London Eye

It’s probably 100% coincidence but I was watching The Blind Banker today and saw this gem:

External image

It’s at around the 1:19:30? mark I think, Sherlock is rushing off to save John and Sarah from the Black Lotus Gang.

Thought it might be interesting with all the stuff that was going on with filming near the London Eye this past week and hopes of it being lit up specially.

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Hah hah hah NONNY! It’s totally not a coincidence. Every shot is planned to perfection. I’m just so happy that we’re going to be seeing a full one in S4 :D :D I love this show so much! :D :D 

After seeing all the pictures of setlock being posted, I wanted to share this. This was the view of the Eye last summer one of the nights I was in London. I’m not sure if the color depends on the day of the week, or how they really decide what it is. But here it is. Looks pretty, either way. 💗💜💙