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I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for acknowledging the attack in Manchester, I've barely seen any other kpop blogs talking about it and it makes me so sad. I'm from England and I feel as if the kpop community on tumblr just doesn't care about us at the minute. So really thank you so much, we need to stand together and send our support and love to the people effected x

Yes we need to stand together at good but also bad times. We need to show the world that ARMYs are great and supportive of other fandoms. Especially that some of us were there too. And the tragedy happened in a concert … now we need to work harder to protect the boys. 

Thanks for your ask. Praying for Manchester xx

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Another thank you for the Manchester recognition, it's my home town, where the bomb took place is a station I pass through everyday. As a city, as a humanity we've been mourning so seeing blogs like yours recognise the horror that took place gives light to such darkness. Continue spreading your happiness as your blog does for me everyday. Thank you ♡

I am soooo glad to know that you are safe ♡.I am sure loads of ARMYs are praying for you rn. 
I am also very glad this blog could bring you some happiness. Thank you! Stay safe~~ 

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Praying for Manchester