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This Artist Is Filling London With Murals Of Extraordinary Black Women

Dreph’s new series gives visibility to the inspirational members of his community.

This is beautiful. It reminded me that I am a bold, brave, brilliant, beautiful black woman and no one should tell me otherwise. 



On the Road to Reconstruction with Imprint of Hope

On the road to reconstruction in Baghdad, with volunteer teams from the Imprint of Hope organisation, who have spent over 15 days, doing up the replica Assyrian city gate and the land surrounding it.

From the early hours until late into the night, work included redeveloping the gardens surrounding the gate, trimming the palm trees, washing and removing old paint from the gate, before applying fresh layers to the structure.

This ongoing campaign, is a small but starting point, to recreate both hope and positivity in Iraqi society and Imprint of Hope will continue to reflect this bright image, which in the past has made Iraq truly great.

Since it was founded, Imprint of Hope has painted hundreds of blast walls across Baghdad. It has swelled to more than 370 volunteers from a range of backgrounds, including students, carpenters, iron-smiths, artists and doctors.

In addition to decorating the city’s walls, Imprint of Hope also paints orphanages, nurseries and public buildings, including a children’s cancer hospital.

Last December for Christmas, Imprint of Hope painted the Our Lady of Salvation Catholic Church, which was heavily damaged in a 2010 terror attack. They also painted murals on the blast walls, that were set up to protect the church from further attacks.


May 7, 2017


by Philth

Celebrating both her Jewish heritage and local roots, Camden’s Jewish Museum London opened an exhibit in March, 2017 remembering the too-short life of Amy Winehouse. Working with London’s Global Street Art, and with the help of a month-long crowdsourcing effort, the museum also created an innovative street art trail through Camden’s nearby streets and alleys, intended to run from March through June, 2017. This Miller Street contribution was added by British illustrator, graphic designer, and artist Philth, aka Phill Blake. Self-described as reclusive Philth has nevertheless done a substantial body of commercial work for a variety of clients large and small, and as part of the global Secret Walls movement was the winner of Secret Wars Birmingham. @philthblake  @jewishmuseumldn  @globalstreetart