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Better This Way (Final Chapter)

This is our last chapter guys! So sad to have the story come to an end but I hope you like the Happily Ever After our boys get!
Can’t wait to hear what you guys think!


Enjoy :)

“I didn’t expect to hear from you.” Harry reached across the table and squeezed Peter’s hand gently. “When you didn’t call me back…”

“I’m sorry.” Peter chewed at his bottom lip. “I probably should have called you but I wanted to have this conversation in person. For old times sake and all that.”

“Of course.” Harry took a sip of his coffee. “It’s a good look on you by the way.” He motioned to Peter’s neck, to the bonding mark prominently on display above the collar of his shirt. “Being mated.”

“Thanks.” Peter blushed and looked down. It had been almost a month but he still got a little flustered whenever anyone congratulated him on his new bond. The mark was still the bright red of a recent mating, and even though it would eventually turn to silver, right now everyone who passed him knew he was newly bonded. “I’m um–Harry I–”

“Hey.” Harry squeezed his hand again. “I knew when you didn’t call me back that everything had worked out with your Alpha.”


“Yeah, Pete. I watched the news–” Harry lowered his voice so no one would overhear. “I saw what you did, to save those people. It was incredible. And I saw the way your Alpha came running to pick you up and carry you away. When I called, I knew you would only call me back if things didn’t work out between you two. And obviously they did.”

Harry sat back with a grin. “I’m happy for you Pete.”

“But I thought you wanted–” Peter sighed. “I shouldn’t even bring this up, but your voicemail, you said–”

“You know what, honey?” The Alpha sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “I meant everything I said, of course I did. But you and I– how long have we known each other?”

“Since we were six.” Peter answered promptly. “First grade.”

“Right.” Harry smiled fondly. “And we were sophomores when we presented and started sharing heats together right? We were basically a couple up until after graduation. But we never actually were. We were always just friends who shared heats to make that sort of thing easier on each other. Which was fine. It was always nice, right?”

“And Pete, things were always good between us, but never once in all those years did we ever imprint on each other. Not once. And that tells me that we aren’t meant to be together.”

“You on the other hand–” Harry cleared his throat. “–imprinted so strongly on your Alpha that even a month after sharing a heat and him leaving you were still unable to say Alpha without getting sick. And I can’t argue with that sort of thing.”

“I’m sorry.” Peter whispered and Harry shook his head.

“I’m not. I’m not. What you have with this Alpha is something you and I wouldn’t ever have. Something that seems wild and dangerous and even though I know–” he softened his voice again. “–about the Spider-Man thing, your Alpha lives it. Understands it and understands that part of you in a way I could never hope to. You and I would be fine together and things would be nice and easy but… who wants nice when there’s something more exciting out there for both of us?”

Tears welled in Peter’s eyes and slipped down his cheek and Harry reached out to brush them away, to cup his jaw.

“I love you, Pete.” Harry got out of his seat and knelt by Peter’s side, laying the barest kiss on his lips. “But you are where you’re supposed to be, with the Alpha who’s meant for you. To be honest, your scent has changed so much after bonding that I hardly recognize it anymore. You smell like you’re his. And that’s perfect.”

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You are My Heaven Pt 2 [End] (Steve Rogers fic)

Characters: reader, Steve, Sam, Natasha (mentioned), Maria Hill

Summary: Falling for a good man, who happened to be her training partner, was unavoidable. What if you can’t stay away, even after heartbreak? Is it possible to be friends with some one you’ve fallen for? Life rarely unfolds the way we hope it would. (Events take place after CATWS)

Warnings: lil fluff, lotta angst. Heartbreak. I’m sorry.

Word Count: 2.8k

Song Inspiration: Litost by X Ambassadors

Tags are at the bottom

A/N: This one hurt. Once again, I drew from my own personal experiences, so it took a lot out of me to write. I hope you enjoy it? I’m considering an epilogue, so let me know if that is of interest! Please let me know your thoughts! Special thanks to @buckyywiththegoodhair for helping edit. Bless you!  

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The next morning after a maximum of 3 hours sleep, you dabbed on some concealer to hide bags under your eyes and got dressed. Hopefully you could blame your ‘illness’ on not looking your best. Once you arrived, it seemed you didn’t have to worry. Apparently Nat was a little too good at telling the story that you’d been sick. When you walked into work, everyone was shocked that you were “up and around” so soon. It was like you had the plague or something.

Assuring everyone you were fine, the office was back to business as usual. However, partway through your first day back, a mission report update arrived from Steve. Upon seeing the email, your breath quickened with a twist of your still-tender heart. You sought refuge in the bathroom until the pain in your chest subsided and tears dried. 

