london dawn


by Matt Garbutt.

You can’t escape your Judgment

Or a wrathful Judgment’s scorn

For she’s a queen of molten gold

And a queen of sunlit thorns

The hours roll on endlessly

Amidst the Horizon Far

The radiance is inescapable

From Fallen London’s Star

[[Salo gave me permission to edit 1 of her photos. This was the result.]]


aahhh i forgot to post this rip

@the-solar-wanderer turned one of my pictures into the actual dawn machine ;u; 

I’m eating Dove chocolate and the wrappers are doing it again. “Hug the sunlight.” “Feel the sun.” Bask in the sun.” Somewhere in here there’s one that says “UN THE SUN THE SUN THE SUN THE SUN TH” and when I find it my house will spontaneously combust, mark my words