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Hans Holbein der Jüngere (1497/98 - 1543).

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bambinadallospazio  asked:

*curtsies* Dear Dukesie! First of all, let me wish you best of luck with your dissertation and everything else that you will be doing next month. My question is not urgent at all so don't worry about getting to it right away. I'll be in London on Erasmus for the Autumn term (mid-September to mid-December) so I wanted to ask you if you know of anything I shouldn't miss during that time! Shows, concerts, places to see that are somewhat less known... Anything that comes to mind! Thanks! <3

*Curtsies* It really kind of depends what you’re into! There are a million things happening in London every day and what’s going to be the most fun for you is hard for me to guess at. But here are my basic recs:

  • Museums. There are loads of them. Google museums in London and pick out which ones sound most interesting. Personally I really like the V&A. 
  • Music. One of my favorite things about living here has been seeing amazing live music on the reg, whether it’s the London Philharmonia playing fifty years of James Bond themes or Chris Cornell playing acoustic Led Zeppelin with Jimmy Page right there in the audience at Royal Albert Hall. Check Time Out London or whatever and see if any of your favorites are playing while you’re here.
  • Theatre. Honestly I wouldn’t bother with more than one West End show. Big budget theatre is flashy and fun but it’s really expensive and you can see great theatre for way less money. Example: Go be a groundling at the Globe. It’s a theatre experience like no other and it only costs five quid. Even if the show sucks (which isn’t likely) it’ll still be totally worth it.
  • Parks. London has a lot of big open green spaces and as boring as that sounds it’s actually nice. Spend a whole day wandering Hyde Park. It’s worth it. 
  • Pubs. I don’t know if you’re a drinker, but if you are there are a million and one fantastic pubs around London. If you like wine, hit up Gordon’s and the Cork & Bottle. Get a drink on the terrace somewhere on South Bank and have a nice view of the river while you sip your stuff.
  • Bookstores! So many! Hit up Foyle’s and Persephone and Daunt Books and all the others! London is a very literary city. Go to book readings and signings and goofy bookstore events. Go to the Booker Prize reading if you can. Reading is usually a solitary activity but here it’s a social one, too.
  • Day trips. The UK is small. Hop on a train. Take a day or a weekend and go see another city or just something a little off the beaten trail. Go see the Greenwich observatory. Go traipse around Stratford for the day. 

Hope this helps! Have all the fun.