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One Day More
London Cast 2017/18
One Day More

17th June 2017 (Evening)

Killian Donnelly (Jean Valjean), Jeremy Secomb (Javert), Charlotte Kennedy (Cosette), Paul Wilkins (Marius), Karis Jack (Eponine), Hyoie O’Grady (Enjolras), Steven Meo (Thenardier), Jacqueline Tate (Madame Thenardier)

It’s One Day More ‘til the new cast of Les Miserables perform at West End Live (Saturday 24th June), so here’s a little preview!

Updated Bootleg Collection!!

Wow guys! i was so pleasantly surprised to the response to my first bunch of bootlegs! i have a bunch more for you!
Heathers with Thomas Sanders (audio only)
Amélie (with Philippa Soo)
Dear Evan Hansen OBC
The Lightning Thief (audio)
Book of Mormon OBC
Book of Mormon Chicago
Legally Blonde
Next to Normal (Broadway Cast)
Next to Normal (OBC) (last performance of alice ripley, jennifer damiano, Brian d'Arcy James with speeches at the end)
Next to Normal (Off Broadway cast)
(Includes cut songs and scenes)
Hamilton OBC
Hamilton OCC
Natasha Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 (audio only)
Waitress OBC
Waitress (Opening Night with Sara Bereilles) (audio only)
Wicked OBC (KC’s last)
Wicked OBC
Wicked with Nicole Parker, Alli Mauzey, Aaron Tveit
Something Rotten!
Newsies OBC
Newsies 2013 cast (Corey Cott, Kara Lindsay, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, Ben Fankhauser)
Newsies Tour
In the Heights OBC
Bare (Off-Broadway)
Fun Home OBC
Deaf West Spring awakening
Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson OBC
Mamma Mia! OBC
Spongebob the Musical
Beautiful: A Carole King Story OBC
Cinderella OBC
Sweeney Todd (audio only)
Side Show
Hedwing and the Angry Inch
Miss Saigon
Tuck Everlasting OBC
On The Twentieth Century
A New Brain
Little Shop of Horrors
Lion King (London)
Les Mis OBC
School of Rock OBC
American in Paris OBC
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Carrie the Musical
The Last Five Years
Once on this Island
Thoroughly Modern Millie OBC
The Nightman Cometh
Marilyn An American Fable
Finding Nemo
Gigi OBC
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (London)
Bonnie and Clyde
Phantom of the Opera
Ahhh i hope i can help you guys out! i love trading (finding new musicals is the best part of this) and am always willing to gift so!! just shoot me a message if you’re interested in anything :))

Enjoltaire on the west end

I went to see Les Miserables tonight, and boy was I shocked at the Enjolras and Grantaire interactions.

Enjolras - Jonny Purchase
Grantaire - Andy Conaghan

I’m going to have to list the details because if not it’ll be a mess:

1. Red and Black started off how I expected; Grantaire being sarcastic and teasing with Marius. Enjolras reacted nicely to this and just smiled, which made me realise that the dynamic would be friendly.

2. ‘Grantaire put the bottle down’ was said quite loudly, but he was smiling so i was still content.

3. During the transition to DYHTPS, Grantaire hung towards the back of the group and didn’t participate so Enjolras walked over to him and grabbed his arm, and kind off made join in.

4. Throughout all the barricade scenes, Grantaire was on the side lines watching Enjolras, which I liked.

5. After R’s solo in drink with me, they stood across from each other, stared at each other for a few seconds, and then intensely hugged.

6. When Gav died, Taire was full on crying and Enjolras hugged him again.

7. When Marius is shot during the final battle, both R and Enj are making sure he’s okay, and then they both hug. Enjolras then goes to the top of the barricade and waves the flag, and R climbs up the barricade and they shared a moment before Enj died. Enj falls forward on the barricade, and then R stands in his place and is killed.

Other moments I liked:

- Grantaire and Gavroche had such a cute relationship, with Grantaire protecting him as much as he can

- Eponine and Grantaire interacted, which I’ve never seen before

- Marius punched Parnasse and I nearly died

- Grantaire was actually perfect, I’ve never seen a portrayal as close to how I imagine him in my head


Revolve 32 :: The Principals: Killian Donnelly (Valjean); Carly Stenson (Fantine); Hayden Tee (Javert); Jacqueline Tate (Madame Thenardier); Steven Meo (Thenardier); Karis Jack (Eponine); Paul Wilkins (Marius); Charlotte Kennedy (Cosette); Hyoie O’Grady (Enjolras).


His hands always show his nervousness - they are rarely ever still & at premieres & public appearances, he is usually wringing his hands or fiddling with them in some way. Just one of those sweet habits that make him so… Eddie

(Photos: Top: Bafta Tea Party in Los Angeles, Jan. 2015. Center from left to right: SAG Awards, Jan. 2013; Omega Globemaster Launch, March 2016; London premiere of Les Mis, Dec 2012. Bottom: Focus Features Globe Awards dinner, Jan. 2015.)