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Metropolitan Police suddenly halted London’s 2016 LGBT PRIDE parade to let an officer propose to his boyfriend, along with two other officers who got engaged to each other. Haters posted some nasty tweets, so the MET promptly warned them of a visit from one of their 32,000 officers due to hate speech being illegal in the UK. Source Source 2 

Combine your love of brutalist architecture with that of cruising at The Barbican.

Best spots include toilets include:

Level -1 Theatre Toilets
Ground Floor Cafe - The Barbican Kitchen
Level 3 - by the art gallery

Busiest with hot city boys 12noon - 1pm
Cafe toilets are the best.

Regarding London Spy

I know this is probably a bit late to the party but - London Spy (or at least the first two episodes that I’ve seen) is beautiful, and hauntingly real. There’s obviously the slight surrealism of the situation but that’s easy enough to get past because the characters are so well developed. Apart from Alex, of course. Okay, so Danny is really well developed and I love how he’s interpreted and I could drool over Ben Whishaw for days but I’m not going to right now. 

But I just want to know, to those of you that have finished the mini-series, is this just another gay tragedy? Or is there something more, some element that’s revealed in the last three episodes?

I really am hoping it’s not a tragedy, but from the somewhat vague spoilers I’ve noticed on tumblr, there seems to be assent that it is. I mean, either way I’ll watch it, the show has already hooked me, I just want to know if I need to prepare my heart for the inevitable crushing if it is the demise of yet another homosexual couple.

capering relicker is the only good first city uncle like yeah, sometimes he got drunk and throws your stuff into gutter but he gave you 12.00 echoes worth of free items despite being a scraps collector??

meanwhile the manager and king of polythreme ask for Expensive Rare Stuffs just so you can listen to their background, and they’re way richer than you,,
London with Lee | Meet My Datemate
So I've been dating this smol for nine months...and only just made a video with them. Oops. Lee and I spent a week in London, here is a little bit of film, h...

I make the video thing this is my datemate @livsws we do the vlog together in London ayyy watch pls

So, I have this beautiful piece of art by @cylon as the case on my laptop. I have used this laptop at many trainings around the world and for the very first time today in London this guy went “Oh my god, is that Octavia?” and then proceeded to tell me he loved the show until season 3 and then quit watching because he couldn’t stand season 3. 

I laughed so hard inside but couldn’t really laugh because, y’know, I’m training these guys. 

The Discourse has found me all the way in an IT training in London, y’all.