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M.U.I   M A K E - U P   M A G A Z I N E  

If you’re into all things makeup then I can’t recommend this magazine enough!

From reading my creative makeup breakdowns to watching my makeup tutorials you’ll know I’m an avid fan of Kryolan UK products.
My makeup kit originated in college back in 2003 and everything was supplied by Kryolan Professional Make-up, that’s where my love started.

On the walls in our makeup classroom hung posters of wild and wacky makeup looks by Kryolan artists. Everything they produced left me feeling inspired as a makeup artist, and the brand still has that effect on me now.
Whether it’s the content created for this magazine, or, the astounding creations for their annual calendars, you will always be left in awe by the talents that represent Kryolan. 

Back in my college days Kryolan were apart of Charles Fox and I used to visit their Covent Garden store (which is now their Kryolan Store) and I was like a child at Christmas. My eyes would light up and I would feel giddy with excitement as I perused the shelves desperate to play with every single item.
I have always gravitated towards the SFX (Special FX) products more than the beauty ones. Something about seeing fake moustaches and foam latex noses lights a fire in my belly, and the inner artist in me instantly want to completely transform someones face! There’s no place like Kryolan at Halloween… Oh, except for my makeup room of course ;) 

SO… Kryolan have released issue 4 of their M.U.I magazine and it’s brilliant, especially if you’re looking to further educate yourself on makeup or just learn more about the brand.
Paul Merchant (Head of Make-Up and Make-Up Design at Kryolan UK) has created some inspiring looks within the magazine and has produced a step-by-step guide on how to achieve these looks. 
I’d recommend it for both aspiring MUAs and industry professionals alike, it’s packed full of tips and tricks.

I’d personally recommend reading the article about ‘Skin Tones and Skin Undertones!’ as it’s very informative, and important if you’re looking to get into makeup or brush up on your colour theory. Even if you’re just a makeup lover, when it comes to choosing the right foundation for you it’s essential you understand the undertone of your skin.

M.U.I magazine retails at just £5.95, and for the invaluable information it provides you with it’s a bargain! 

This is not a sponsored post, I just felt it was well worth sharing with you all. 
You can purchase the magazine in-store or via their website ‘here’.


  • Chen Peng, created his namesake brand in London in 2015. Peng is graduated from London College of Fashion majored in MA Menswear Fashion Design Technology, his works is defined as the One-sized Fashion, speaking for a minority with special body sizes. In Peng’s design aesthetics, there is no boundaries between beauty and ugliness, but to highlight personal styles.
  • Peng’s graduation works have been selected to present in London Collections Men AW16 from LCF (London College of Fashion) Press Show. His collection is designed to empower the fat people in the conventional sense to pursue beauty. Peng created clothes which are suitable for both fat and skinny people by comparing body shapes among different people. This concept is similar to the standard size (one size), which is also applied on the target customers of Peng’s collection, he called it One-sized fashion. If Social Equality is an ideal state that is still far from us, then One-sized Fashion may implement the concept of Equality in advance.
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Part Two

Part One

Because it’s the weekend and Imogen can sometimes be a stick in the mud, she left me here in Holmes Chapel while she went to London to tour some universities. I know that she’s going to pick London College of Fashion. It’s obvious, but she still wants to check everything out before she gets her final pick. Now, I’m stuck here, alone in my house, watching Skins and watching the wood in the fireplace burn. It would be nice to have my mum around but she has to work just to make ends meet. Before my dad left everything was pretty much perfect, but when he left I didn’t think that I would basically lose my mother. She’s only home during Christmas and on Sunday, but she usually sleeps and stays in her room all Sunday. We just don’t talk.    

The rain hit my window violently, and I kind of loved it. To me, the best part of living in England is the weather. It’s relaxing, and sure, I could use some more snow from time to time, but I never understood why people complained about rain. What is there not to love? I snapped out of my thought when someone rang the doorbell three times before knocking a couple of times. When I opened the door, I wasn’t expecting to see Harry standing there, drenched from the rain.    

