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This Day in 1D History - September 21


  • the boys are seated with James Corden and Nick at the GQ London Fashion Week dinner (AND GRYLES IS BORN)!!


  • up and coming French photographer Harry Styles makes his way through the airport (lmao)


  • Eleanor shares a snap of her and Louis kicking back 😎😎
  • Where We Are Tour concert – San Antonio, USA


  • 1D (FINALLY) join snapchat!!!
  • Harry steps out with a splash at the Love Magazine/Miu Miu London Fashion Week party!

These neural network-generated pickup lines (<–link) are so good, and they instantly compelled me to draw a few awful comics based on some of them, featuring a selection of some of the least seductive aliens in the universe. (And also one human, who isn’t really any better.)

Please click on them to see the full images!!


Jack Maynard x Reader #1

Warnings: steamy af smmmuuuutttt 

Word Count: 1602

Requested: yup by @wroetominter  

Note: and i’m back with a bang! hope you love it mon ~ K 

[ masterlist

(gif creds to the owner)


“Wait so you got two tickets for the concert?” you said down the phone to your best friend, well crush if you were being honest, as you put away the groceries at your flat.

“Well, of course, who else would I take you with me?” Jack replied sounding genuinely confused.

“You wanna take me?” an undeniable blush forming on your cheeks.

“Why else I would I tell you about this concert? Besides I’ve got the whole night planned, it’ll be great.”

“We tell each other everything.”

“And now I’m telling you to be ready for an awesome night next week,” he laughed.

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This Day in 1D History - June 9


  • Zayn chats with the most adorable Louis fan at 98.5 KLUC :))
  • the boys (minus Zayn) have a ‘meet and eat’ with Gordon Ramsay!
  • Up All Night Tour concert – Las Vegas, USA


  • so… close…
  • the boys have bit of fun with the fans outside their hotel in Mexico City
  • Take Me Home Tour concert – Mexico City, Mexico #2 feat. L I A M


  • Niall is SHARP. AS. HELL. at the KP24 Foundation Charity Gala Dinner in London