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one direction meme: three live performances what makes you beautiful live @ the london 2012 olympic games closing ceremony (2/3)

“Now the final song in this section, perhaps the most innocent we’re coming up to date now. We’re with the current global phenomenon - One Direction! What makes you beautiful.”


Inspired by replies on my earlier post: In which Ben Whishaw is a third Holmes brother. Bond goes to the palace to rescue Q’s brother. The naked man in a bed sheet is definitely not what he expected.

I think someone must have made this kind of thing already but still.


Before the 2012 London Olympics, this sculpture entitled “Under the Baobab” was constructed with wood, steel, and various fabrics that represented different cultures around the world. 

The goal of the project was to elapse the space between strangers and cultures and to bring together everyone in the heart of one community. 

“Inspired by the idea of the space between strangers becoming smaller, we created the Baobab Tree as a unique meeting place for chance encounters sparking new conversations.” - Creative director Beatrix Eden.

Eden hoped that the piece would prompt people to ”recognize threads from their own cultures woven into this meeting place at the heart of a global gathering.”

images via GungFace on Flickr
Quotes via Huffington Post

Gold Vision 

Allyson Felix , focuses on the 200 meter Olympic Gold Medal she is about to win, in about 40 seconds, at the 2012 Olympic Games.


Photo : Jeff Cohen / instagram jeffcohenphoto