The rest of your week passed without incident, the only unusual being your lack of visiting the gym. Even without Steve there, too many memories lingered. You kept yourself distracted by catching up on work and spending time with the other Avengers. That weekend, you actually made an effort to go out with friends and socialize. The pain in your chest still lingered, but less sharply than before.

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Scrublords Battle Construction Vehicles quotes to use in your everyday life

-I use my Cadbury milk chocolate super!
-It’s pronounced “River Thames”, you cunts!
-Beat him with your Japanese bushido vehicle!
-Sakura blossoms in Liverpool? Why I never!
-All the British wars were fought with construction vehicles
-50 herz, just the way God intended
-The British shurabe faction
-The London Shinsengumi branch
-Excuse me, Nobunaga, we ran out of petticoats for you
-Come down to the Sussex dojo. We’ll train your construction vehicle
-Takeshi, you murdered that British Yakuza master! Would you like some tea and crumpets?
-Go commit British sudoku!
-My British childhood friend
-Oh no, my backhoe’s buried! Doushio?!
-Oh no, it’s a thousand ghost chavs!

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I'm so sinful, but could I get some kink headcanons for the reapers, please?

Welcome to the darkside. It happens to be the best one.

Othello (London Branch), Ludger (German Branch), Sascha (German Branch), Allen Humphries (Musical), Eric Slingby (Musical) and Undertaker are excluded. He’s technically an ex-shinigami but that’s still his race? ANYWHO, if you wanted any of these could I whip something up for any except for the ones in musical because I have only seen the song numbers. Sorry for being so nit picky ^^; !

Kink Headcanons

Ronald Knox

  • For someone who enjoys partying it comes to no surprise that he absolutely loves looking at the way his s/o’s body moves. His imagination tends to run wild.
  • If there’s celebrating and you join the dance floor his eyes never lose sight of you.
  • Dancing alone? Fear not Ronald is here! He’ll definitely keep you all to himself and make you’re as close as possible to him.
  • To the point that you can probably feel the erection he’s sporting from being so close and watching you.
  • In that case he won’t back away. He’ll stay close and make you are absolutely aware of the situation in his trousers and make sure you are as hot as he is.

William T. Spears

  • He absolutely doesn’t mind being watched when rubbing one off especially if the one watching is one of his subordinates. He’ll just come even harder in the long run.
  • There are consequences to face.
  • He’ll calmly invite them into his room or office, if that’s where he was at the moment, and threaten their life. That’s right overtime. Honestly, no one in the branch wants that kind of work especially since they seem perpetually understaffed.
  • He will stare you down like a hawk if you show any signs of disagreement. A secret between the two of you. Who’s going to believe your story about William anyway?

Grell Sutcliff

  • Red… Obviously!
  • Red lipstick, underwear, blood, etc. Their s/o or potential s/o covered in blood splatters would be such a heavenly sight that Grell can’t help the goosebumps that form all over her body.
  • She’d be more than happy to kiss the bloody mess of her s/o’s lips away and proceed to kiss other places that are clean just because. Grell is just a passionate lover. 

I’m rusty and I cry. 


On this day in music history: October 22, 1988 - “A Groovy Kind Of Love” by Phil Collins hits #1 on the Billboard 100 for 2 weeks. Written by Carole Bayer Sager and Toni Wine, it is the fifth solo chart topper for the singer, songwriter and musician from Chiswick, Hounslow, UK. Written by songwriters Toni Wine (The Archies, Dawn) and Carole Bayer Sager (“Don’t Cry Out Loud”, “It’s The Falling In Love”, “That’s What Friends Are For”, “On My Own”) in late 1965 while both are working as staff songwriters at Screen Gems Publishing. The two teen age songwriters, only seventeen and eighteen years old at the time, compose the song in just twenty minutes. Jack McGraw, the head of Screen Gems’ London branch hears the song and pitches to The Mindbenders (“The Game Of Love”), who like it immediately and agree to record it. Their version goes straight to number one on the UK singles chart and number two on the Hot 100 in the US in May of 1966. In 1987, when Phil Collins signs on to play infamous “Great Train Robber” Buster Edwards in the biopic “Buster”, he is initially reluctant to perform on any songs for the film’s soundtrack, wanting the attention to be focused on his acting. He changes his mind when his friend, musician Stephen Bishop (“On And On”, “It Might Be You”) records a rough version of “A Groovy Kind Of Love” for the film, with the intent of having Collins produce the final version. Collins likes Bishop’s treatment of the song so much, that he ends up recording it himself, co-producing it with “Buster” score composer Anne Dudley (of The Art Of Noise). Released as a single in August of 1988 just ahead of the films’ September release, it is an immediate hit. Entering the Hot 100 at #52 on September 3, 1988, it climbs to the top of the chart seven weeks later. “A Groovy Kind Of Love” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

