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Dear Pauline Hanson, Senator and Leader of One Nation,

I refer to the disgusting image you posted on social media yesterday (Sunday 4 June 2017), in which you co-opted the safety advice given by the London Metropolitan Police in the wake of the terrorist attack in London on Saturday night to spread a hateful, anti-Islamic sentiment. I am not going to post or link to the image, because I don’t want to be associated with such a message, but I do have a few things I’d like to say to you about it.

1. It is absolutely disgusting for you to use the recent London terrorist attack for your own political agenda. People have died and been seriously injured. The city is hurting and there are people who will never see their loved ones again. This is a time for sympathy and respect. Instead of commending the emergency services and other Londoners for their brave actions on the night and following day, you have chosen to take an important safety directive issued by the Metropolitan Police and twist it into a hateful and inappropriate political message to further your own anti-Islamic campaign. This is not the appropriate time for such a message.

2. In fact, it is never the appropriate time for the racist, xenophobic and bigoted messages you continually espouse. The constant expressions of hate you make against Muslims in particular are not, as you claim, in keeping with Australian values. Australia’s only Muslim problem is a problem of intolerance spread by narrow-minded individuals such as yourself. Muslims are not terrorists; they are valued members of the Australian community and I welcome all of them with open arms to this country, whether they were born here or choose to move here. Please stop acting like you speak for all Australians when you spout such offensive rhetoric. The majority of Australians do not actually believe as you do, so all you are achieving when you say such things is to make yourself seem ignorant and to give the rest of Australia a bad reputation.

Seeing Pauline Hanson exploiting (yet again) the pain and suffering of innocent people to further her own political career through bigoted hate speech and cowardly scaremongering is sickening. Pauline take your own advice and go back to where you came from.