london field

ロンドン塔 − ホワイト・タワーでロイヤル武器庫。




Tower of London - Royal armouries of the White Tower. 

This giants armour is a German field armour. 1540s.

Armour for a child. Probably English, 1610s.

The two swords are ceremonial “Zweihänders”. They can also be called bearing swords and must be held with two hands to wield. 15th century. 

[Re-edited to add “ceremonial”]

When one considers that three different plays could be performed in a single week, the intensity of an actor’s personal study can be fathomed, as well as the strain on his memory. No wonder actors and actresses could be seen walking the streets of Covent Garden muttering and gesticulating to themselves. An anecdote is told of the actor Jack Verbruggen, who went out into the fields beyond London one morning to rehearse his part in a tragedy. Three passing highwaymen found him gesturing violently to himself, rolling his eyes toward heaven and shouting, ‘I charge thee not!’ to some imaginary foe. Taking him for a madman, they grew compassionate and urged him not to harm himself. When the furious actor told them that he was a player learning his part, they changed their minds and robbed him of his money.

a hilarious anecdote about one of the dangers of practicing your lines in late 17th century London.

(recorded in ‘Nell Gwyn: A Biography’ by Charles Beauclerk)

fallen london // sunless sea player characters, part the second!!! this time featuring all of the ones i have who are developed enough to have names/personalities/designs <33 left to right: 

terault wellsey, one of the first of the lineage of captains to achieve success.  unfortunately his desperate need for money and lack of knowledge of the powers of the zee lead him to accidentally sell out the admiralty to the dawn machine, after which he found his revenue stream much reduced and “”voluntarily”” retired back to london

tierney lynch, the terror of the zee, bearing a whiff of cold salt and candle-smoke.  sailed back into london one day on a ship completely empty of crew but for one strange, sigil-marked man who would not leave the cabins.  she is marked by the well of the chapel of lights. the red hunger lives in her still. 

acantha aurora, minor poet of veilgarden.  in some disgrace still over the matter of a certain play.  she believes in romance, adventure, and hedonism.  somewhat worrisomely involved in the affairs of hell; she has an unhealthy fascination for the devils of the brass embassy.  currently searching for the return of her soul; it’s not going so well. 

sylvia hawthorne (belonging to @spookyopercula), lady by night, working captain by day– or the reverse; it’s so hard to tell in the neath.  her ship is full of miscreants; a wistful deviless keeps her bed warm sometimes.  

tempest field, tierney’s niece and heritor of her wealth, has put to zee in search of herself.  she has found it in the deep jaws and bilious waters of nook.  fey, wild, and more than a little chilly to the touch without wine to warm her; most of tempest’s crew are wary of her, and probably with good reason.