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Hey, I am from Moray, Angus Robertson's constituency, and for us, my home place, he hasn't been focussed upon our home recently. The Brexit results for moray had a difference of 122 votes, Robertson then continued to slag all the leave voters off even though his constituency had one of the closest results, considering just under half of the voters, voted to leave. Not meaning to disregard any of your opinions at all, only wanting a discussion and giving possible reasons why this occurred!

Hiya there

I know people have their own personal and varied legitimate reasons for voting or against a particular candidate. Whilst I used what happened in Moray as a specific example, my main point and quarrel is that the snp/green or any independence supporting candidates are always at a disadvantage because of how biased the entire media is towards unionism. I could go on forever about this particular point and provide you with more factual examples of this but that is not what you asked me so I will not force my opinion onto you. If you do care to learn more about this I’d highly recommend watching this political documentary if you’d like. It’ll help you understand my position on the matter, after winning the 56, I knew the only way was down a bit for the SNP, but this video will show why I find what happened in your home place so troubling.

But to get back to the point you make about Moray being a close EU vote and Angus’s mocking of those who voted Leave. I myself don’t recall seeing or reading of any slagging from Angus Robertson aimed directly at his constituents in particular. If he did make some derogatory comments slandering the Leave campaigners, and did not make the distinction he was not talking about voters, then that was obviously an ill judged thing of him to do. I personally, thought that the Leave campaign was an utter mess, full of horrible racist rhetoric. I’m also fairly sure that Leave only scraped their win by waving the Union Jack, blaming EU migrants for all the problems caused by Tory austerity and of course the promise of 350 mill a week for the NHS, which evaporated the morning of the results. 

None the less, I do know there were also a good amount of sensible people that were repulsed by Nigel Farage and all the things he was doing and saying yet they had their own good reasons for choosing to vote leave. So I guess you could be right in what you are saying, that the people of Moray felt that they were being mocked by Angus, decided on retribution by voting him out of his seat for a Tory. It’s kind of like the massive mistake that Hillary Clinton made, I’m sure she meant the racist and sexist among Trumps supporters specifically when called the opposition ‘deplorables’ but the entire Republican electorate took offense, and it was a big dent to her appeal to voters.

Of course both situations are entirely different. I don’t know how you are politically persuaded. Whether you yourself voted Leave or not. Whether you voted Tory on this occasion or have voted Tory for a long time. What’s done is done, I’m not going to jump too much to Angus’s defense to a person that might dislike him. I believe in independence and I am and SNP supporter, but I am not a blind allegiant. I am working on a very long text post in my drafts right now pointing out instances where I think the SNP goes wrong with regards to public relations, again it is hard to get an appealing message across when the entire media forces are aligned against you, but there is definitely room for improvement on their part, I don’t mind saying that. 

You said you think Angus didn’t focus on his constituency of Moray enough, and again not to roll out an unconditional pardon for him but between David Cameron calling the EU referendum that Angus was duty bound to campaign in, and Theresa May calling the snap general election, none of the SNP candidates have probably been able to spend as much time as they would have liked on their own turf having surgeries with their constituents to talk about matters of concern people in the community have. That and of course Westminster is cutting the Scotland budget that the SNP has to distribute over Scotland every year, making it harder for councils to easily secure budgets for community improvement projects ect.

I don’t think for one second that if there hadn’t been that lie about the NHS money apparently being stolen away to Brussels, Leave’s percentage of 38 in Scotland would have been a lot lower. But there is obviously some lingering appeal to Brexit given the unionist gains in the election. Even though both the Tories and Scottish Labour were both hugely pro EU and single market up until a few weeks after the result.

And this is where I don’t understand unionists, I understand them even less after the EU vote. ScotLab and especially the Tories have went back on everything they ever said about the EU prior to the vote. About it causing an economic crash and their abandonment of staying in the single market. Even if I was Leave inclined, that certainly wouldn’t tempt me to vote for them, even the side that was in favor made no preparations for a win and Westminster still don’t have much of a clue on how to proceed almost a year later. 

