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Say Anything (Asa x Reader) [requested]

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Summary: You are diagnosed with cancer and you try to hide it from him because you don’t want him to worry, but he finds out eventually.



You tapped your foot impatiently as you waited for the cab to arrive.


“I could drive you, you know,” Asa said from the couch as you leaned against the front door.


You shook your head. “I already called the cab, it’s fine.”


“This is the second time this week that you’re going to Danielle’s place,” he said, trailing off. “I didn’t think that you guys were that close.”

You shrugged. “We thought it might be better seeing as though with the baby, she can’t do everything on her own.”


“She has a nanny for that,” Asa quickly snapped back.


“I just thought I could help out,” you said, quickly looking through your purse. Your phone buzzed, and you knew that it was your cab. “I’ll see you later Ace!”


As you walked out of the flat, you quickly ran down the flights of stairs towards the main floor. You waved at the security guard as you exited, quickly getting into the cab.

“London General Hospital, please,” you told the driver as you strapped yourself in.

The apartment building was soon out of sight, but Asa wasn’t out of mind. You felt bad about not telling him about everything that was going on, but you couldn’t even handle it. You had gone for a routine blood test not too long ago, and the results came back saying that you had ovarian cancer. It wasn’t something that your family had in their blood, so for you to have it was a major blow. You hadn’t told anyone, hoping to keep it under the radar. Though, it was getting tougher and tougher with appointments with doctors coming every week. You used your friend, Danielle, as a cover up for your appointments as you started visiting her more frequently after she gave birth to her baby boy only a few months ago.


Arriving at the hospital, you quickly found your way into the outpatient wing and to your doctor. You were grateful that you’d caught this early, or it may have been a lot worse before you even knew you had it.


After the meeting and a few scans, you called another cab to bring you back to the apartment. It was around 8 in the evening when you got home. You hadn’t realised that you’d been at the hospital for over 3 hours.


“Ace? Are you home?” you called into the flat as you opened the door.


There was no response. His shoes were still by the door, so you could see that he was home.

“Asa?” you called out again. “Have you eaten dinner? It’s late.”

“Where have you been?” Asa asked, coming out of the bedroom.


“I was at Danielle’s,” you said, dropping your bag on the couch before walking into the kitchen.

“Well, I went to Danielle’s today. I thought I’d join you, I hadn’t seen Mason in a while.”


You froze; he’d gone to Danielle’s. You didn’t know what to do.


“Asa, I-“


“Who is it?” he cut in, glaring at you.


“Asa,” you said. “I’m… I’m not cheating on you.”


He scoffed.


“Stop lying y/n, I’ve caught you. Give it up! I just want the truth!” he said, angrily.


“I am telling you the truth Asa!” you said, your own frustration boiling inside of you.


“Why do I find it so hard to believe you?” he asked.


“I don’t know Asa,” you said, sadly. “I don’t know.”


“It is Jake?” he asked.


Jake? Your ex? You hadn’t seen him since you were fifteen. “No. I haven’t been seeing Jake. Do you not trust me Asa?”


He glared at you. “I went to Danielle’s and you weren’t there; she said she hadn’t seen you for months. You’ve lied to me for weeks! I think trust isn’t something we should be talking about right now.”


You glared back at him. “I have been loyal to you since we got together!” you exclaimed. “I’m not cheating on you!”


“Then where are you going?” he demanded.


“To the damn hospital!” you shouted, angrily. An eerie silence followed.


“Why are you going to the hospital y/n?” Everything about him shifted. As if, he’d forgotten who he was a moment ago.

“It’s none of your business,” you said, glaring at him.


“You’re my girlfriend,” he said, coming up to you. “It is my business.”

You could feel tears prick at your eyes, and you blinked fast to stop them.


“They diagnosed me with ovarian cancer,” you said, not daring to look up at him. “Just under a month ago. I’ve been going to appointments to make sure it hasn’t spread, and to figure out what options I have to deal with it.”

“I’m so sorry y/n, I’ve been a total knob since you walked in the damn door,” he said, pulling you into his chest. That’s when you couldn’t hold your tears any longer, and they began to fall. “Why didn’t you tell me?”


“I didn’t want you to worry,” you sobbed into his shirt.


“I’m always going to worry about you y/n, that’s what boyfriends do best,” he said, trying to lighten up the mood. You chuckled through your tears.


“We’re going to beat this, okay?” he said, his chin resting on your head. “I know we will.”


Hey there! How are you? I’m glad that you’ve read this imagine! Tell me what you think! I hope you enjoyed! Stay peculiar! <3

And if I’m not there and I’m far away
I said, don’t be afraid
I said, don’t be afraid
We’re going home

So the hearse ran out of gas, a passenger person grabbed a map
And the driver inside it contrived a new route to save the path
He checked his watch and grabbed a cab, a beautifully plain taxi cab
A cab, had a cleared out back and two men started to unpack

// Twenty One Pilots - Taxi Cab //

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  A Wet Night at Piccadilly Circus, 1910, oil on canvas by Arthur Hacker, British, 1858-1919.  Royal Academy of Arts, London, England.