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Picked up some mini prints today!! They would have looked a lot better if I had the versions of the book that I based the colour schemes on and also if the people who work at Staples understood the concept of using bleed when printing images.

Britt Ekland sitting on the Mini her husband Peter Sellers bought for her birthday, at the Radford Motor Company showroom, Hammersmith, London, 7th October 1965. (Photo by David Cairns)

Richard Kalvar - Lovers, Hyde Park ,1974.

© Magnum Photos.

Amarte Es Un Placer (Part 3)

Summary: Soulmate AU. You and Draco share each mark, bruise, and marring on your skin. As life progresses and each mutual marking is worse, you grieve for your hurting soulmate. And he steps into your life when you least expect it.

Word Count: 2,956

Warnings: None.

Part 1 Part 2

A/N: This fic has taken a life of its own and I hope you all enjoy this part as much as I enjoyed writing it! Let me know your thoughts! <3 Thank you for reading!

The Floo rang and you heard your mom’s voice travel to your room. “Lucille is here!”

You got on your feet, dropping the clothes you were folding to open your bedroom door. Your best friend was already there, a wide smile spread across her pretty face and you grinned, embracing her tightly before releasing her and pulling her with you into your room.

She glanced at the mess you had and scoffed. “You have a wand, you know? You can literally wave it and have everything packed.”

“I know,” you said with a shrug. “But I like packing everything without magic. Relaxes me.”

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Birmingham, AL


I made this photo on a Mamiya c220 with Kodak Portra 400.

Here’s a link about it:

It was vandalized after a few days.

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Fallen London may not have Santa in the regular sense, but that won’t stop a certain little tonttu from sneaking into the houses of friends (or enemies) and leave small sparkly gifts this Holiday season.

Happy New Years, @sinilakki!

My Imagines #2

Y/n: *walks in the bedroom* finds a box* *opens it* Oh my… Tom! Come here!
Tom: Yes darling?
Y/n: Did you bought it for me? *shows the necklace*
Tom: Yeah, why? You didn’t like it?
Y/n: Tom I love it! But you didn’t had to…
Tom: *kisses you* I’m happy you liked it. *walks away*

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Tom: *walks in* Sweet, I’m home.
Y/n: Hey Tommy… Is that a bouquet of my favorite flowers?
Tom: I wanted to bring you some.
Y/n: I’ll put them on a vase. But first my kiss sir.*kisses him*

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Tom: Love, do you like lavanda?
Y/n: Yes… Why?
Tom: ‘Cause I’ve got you a new one.
Y/n: Thanks Tommy, but stop giving me all of this, ok?
Tom: I’ll try.

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Tom: Do you know the new restaurant in the center of London?
Y/n: I heard something.
Tom: We’re going to have dinner there tonight.
Y/n: Tom! That place is too expensive, don’t you think?
Tom: Nothing is too expensive if it’s well spent. And everything is well spent with you. *tries kiss you*
Y/n: NO! Tom, you should not spend your money with me! Have you noticed you’ve been giving me gifts almost everyday? I cant’ give you anything, Tom, and I don’t feel comfortable with this.
Tom: You never, never, say you can’t give me anything. You’ve being giving me things I’ll never be capable of replace. Your time, your love, your help… All of the nights you passed wake, all of the calls you did when I was away… You take care of me, and even if I give you the stars, it wouldn’t be enough. I love you, and want to show it.
Y/n: *hugs him* I love you.

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I cried. Just a bit. Psh, you too, don’t look at me like this. My second imagine, hope you liked it. Oh, and listen to AM, One Direction, it’s a beautiful song. Kisses, Halo.


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theme thursday: hopscotchlondon finds

stationery giftables by hopscotchlondon

these super-special, minimalist stationery items are among about a dozen in hopscotchlondon’s collection … and as a paper goods- and school supply-obsessed individual, i’m in love.