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The Kray Twins were Britain’s most notorious pair of gangsters, first catching the public’s eye after opening a string of successful nightclubs in London. Both were narcissistic, cunning, and cold-blooded, and were involved in a least a dozen murders, two of which they were ultimately imprisoned for. They were also successful boxers in their youth, which helped to raise their notoriety among London’s wannabe gangsters and criminals. Ronnie Kray was described as a “predatory homosexual” by many, as he would trawl through London’s gay district in hopes of finding a man for the night, reportedly threatening anyone who rejected his advances. After their deaths, the twins received quite the send-off: The Smiths singer, Morrissey, sent them a large funeral wreath each and the US Mafia sent a single note, accompanied by a photo of Manhattan which read “In deep respect, from your friends in New York.“


After attempting to murder his cell mate, Charles Bronson was moved to Parkhurst in 1976, where he befriended The Kray Twins: notorious London gangsters. Bronson was starstruck and described them as “the best two guys I’ve ever met”. However, Reggie Kray was intimidated by a violent and often unpredictable Bronson, and wrote in a letter that spending time with Bronson was “the most frightening visit I had”.


Actor: Tom Hardy

“Edward Thomas “Tom” Hardy is an English actor. He made his debut in the war film Black Hawk Down”

Latest Project: Legend

A film about Identical twin gangsters Ronald and Reginald Kray terrorize London during the 1950s and 1960s.