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London Illustrated Map - London Print - City Map Poster- British Art

Detailed illustrated map print of London, England. Featuring Big Ben, St Paul’s, The London Eye, Shakespeare’s Globe, the Shard, The Gherkin, Tower Bridge, The Olympic Park and of course, Buckingham Palace! All of these elements make this the perfect London poster / wall decor for you home.

High quality print of original illustration on thick paper.

A3 size 297 x 420 mm

Protective cellophane and card packaging for posting.
A3 print is likely to be posted in poster tube.

anonymous asked:

About Split: I think it might be based on Billy Milligan; he was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder after he got arrested for three rapes. He had 24 personality, and apparently three of them committed the three different rapes. And like the 24th personality was used for achieving fusion of the other 23. Idk if this changes anything, I just wanted to give another point of view about this issue

But did he turn into a superpowered cannibal that could climb walls?

Like I said, my problems with the film aren’t that it portrays someone with DID as capable of bad things, because we are, everybody is - we can be the bad guy, the good guy, and everything in between. In fact, each alter has the potential to be any one of those things. I accept that, and I accept that storytelling might use the fact that one face can hide two very different people to create tension, fear, confusion, and that’s perfectly fine in my opinion.

What bothers me about the film is that DID alone isn’t a superhero backstory - we can’t change our bodies, we aren’t “the next stage in evolution”, we aren’t “on a higher plain”, we can’t “alter our chemistry”, as the movie proposes - we aren’t mystical, magical beings. The psychiatrist in the film uses misconceptions about DID, describes that number of alters like it’s unheard of, and promotes popular misinformations like that it can “cure blindness” (when in reality, it can simply cause like a psychosomatic blindness or other problems for certain alters, or lessen the degree to which things the body suffers with affect certain alters - for example, if a specific alter is a coping mechanism for a leg injury caused by the abuse, they may be unable to feel or use that leg long after the initial injury is cured, because the brain, when they’re in control, believes that the leg is still damaged; or it can create a sort of placebo effect where the brain doesn’t believe it has certain symptoms when a specific alter is present, so they present less, like when cancer sufferers drink “magical water” and feel better for a bit despite the water doing nothing). Contrary to what the psychiatrist character in the film says, DID couldn’t cure blindness that was caused by any actual physical damage, in the film she says it “healed the nerves” but… it. can’t. do. that - either the damage would have healed anyway or it wasn’t there to begin with; people can become blind for various reasons, and some blindness is caused by the subconscious mind not communicating what the optical nerves say to the conscious mind, those people can still navigate rooms or smile back, but they don’t know why they’re doing it since they think they can’t see, so an alter could have that type of blindness while another does not, which to an uneducated observer may appear like DID curing blindness. Does the film explain that? Does it use what can actually happen? Nope. It just makes up a bunch of nonsense about DID to explain the impossible scenario, instead of going “actually there’s a real world explanation of why this happens, should we use that?” the writers went “lets make up something that sounds cool”.

There’s a Marvel mutant called Legion, and his mental illnesses (schizophrenia in some incarnations, DID in others) is linked to his mutation and interacts with it, but his mutation, his father being Prof. X, is why he has those powers, not his mental health issue. It would’ve been easy for Split to take a similar path, to come up with a separate reason for Billy/Dennis/etc’s body to be mutated and then have their DID interact with that. But instead the film promotes the misinformation that people with DID have “unlocked” their mind, that they’re capable of great feats of transformation (and not just the fact that he can change his clothes in 13 fucking seconds while switching), and so on.

It’s like making a Deadpool who’s powers were caused by his cancer - not by anything done to him while he had the cancer, not by the mutant gene, not by an unheard of magical strain of cancer, just by normal run of the mill cancer - and that ALL cancer sufferers have this magical, superhuman, mega evolved thing inside of them. Except in this hypothetical, there’s also a common myth in the real world that it actually is possible for cancer to cause things that in reality it can’t cause, and that cancer sufferers are dangerous, unstable, and the worst of the worst. People would want to correct that, and people would think that it’s sloppy researching.

I guess, what it boils down to is that I’m complaining about bad writing and a lack of research. They came up with an unrealistic premise and, instead of delving deeper into the condition and deciding to create a situation in which the disorder and something else worked together to create “The Beast”, they just sort of ran with “No this can totally happen”… AND THEN added a character who is supposedly an expert on this and had her spew some pseudoscience at the screen, that some people out there actually buy to a lesser extent.

I just don’t like bad science. It’s why I love The Martian so much, because it’s a sci-fi film that’s 99.9% based in scientific fact. Whereas, when I’m watching a sci-fi or horror film and I see something that can’t happen, it takes me out of the film, and it annoys me because as a writer I research EVERYTHING and I hold other people to that standard. There are authors who studied historic London city maps meticulously for weeks and continuously while writing the books, and then there are authors who go “Eh, it probably had a bunch of poop everywhere so I’ll just describe that and hope they don’t notice that my character has taken eighty seven rights and then a left into what would actually be the river”, and you can tell when reading or watching their work.

Also the term is “integration”, not fusion. I nitpick. That is my problem. And given that I know quite a bit on this topic for obvious reasons, everything I saw of this film - adverts, reviews, clips, etc - bugged me. I will watch the film in full one day, but at the moment I’m too sick to get through that length of time of anything remotely triggering (which sucks because I also want to rewatch The Voices to talk about how the two differ and what makes The Voices a better film, despite both being films with mentally ill bad guys).

Anyway, yeah, I respect that some people like it, feel free to watch it… Just… Remember not to get your understanding of things from movies. And I know that sounds obvious to anyone with a brain, but the number of people I’ve seen (mostly on Facebook, some irl, some on YouTube) use “…like in Split”, or use it as an example of someone with DID, or reference things said in the film to support their incorrect argument, is what probably really set off my dislike for this movie. Up until then I was just “ugh, another typical movie getting shit wrong, using misinformation, that everyone’s complaining about because we need representation but no don’t portray us like that, or like that, or like that, we are literal angels who are happy all of the time and if you show us being bad or unhappy then you’re promoting ableism and blah blah blah”, but seeing people genuinely fall for the bullshit in a movie pissed me off and sent me on a bit of a tirade a while back. I’ve since taken a step back and am more on the “It’s just a movie” bandwagon, but I criticize other movies and media when they get things wrong so I’m not going to not criticize this one just because some people are going “It’s just a movie, Jesus, you only care because you have DID and it hurt your feels to be the bad guy”. Cause I think that’s shitty of them and I think that’s really misrepresenting my problems with this film from the beginning.

~ Vape