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See the cast of Hamilton show their support to the LGBT community this pride month!

It’s no secret that the cast of Hamilton have been allies to the LGBT community for a long time, their acts of support and unity range from founder Lin Manuel Miranda’s ‘Love Is’ speech in remembrance of the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting to the tour cast taking part in the upcoming San Fran pride parade.

Also never to be overlooked is the presence of those of the cast who are openly members of the LGBT community, who use their platform to inform and educate about the struggles that the community face, in particular it’s POC members who face discrimination even from other members of the LGBT community and are often made to feel particularly unsafe due to the denial of basic human rights. This is shocking as most of the progress we as a community have made was thanks to the suffrage and hard work of POC.

If you do one thing today, regardless of your race, regardless of your sexuality or whether or not you’re a Hamilton fan, you should strive to use your voice and position to fight for the rights of those who are denied them, yet deserve them as much as any of us.


These secret wartime tunnels were hidden beneath London for 100 years. Here’s what’s inside.

  • For an entire century, a network of secret tunnels hid below the streets of London.
  • These private passages were busy shuffling the city’s parcels around for more than 75 years, but no one from the public ever had a chance to sneak a peek inside — until now.
  • For the first time since construction began in 1914, London’s underground Mail Rail tunnels will be open to visitors as part of an exhibition with the Postal Museum. The display kicks off July 28. Read more. (6/22/17, 12:02 PM)

Just like Wall Street, only richer.

This satirical map illustrated an article published on March 4, 2012 in the New York Times Magazine which argues that London had “surpassed” Wall Street as a center of global finance, primarily because of excessive American financial regulation. New York is shown beset by the “Thicket of Tough Rules” and “Litigious Hordes,” as “Clouds of Paperwork” threaten. London sits in a “Sea of Simple Systems” and the “Bay of Better Banking,” under the “Friendly Financial Skies” of Europe.


Ben Forster and Celinde Schoenmaker performing at West End Live 2017

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Master Class has been on my to-watch list for forever. Now I've finally watched it, what a treat! ALL the voices! The George Lucus story 😂 knowing exactly what he is good at and how to do it, intelligent, a theatre nerd, and a funny dork. I'm developing a crush. I totally see how he and Captain Anderson would get along. Whoever and whatever cosmic forces brought them together, bravo. Also, now I don't think my soul can rest unless they do something creative together.

Our Captain definitely knows how to tell a good story. We are also smitten with his humility and honesty. Maybe one day we’ll know how the captains met and embarked on the ship. We only wish them the best and hopefully make their mark as one of the most well-known and respect couples in the London arts and theater circles. Who wouldn’t want to gelato with them?