So, I have a whole bunch o’ shit to attend to at present. My reblogs blog won’t be queueing more than one day at a time, and I’ll probably be interacting individually a lot less. I certainly can’t see myself doing much art or collaborative work, that will be ready to present on here credibly in the next few weeks. Unless anyone very close by wants to work with me. That’s always nice.

So I’ll be posting up a few more of these, if @shuttersnipe doesn’t mind. And if I’m not around to chat, I hope you have a good November. Now I just need to remind myself daily that chores are worth doing. Later. x

Me and Kyler Archer on the London Eye, photograph by @shuttersnipe.

Aka 20minutesfromnow on instagram. Check out his account for more from this day! It’s a good account.