london fog

Today’s latte: Honey London Fog! As you probably know, a London fog is a vanilla Earl Grey Latte, and today I was like, huh? Wonder what would happen if I added honey? So I did and dang it is good!! I used orange blossom honey and wow, it really added a delicious complexity to the tea. I also found that it balanced some of the weird bitterness that comes from unmixed vanilla, and just really gave a delicious sweetness to the latte. I’m definitely adding this to my morning routine because it also woke me right up: just in time to get working on my novel! Perfect! Here’s the recipe:


¾ cups water
¼ cup milk of choice
1 tsp vanilla
2 tsp honey.
1 Earl grey tea bag


1) bring water to roiling boil. Pour into mug and let tea bag steep for 4-5 minutes.
2) warm milk in microwave safe cup for 30 seconds. Thoroughly mix in vanilla and honey.
3) remove tea bag and mix!

Enjoy steepers!