“What hell are you doing?” I asked, pulling him into the house and shutting the door behind him.     

“I was coming home from football practice and it came down. You were the only person that I knew ‘round here.”   

I looked at him and his lip was slightly blue and there wasn’t a dry part of his body. I went into my room to grab the only pair of men’s sweats that I had and a towel. Harry was still standing in the same place, soaking wet with his arms crossed over his chest.     

I handed him the things and pointed down the hall.”The bathroom is-“    

“Around the corner and the first door on the left. I know.”    

He toed off his trainers and walked to the bathroom. I took his sneakers and placed them by the fire so that they would dry faster before placing myself in my usual spot on the couch. I felt weird having Harry in my house. The last time he was here we were ten and still friends, so, things have changed. I could hear him fumble with the lock before it unlatched and he walked into the living room with nothing covering his torso. Tattoos were spotted on his upper body and I couldn’t help but admire them.    

“Like what you see?” he asked with the corner of his mouth lifting into a smirk.    

“No, I’d have to get along with the guy I’m looking at to like what I see.“ When he opened his mouth to say something else I cut him off. "Why the fuck do you hate me so much? It’s been eight years.”     

“’S nothing.”     

I scoffed and shook my head as he dismissed me again. “That’s not a good answer. I’m sorry that I embarrassed you when we were ten, but after that, I really could’ve used my best friend. You abandoned me just as much-”     

“I saw you with Imogen before you’d even talk to me,” he muttered. 

“You wouldn’t even talk to me, and when I went to see you, Imogen was already there and you were talking with her.”     

The house became silent except for the crackling of the fire. I handed Harry a blanket to cover his exposed torso before unpausing Skins and letting the tension sit while we didn’t talk.
When I woke up, I had Harry’s head on my stomach and he was snoring peacefully. The rain was still falling rapidly even though you couldn’t see it in the darkness. I rubbed my eyes before I saw my mum tip-toeing across the floorboards - which still creaked, but it’s okay - and heading into the kitchen.     

“Hey, honey. Did I wake you up?” I shook my head and she looked down to where Harry was hugging my hips and snuggling into my abdomen. “Is that Harry?” I nodded and she just walked into the kitchen. I could see her bite back a smile, but I’m choosing not to think about it.     

The room was dark and the fireplace barely had a spark, but the room was still warm. Harry felt like a furnace but I wasn’t about to wake him up to make him move because even though our relationship is quite awkward, he’s an amazing cuddler. I grabbed the remote from the coffee table and turned on the tv after making sure that the volume was low. My mum said goodnight before heading into her bedroom and closing the door behind me. Parks and Recreation played on and subconsciously my hands began playing with Harry’s hair. It’s probably in better condition than mine and it feels like silk.     

1:00 a.m rolled around and I was still playing with his hair and scratching his scalp when he let out a little moan into my stomach. If he wasn’t pressed up against me, I probably wouldn’t hear it, but I did. My hands froze for a second before they continued their movements and I focused back on the tv.

I woke up again when I felt the pressure from Harry’s head alleviate my middle and my hands fell on my stomach. I let out a small whine and my hands began grabbing at air while I was still basically passed out. My eyes were barely open when the light invaded my pupils, making me scrunch up my face.     

“Noooo,” I whined again, sitting up and pressing my palms into my eyes.     

“I’ve gotta get home before my mum wakes up,” he grunted. "Sorry for waking you up.“     

"It’s still raining and you don’t have a car.”     

He shrugged and put on his shoes. “I’ll run.”     

“Mr.Styles, I’m not letting you run.”     

“Mr.Styles, seriously? The name’s-”     

Before he could go on and make me any more aggravated with him, I kissed him. His lips are less chapped than mine and they tasted like mint even though he hasn’t had anything to eat since he’s got her, ten hours ago. His hands ended up under my thighs which let him bring me onto his lap and deepen the kiss. In my fourteen years of knowing Harry, I would never guess that we would kiss, let alone me initiate it.     

