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Medieval Gold Henry VII Signet Glove Ring, 15th Century

A substantial gold ring dating from the period of Henry VII and the Wars of the Roses, the tapered band with channeled edges engraved with flower and foliage design, a line of three rose blooms at the shoulders, the circular bezel with incuse and retrograde design of a standing heraldic dragon passant sinister with wings addorsed and mouth open, palm branches above and behind, ’S’ before and a star below, with Latin retrograde Black Letter ’[n]c[e]’ inscription for ‘Believe and Conquer’ and the letter ’S’ possibly relating to the name of the owner.

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The Wine Show Series 2 Episode 2 Preview - On Channel 5 Friday January 19, 7pm

In the second show in the new series of The Wine Show, Matthew Goode and James Purefoy are in search of a wine to match the starter in their epic six-course lunch. They get an early morning call in the Ardeche before heading up the river in a kayak and caving their way to a very unusual wine cellar. 

 Back at the villa, Jancis Robinson chooses her favourite wine of the two they bring back. Meanwhile, Joe Fattorini has been in Argentina to find out about a very successful immigrant and heads to Japan with top London brewer Jaega Wise to find out about sake. 

 Back in London, Matthew Rhys is at Berry Brothers & Rudd in London’s St James’s looking at historic and modern gadgets.