea of the space between strangers becoming smaller, we created the Baobab Tree as a unique meeting place for chance encounters sparking new conversations.” - Creative director Beatrix Eden.

Eden hoped that the piece would prompt people to ”recognize threads from their own cultures woven into this meeting place at the heart of a global gathering.”

images via GungFace on Flickr
Quotes via Huffington Post


A ➟ Z of Rupert Grint; Olympic Torch

“Running is kind of a new thing for me. I don’t usually run for anything, but it was all downhill so I was okay.” Rupert Grint (x)

“It’s really exciting,” Grint told MTV News on the set of his new movie “CBGB” in Savannah, Georgia. “I’ve always been a big fan of the Olympics and [have] always [wanted] to get involved with it.” Rupert Grint (x)

“It’s a really historical kind of event, and I don’t think in my lifetime there’ll be another Olympics in London, so yeah, I feel really honored to be part of it,” Rupert Grint (x)

Rupert was successfully nominated to carry the Flame after inspiring others through his extensive work with children’s charities across the UK. Rupert is actively involved with charities Starlight and the Make-A-Wish Foundation which grant once-in-a-lifetime and magical wishes to seriously and terminally ill children. He also spends much of his free time working with the Teenage Cancer Trust and Great Ormond Street Hospital (x)

Gold Vision 

Allyson Felix , focuses on the 200 meter Olympic Gold Medal she is about to win, in about 40 seconds, at the 2012 Olympic Games.


Photo : Jeff Cohen / instagram jeffcohenphoto