“We really shouldn’t be doing this,” I said as he kissed down my neck and I fumbled with his belt.     He took my t-shirt off and examined my lace bralette. I could feel him harden as I unbuttoned my pants, and for some reason, I didn’t stop any of this even though this is quite wrong.

Xiaomeng Yang London College of Fashion (LCF MA14 Graduate) - photography: Felix Cooper - styling: Anders Sølvsten Thomsen

  • Born in China, studied BA fashion design technology at Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology and MA menswear fashion design technology in London college of fashion. I drew inspiration from hands–the most flexible and complex part of human body. There are a variety of folding lines on the hands and they can be demonstrated by different types of gestures, just like dynamic wrinkles of the clothes which vary with the forms of different postures.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any hcs about them in college (happy ending where everyone lives, and no one died omg)

College for the Until Dawn kids if no one died? Sure.

Josh got into community college stayed for a year then dropped out to just presue a career in film making. Determined to succeed without any help from his father, Josh moved to Portland and has made all of his films under a pseudonym. You will be happy to know Wayne Eastwood has been mildly successful in the independent film industry.

Beth was offered scholarships up the wazoo! She could go anywhere. Yale, Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, Duke, Brown, they all wanted her. In the end she picked Stanford to be close to her family. She was a pre-med student with the intention of becoming a surgeon once she got the nerve to transfer to Columbia Med for the remainder of her degree program. (She did.)

Hannah went away to school in Europe in hopes of securing the ever elusive M.R.S. degree with a cute rich foreign guy. She never got her wish but her name got her a few small acting gigs and like Josh she dropped out. Unlike Josh she has skyrocketed right to stardom. Though she has made some  appearances in Wayne Eastwood’s more recent work.

Chris did a year at the same local school as Josh and Ashley before he transfered to M.I.T. Like the putz he is, he finally told Ashley how he felt about her maybe two weeks before he had to leave. They were a really great two weeks at least. He was a little out of his depth at first when he started there but he managed to figure it out eventually. He graduated Summa Cum Laude.

Ashley also went to community college studying both English and Education as a dual major since teacher was her backup career choice to author. Eventually after working her ass off for two years she made it to Ivy League status. She ended up going to Harvard to finish her degree. Cause it was the best one. It had nothing at all to do with it being only a 5 munite drive from M.I.T!

Sam took a year off to discover herself better. She would go the next year. Then she took another year to backpack around Europe. Then she took a third and forth off to join the peace corp. And then…
She never got around to it until she was an adult woman with kids of her own. She majored in veterinary science and enviormental studies. She has no regrets though because it’s never to late to live your dream and she learned so much from life.

Mike didn’t get to pick where he went to school. His father went to Duke, his grandfather went to Duke, his great-grandfather went to Duke, point is he went to Duke. He did get to pick what he studied though and he chose political science and anthropology. He also joined his father’s frat but he was less upset about that. His frat bros were pretty decent and cool guys. Their connections also got him an internship at the mayors office back in L.A. one summer. He also graduated Summa Cum Laude.

Jess went to community college to appease her parents but spent all her time, energy and money on her true passion of modeling. She was picked up by an agency eventually and was kicked out of school for failing most of her classes. To be fair she only failed because she often skipped class for modeling jobs at the same time. Her parents were disappointed but they got over it pretty quickly when they saw how well her career as a model was going.

Emily, miss 4.0-bitch, also got into a few Ivy League schools. Yale, Stanford and Harvard to be exact. Of course being Emily she went to the London College of Fashion. While in school she sometimes met up with Hannah. She hasn’t come back to the states for more than a visit since though. Not even after she graduated! She fell in love with the city. She is making her mark on a whole new continent.

Matt only barely got into Waldorf University in Iowa on a really good Football scholarship. (Go Warriors!) He majored in business like most athletes do in college. He went on to play in the Arena Football league for the Los Angeles Kiss (Let’s hear it for the Home team!) and hopes one day to still make it to the NFL. Either way he’s playing and on a team and he is happy with that.

Hope that answers your question anon!