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Coloured some fish drawings I found from a trip to the Natural History Museum in London ages ago. Only four are accurately labeled because I can only assume I thought my fish-naming skills were way better than theirs at the time (although I looked up what a remora was and I can confirm it looks nothing like this one so y’know I’m really not sure I even got those ones right)

For a swoosh and a slide this Christmas, visit these 'cool' ice-skating spots

Whatever your age, take to the ice this festive season. Here are some of the best and most beautiful ice-skating spots from all over the UK… perfect for burning off a few post-pud calories!

Natural History Museum Ice Rink, London

Against the enchanting backdrop of trees, fairy lights and London’s Natural History Museum, this superb spot has 1,000 square metres of glistening excitement… which is why budding Torvills & Deans have been gracing this location for over 12 years!

Adult tickets: from £12.65; Child tickets: from £8.80

Princes Street Gardens Ice Rink, Edinburgh

Nestled beneath the iconic Edinburgh Castle, Princes Street Garden’s Ice Rink is hard to beat when it comes to spectacular locations! Found in the city’s Winter Wonderland, the festive music and Christmas tree maze will transport you to somewhere magical.

Adult tickets: from £9.00; Child tickets: from £5.00

Ice Skate, Birmingham

With over 600 square metres to glide around, Ice Skate is the perfect spot for those that want to follow their icy action with a spot of Bratwurst & Glühwein, which can be found at the nearby Frankfurt Christmas market!

Adult tickets: from £9.25; Child tickets: from £7.25

Royal Pavilion Ice Rink, Brighton

The Royal Pavilion Ice Rink is a must-visit for skaters requiring child-friendly facilities, with penguin stabilisers and a designated learner’s area. The scenic backdrop of the former Royal Pleasure Palace along with a huge bar and restaurant, make this spot a real festive gem!

Adult tickets: from £10.00; Child tickets: from £7.00

Winter Wonderland, Cardiff

Whatever the weather, there’s no excuse not to get your skates on at Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland. With a clear covered roof, you can still see the twinkling night sky as you slip and slide around the ice rink!

Adult tickets: from £9.50; Childs tickets: from £7.50

Luminocity Ice Rink, Canary Wharf

With its Manhattan-esque skyscraper backdrop, the Ice Rink located in Canada Square Park, is an ideal spot for some city centre skating. With an on-site bar and viewing terrace, there’s no reason not to swoosh down after a busy day at the office!

Adult tickets: from £14.50; Child tickets: from £10.50

Ice Factor, York

Located at the heart of York’s Winter Wonderland, the Ice Factor is the North of England’s biggest outdoor rink. With dodgems, a traditional carousel, and rides for all ages, it’s the perfect place for some festive family fun!

Adult tickets: from £10.45; Child tickets: from £9.45

Profile of Dippy on BBC

Pittsburgh isn’t the only city that loves Diplodocus carnegii. A cast of our museum’s most famous dinosaur in London also has an enthusiastic following! 

Listen to a recent BBC profile, which features interviews with Carnegie Museum staff, about the tour of the United Kingdom that London’s Diplodocus, also known as Dippy, will take this year.  

Profile: Dippy the Diplodocus

Gifted to King Edward VII in 1905, a 70-foot-long cast of a fossilised dinosaur skeleton discovered in America has been on display at London’s Natural History Museum for more than a century.

It’s become the country’s most recognisable museum exhibit — seen by an estimated 90 million people.

Now it’s being replaced by the real skeleton of a giant blue whale…Dippy’s 292 plaster cast bones are setting off instead on a nationwide tour.

On Profile this week, Mark Coles examines how Dippy the replica Diplodocus has become a national treasure.