And I’m sorry, but to vote out an SNP member on the grounds of lack of respect and appreciation in exchange for a Tory is madness to me. The Conservatives are not a party of the people. You’ll probably see less of your new candidate Douglas Ross than you did Angus as he has previously blown off parliament to referee football games. That doesn’t sound one bit like a committed and caring public servant to me.

This post is getting rather long so before I bore you to death, I’ll begin to wrap up with these points. I know the EU is not perfect, but really it’s a very democratic system designed to encourage peace, cooperation and enterprise between it’s members who all get a vote on matters within it and I, in a nutshell don’t see anything wrong with that however, I know that the whole IN/OUT issue is a thorn in a lot of people’s sides. I say this as someone who is pro EU and for all the benefits of membership. As an independent country, if years down the line it no longer became practical or desirable for Scotland to remain in the EU, because we’d have full parliamentary powers, we’d be able to have our own IN/OUT referendum at a time of our own choosing and with a proper debate minus the bus side bullshit. 

And in an independent Scotland, you will always get the government you vote for. If a party came along that I thought had better MP’s and polices than the SNP, my vote would be up for grabs. If Scottish Labour stopped behaving like a London branch office and went back to it’s working class roots it would do well in an independent Scotland I think. Now, Labour’s real gains have caused a hung parliament for the Tories because of England’s votes. If Scotland were independent already the Tories in Moray and elsewhere wouldn’t have Theresa May’s unpopularity effecting their electorate here. In short everyone would be able to be more fairly represented and be more fair representation if Scotland had full control of it’s own government. And if we didn’t like what an elected party was doing, we could vote them out. Simple.

I hope that I answered your question and explained my own point of view sufficiently. I do have a fair knowledge of politics but for the better information about politics here @ayeforscotland and @oh-glasgow are both great sources.

However if you do have questions please feel free to drop me an ask or even message me directly if you’d feel more comfortable, I swear on our flag that I will respect your privacy and keep your username confidential .Thanks again for contacting me and being nice about it, all the best.


Imelda May - “Train Kept A-Rollin’” live on Sunday Sessions, BBC London.

REQUEST 6 ~ dad

A/n: I made as if Dan knew you from college.

“CHARLIE SLOW DOWN!” You yelled out to your 7 year old son as he went racing towards orcs nest. You decided to take him there after he mentioned he loved watching anime and you wanted to take him there to see what they had to offer. “Mum hurry up!” He shouted back. Once you finally caught up to him you walked inside the shop. Immediately you were taking back but how nerdy it was but you loved it. “Mum look over here!” You turned to see Charlie rushing off to a section of the store but also about to run into a tall man in a black coat. Charlie bumped into the man and fell back you jogged over to see if both of them were ok when you heard the man speak. “Hey dude are you ok?” You recognised the voice almost immediately. It was Dan howell, the same guy who was at your college. “Yeah I’m fine. I’m quite clumsy sorry.” “That’s ok mate so am I to be honest. Are here with anyone?” “Yeah my mum.” You walked up to them and Dan turned to see you. “Oh my god y/n how are you?” He pulled you into a hug. “Hey Dan I’m good thanks. Sorry about Charlie here.” Dan started smiling. “It’s fine. What you doing here in London?” “Um I moved down here last year.” “Oh amazing. Do you guys want to get some lunch and catch up?” “Sure we would love to.” You three headed to Starbucks and then went to the park. Charlie ran off to play in the playground while you and Dan sat on a bench chatting. “So Charlie’s your son?” Dan asked. “Yeah he is.” “ I hope you don’t mind me asking but why did you move to London?” You looked down at your feet. “You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.” Dan comforted you. “It’s ok. Well after I had Charlie his dad didn’t want anything to do with him. So I had to take care of him on his own. He doesn’t know who his dad even is. I worked for a few years in Manchester until I got transferred to a branch in London and so I felt it would be best to take it so i did.” “ oh I’m sorry about his dad. But I’m glad your happier now though.”

