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  • Chen Peng, created his namesake brand in London in 2015. Peng is graduated from London College of Fashion majored in MA Menswear Fashion Design Technology, his works is defined as the One-sized Fashion, speaking for a minority with special body sizes. In Peng’s design aesthetics, there is no boundaries between beauty and ugliness, but to highlight personal styles.
  • Peng’s graduation works have been selected to present in London Collections Men AW16 from LCF (London College of Fashion) Press Show. His collection is designed to empower the fat people in the conventional sense to pursue beauty. Peng created clothes which are suitable for both fat and skinny people by comparing body shapes among different people. This concept is similar to the standard size (one size), which is also applied on the target customers of Peng’s collection, he called it One-sized fashion. If Social Equality is an ideal state that is still far from us, then One-sized Fashion may implement the concept of Equality in advance.

Hahnemuehle and Photokina 2016

It’s been an exciting month and lost track of my photography. A little bit of news to share, I’m now working even more closely with the legendary paper manufacturer Hahnemuehle. 

The top photograph will be on display at Photokina in Germany this year, and amazingly, the second photograph is now going to be on their branding for a new product they are launching.

As a sort of brand ambassador, I am thrilled and honoured to be able to provide these images to a company I have used for printing since I started photograhing. A big thanks to the team.

Photography by Frederick Ardley Photography

lunchbreak yoga for beginners 

Make the most of your lunchbreak and get some movement in! This straightforward sequence is perfect for any level, and just what your stiff limbs need after a morning of work.

We’re celebrating our brand new protein snacks - now in shops nationwide - with some exclusive free yoga sessions. Stay tuned to find out more!

GIF: Evolution of the London Underground Roundel (1908-2016)

Surprisingly, I haven’t seen anything like this on the Internet before, so I went and made my own. It’s been compiled from various sources (both official and unofficial), so the quality is a little variable, but it’s still fun to look at! 

I’ve made the dimensions of the circle/ring consistent across all the different versions, so the height and width of the crossbar shrinks and grows over the years. The graphic is by no means exhaustive, but I think I’ve covered all the major revisions over the years. Let me know if I’ve missed a big one!

Of particular interest is the subtle tweaking of the negative space in more recent times (from the 1970s onwards), and the sheer number of roundels in use today.