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Do people actually think the tcc is happy about the attack in London?? Like I saw a post saying that and honestly how fucking dare they say it, there’s a high chance one of my good friends from London were injured in the attack and I can’t fucking believe because I find Jeffrey Dahmer’s life story interesting that I’m happy about my friend being hurt. Like honestly fuck off.

In the far reaches of the stacks – past English literature, through the French poets, and nearing the 20th century American greats- there sits in form and figure, authors on the shelf. 

From top left- London, Steinbeck, Joyce, Hemingway, Dickens, Faulkner, Woolf.

Authors on the Shelf
The Detroit Public Library, 3/10/17
#8x10 gelatin silver contact print

Marco Lorenzetti

If A Book Is Compared To X On Its Book Jacket, It Is Probably…
  • Brideshead Revisited - Lots of posh Oxford, maybe gay. Or, about Catholicism and nostalgia and messed up families and not as much gay as expected.
  • John Le Carré - Spies. SPIES. Should be Cold War but won’t necessarily be.
  • The Secret History - Where too close group do something Bad. Narrator may have inferiority complex.
  • Sarah Waters - Victorian and either contains lesbians or wants people to pick it up thinking that it does.
  • We Need To Talk About Kevin - Dealing with troubled motherhood.
  • Stephen King - Any kind of horror. Vaguely horror. Once met horror in a supermarket.
  • Trainspotting - Trying to be Trainspotting and probably failing.
  • Jane Austen - If you’re incredibly lucky not lacking completely in satirical edge.
  • Brick Lane / anything by Zadie Smith - Set in London amongst a community of people who are not white and/or Christian.
  • Hemingway - Something you should run away from.

Hey so my boyfriend and I have been in London the past 5 weeks and decided to stay a bit longer. The (free) housing for the next two weeks we had fell through though so right now we don’t have a place to stay from June 30th till July 12th…if anyone of ya’ll would be willing to let us stay with ya’ll I would super super super super appreciated it. We’re really clean and I can cook for you :). Just talk to me if you need more info before we come to your place and everything

If you can’t house us please help me spread this 



EDIT: HI EVERYONE. WE FOUND HOUSING A WHILE AGO AND ARE SAFE. I see people still reblogging this, and I really appreciate that, but please don’t worry! We’re okay now. Thanks for everyone’s help!!


Prince Harry visited Fulham’s Hurlingham Club where he met the Joyful Noise choir, a collection of people of different faiths, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender, all living with HIV.

The choir were rehearsing ahead of their performance at the nOscars, an awards ceremony established by NAZ in 2012 to highlight the programmes, people and media which challenge HIV and homophobic stigma.

The nOscars event is one of the largest awards ceremonies of its kind and aims to put a spotlight on the poor sexual health outcomes of minority groups.

Prince Harry also heard about NAZ’s wider work in providing sexual health promotion and HIV support services to black, Asian and minority ethnic communities in London. November 15, 2016