-few months later-

“Hey Dan do you want to watch death note?” Charlie asked Dan who was sitting on your sofa. “Sure kiddo put it on.” You and Dan had been hanging out a lot over the last few months and last month had asked you to be his girlfriend. Of course you said yes as you saw how well Dan had been getting on with Charlie. “What are we watching boys?” You asked sitting down next to Dan. “Your favourite anime mum” “oooo death note!” Dan put his arm around your shoulders and you nestled into his side getting comfortable. After 5 episodes of the show you noticed Charlie had fallen asleep on your lap. “You tired there Charlie?” Dan asked. Charlie groaned. “Come here mate.” Dan got up and picked him up and brought him to his room. You walked behind them and peaked into the room. You saw Dan laying Charlie down in his bed and tucking him in. “Thank you Dan. I want you to be my dad. I’m going to call you dad.” Dan beamed down at Charlie. “That’s ok Charlie. I love you like a son. I would be proud to be called your dad.” Charlie had fallen asleep. You walked into the room with tears of happiness in your eyes and you wrapped you arm around Dan’s waist from behind. “You are honestly amazing Dan. Most guys would have freaked out if their girlfriends son called them dad.” You whispered. He turned around and pulled you closer. “Well mainly because they are all arses. But I love both of you so much and I would be happy and honoured to be his dad and maybe even your husband.” You pulled him into a loving kiss and both of you headed to bed. Thank god for orcs nest or else you would have never caught up with Dan again.

Earl of Winchester - Dean x Reader

A/N: Part one! I already have everything kind of mapped out in my head, but I’m not quite sure how many parts it will end up being as of now. Anyways, this is kind of a different idea- or so I hope. I posted a drabble with this idea a few months back, but waited to release the full part one until after LHYHM finished. Hope you enjoy! Feedback, as always, is welcomed. :)

Real basic Idea: Dean is sent into London during the late Victorian Era to be hidden from the angels. Sam is sent to a different time period. As the stay becomes prolonged, Dean decides to assist the older Men Of Letters. He takes on a plea to handle a vengeful spirit in the home of a Marquess. Where he stumbles upon the reader.

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Warnings: Eventual Smut. Time Travel.The usual editing tag: probably not enough. I believe that’s all!

Word Count: Roughly 2800

“I dare say,” A feminine voice caused Dean to turn his green eyes upwards to collide with E/C orbs that were looking down at him from the tree, “you’re rather bold to be waltzing up to this estate unattended.”

“And why is that?” He drawled out lazily, as people of the time period seemed to do anytime they opened their mouths. A constant bored tone filling the air.

“Haven’t you heard?” The prim and proper notes held a pinch of mocking in their depths. “Why, we’re nothing but savages here.”

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That one grim reaper

You know that one new grim reaper from Germany who we last saw with Grell? I think you can see him to the far left of the last page of Chapter 133 in your post…

Aby replies: Othello is apparently from the London branch, not Germany. And he’s not shown on the last page of ch133 itself; it’s like an ad page being shown after the chapter ends.

Mother Dearest

A case turns into a family reunion when Hotch is kidnapped

Chapter 1:


Garcia and Morgan arrived into the bullpen the day after arriving back from London. They’d only just come back from visiting Emily since she’d moved there to head the London branch of Interpol.

JJ came up to ask about the trip and having answered how it was she added, “God, I miss her.”

“I don’t think anybody misses her as much as Aaron does though,” Garcia answered looking at Hotch’s office door.

“I always wondered what was going on between those two,” Morgan answered.

“They do seem to share a secret past.”

Meanwhile in his office he was looking at an old photo of them he usually kept hidden but since she’d left he’d placed it on his desk. He missed her so much and had lost contact with her.

“Why don’t you just call her?” his best friend asked.

“It’s not as simple as that,” he answered.

“What is it between you two? You’re as close as anything but you also keep your distance and act like you’re hiding something. What is it you two have always hidden?”

“It’s a long story,” he sighed.

He sat back in his chair and answered, “I’m listening.”

“You remember how I security detailed her mother’s stuff?” he started.

“I do,” he answered signalling for him to go on.

“Emily and I became close…” Dave raised an eyebrow so Aaron looked back at the picture. “We became involved. When the assignment was over I gave her my email address. A few months later we discovered she was pregnant with my baby…”

“You were going to have a child together?” he replied in shock.

“We were,” he answered sadly.

“What happened?”

“We were preparing for the birth even though she was at university. Sometime later her mother informed me she’d lost the baby and she never wanted to speak to or see me again. Like a fool I believed her so you can imagine my surprise when she joined the BAU. By then I was married to Haley and Jack was two years old.”

“Did you ever talk about it?”

“I never knew how to bring it up and when I did privately she shut down. She was always slightly off around Jack. Always seemed a little guilty.”

“What do you think happened to the child?”

“I honestly believe Emily miscarried,” he answered sadly. “Why would her mother lie about that even if she disapproved of our relationship?”

“What if she gave the child away?”

He looked at him horrified. “This is Emily we’re talking about. She’d never have given up our child. We were both looking forward to raising our baby.”

He nodded and left. He dearly hoped his best friend was right. It would kill him if there was a child out there with his DNA that he was completely unaware of. He was right Emily wouldn’t have given their child away.

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