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Keith Moon At The London Olympics

Why does no one remember when Keith Moon had a letter wrote to him by the 2012 London Olympic committee asking to perform at the opening ceremony? The letter was wrote in complete seriousness. His manager responded by saying:

‘Unfortunately, Mr Moon is not available for the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics as he currently resides in (name of cemetery). He has been there since 1978. If however, you really require him to play, I suggest you conduct a seance.
Kind Regards’


July 5th 1948: NHS launched

On this day in 1948, the National Health Service came into effect in the United Kingdom. Ideas for a nationalised health system had been around for decades before 1948, but it was not until then that they became a reality for British citizens. The Labour government of Clement Attlee, elected in 1945, were committed to the principles of the welfare state. They were greatly influenced by the 1942 Beveridge Report, which recommended social reform to tackle the five ‘Giant Evils’ of squalor, ignorance, want, idleness and disease. Thinkers around Britain thus came to see healthcare as a fundamental universal right, not a privilege held by a few. Working with these ideas, the government passed the National Health Service Act in 1946, which came into effect on July 5th 1948 and created the NHS in England and Wales (Scotland’s was created separately). The creation of the NHS led to universal health care in the United Kingdom, paid for through central taxation, ending the requirement that patients pay directly for their own healthcare. It radically restructured the British health care system, with the NHS taking control of the almost half a million hospital beds in England and Wales and placing almost all hospitals and staff under its jurisdiction. Despite ongoing debates over the efficiency, cost and structure of the NHS, it remains a central feature of the British welfare state. As seen with its celebration during the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, the NHS is a point of national pride for Britain. Indeed, according to a recent study, thanks to the NHS Britain has the best healthcare system out of eleven of the world’s wealthiest nations, with the United States in last place.

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The British Royal Family attended the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony, directed by Danny Boyle. In it, there was a sketch of James Bond visiting the Queen in Buckingham Palace where he escorts her by helicopter to the Olympic Stadium and they supposedly parachute off. The part where the Queen makes Daniel Craig wait was completely improvised.

An Olympic Moment

Part of my Special Relationship AU (AO3)

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“This feels rather like a school trip,” Peggy mused as she and Steve stood in line for the coaches that would transport them from Buckingham Palace to the Olympic Arena.

Steve snorted and fanned himself with his ID tag. “We even have little pieces of paper with our names on them so we don’t get lost en route.”

“You would think, since we are all at least somewhat capable of running a country, we would be capable of getting ourselves from once place to another.”

The monitor at the door gave Peggy a strange look as she boarded the bus, Steve following right behind her. At Steve’s questioning glance, Peggy winced. “My presence here may be outside the realm of standard protocol.”

Peggy marched toward the back of the bus, intent on claiming the window seat. She plopped herself into the seat and set an imperious look his way which was met with a smug grin. He sat next to her, just slightly closer than what would be deemed an appropriate distance for two colleagues.

“Don’t go getting a big head,” Peggy huffed, a sharp elbow to his side punctuating her statement.

“I’m not!” Steve exclaimed, affronted.

“Yes, you are. I can see it swelling as we speak.”

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“I took a bit of persuasion. They asked me twice. But when they told me everything, including the queen jumping out with a parachute I thought: ‘no one’s even gonna remember I was there, that’s brilliant’. So I thought, yeah… It is one of the best things I have ever, ever done, it was so moving and i’m just so proud to have been a part of it.” J.K Rowling reading at the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony in London.


“50 Things About Me”

  1. I was born in Burgos
  2. I was raised in Oviedo, capital of Asturias
  3. My dad used to play football, and he was left-footed as me
  4. I’m a shareholder and fan of Real Oviedo
  5. I have won an U19 European tournament with Spain
  6. I have won the Copa del Rey with Valencia with Koeman as manager
  7. I have won the Champions League with Chelsea against Bayern Munich
  8. When I was 15 I left Oviedo and I moved to Madrid
  9. In Real Madrid Castilla I played with Alvaro Negredo, for example
  10. I’m studying sports science and marketing
  11. I have won an U21 European Tournament with David de Gea and Ander Herrera as a teammate
  12. I have won a World Cup with 22 years old
  13. I was in the opening ceremony at the London Olympic Games
  14. I have scored the last goal in the final in the last European Championship
  15. I have scored in my debut with Chelsea
  16. My favorite food is fabada, obviously
  17. My favorite movie is Midnight In Paris from Woody Allen
  18. Right now I’m watching Suits, one of the best series I’ve ever seen
  19. The first book that I really liked was Tokyo Blues from Haruki Murakami
  20. I laugh a lot with…Ander Herrera
  21. I love to play at Old Trafford and I really like to play at Wembley
  22. I dream of winning the Premier League
  23. When I was a kid my idol used to be Diego Maradonna
  24. The goal that I enjoyed celebrating the most was Andres Iniesta in the World Cup Final
  25. I really like how Andres Iniesta plays football
  26. I would like to have a coffee with Eric Cantona
  27. I have started on Twitter in 2010
  28. I really like all the Woody Allen movies
  29. I have a lovely sister, 2 years older than me
  30. My best friend in football world is David Lomban, he’s playing now in Granada
  31. I’m quite addicted to checking my phone all the time
  32. I made my debut with the Spanish national team against Turkey in Madrid
  33. I was in shock the first time I visited New York. It is an unbelievable city.
  34. I would like to speak Italian, or French
  35. I change my boots every time that Adidas wants
  36. I think I’m very good at table tennis. Who wants to play?
  37. I was very happy when we met Nelson Mandela at the South Africa World Cup Final
  38. I don’t fall asleep without setting my alarm
  39. If I wasn’t a footballer, I would like to work in something like advertising or marketing
  40. I have 8 social media accounts
  41. I always put my left boot on before the right one
  42. I always step onto the pitch with my left boot
  43. I have scored over 50 goals since I came to England
  44. And 11 with the national team
  45. I made my debut in the Primera Division in Spain with Valencia when I was 19
  46. I made my debut with the national team at 20 years old
  47. I like the tunnel and I love the atmosphere at Old Trafford
  48. I would sign for United, Andres Iniesta
  49. The last time I sang was this morning in the shower at the training ground
  50. I always send a message to my mother before a game

J.K. Rowling, Kenneth Branagh, Voldemort attacks at London Olympic opening ceremony 

The London Olympic summer games began on Friday evening with the opening ceremonies at Olympic Stadium, and a few familiar faces showed up during the over-hour-long celebration of Great Britain through the centuries.

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling made a brief appearance during the literary segment, reading an excerpt of J.M Barrie’s Peter Pan to a crowd of children; film actor Sir Kenneth Branagh started off by reading Shakespeare’s The Tempest before centuries of Britain unfolded around him.

And finally - so far - confirming rumours, a massive blow-up version of Lord Voldemort was thwarted by a shower of Mary Poppinses from the sky. Photos of those can be seen below; we will have video footage as soon as they are made available.

The opening ceremony aired live in the U.K. on BBC1 and pre-taped versions will be available on NBC networks later in the evening.