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You are My Heaven Pt 2 [End] (Steve Rogers fic)

Characters: reader, Steve, Sam, Natasha (mentioned), Maria Hill

Summary: Falling for a good man, who happened to be her training partner, was unavoidable. What if you can’t stay away, even after heartbreak? Is it possible to be friends with some one you’ve fallen for? Life rarely unfolds the way we hope it would. (Events take place after CATWS)

Warnings: lil fluff, lotta angst. Heartbreak. I’m sorry.

Word Count: 2.8k

Song Inspiration: Litost by X Ambassadors

Tags are at the bottom

A/N: This one hurt. Once again, I drew from my own personal experiences, so it took a lot out of me to write. I hope you enjoy it? I’m considering an epilogue, so let me know if that is of interest! Please let me know your thoughts! Special thanks to @buckyywiththegoodhair for helping edit. Bless you!  

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The next morning after a maximum of 3 hours sleep, you dabbed on some concealer to hide bags under your eyes and got dressed. Hopefully you could blame your ‘illness’ on not looking your best. Once you arrived, it seemed you didn’t have to worry. Apparently Nat was a little too good at telling the story that you’d been sick. When you walked into work, everyone was shocked that you were “up and around” so soon. It was like you had the plague or something.

Assuring everyone you were fine, the office was back to business as usual. However, partway through your first day back, a mission report update arrived from Steve. Upon seeing the email, your breath quickened with a twist of your still-tender heart. You sought refuge in the bathroom until the pain in your chest subsided and tears dried. 

The rest of your week passed without incident, the only unusual being your lack of visiting the gym. Even without Steve there, too many memories lingered. You kept yourself distracted by catching up on work and spending time with the other Avengers. That weekend, you actually made an effort to go out with friends and socialize. The pain in your chest still lingered, but less sharply than before.

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Scrublords Battle Construction Vehicles quotes to use in your everyday life

-I use my Cadbury milk chocolate super!
-It’s pronounced “River Thames”, you cunts!
-Beat him with your Japanese bushido vehicle!
-Sakura blossoms in Liverpool? Why I never!
-All the British wars were fought with construction vehicles
-50 herz, just the way God intended
-The British shurabe faction
-The London Shinsengumi branch
-Excuse me, Nobunaga, we ran out of petticoats for you
-Come down to the Sussex dojo. We’ll train your construction vehicle
-Takeshi, you murdered that British Yakuza master! Would you like some tea and crumpets?
-Go commit British sudoku!
-My British childhood friend
-Oh no, my backhoe’s buried! Doushio?!
-Oh no, it’s a thousand ghost chavs!

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I'm so sinful, but could I get some kink headcanons for the reapers, please?

Welcome to the darkside. It happens to be the best one.

Othello (London Branch), Ludger (German Branch), Sascha (German Branch), Allen Humphries (Musical), Eric Slingby (Musical) and Undertaker are excluded. He’s technically an ex-shinigami but that’s still his race? ANYWHO, if you wanted any of these could I whip something up for any except for the ones in musical because I have only seen the song numbers. Sorry for being so nit picky ^^; !

Kink Headcanons

Ronald Knox

  • For someone who enjoys partying it comes to no surprise that he absolutely loves looking at the way his s/o’s body moves. His imagination tends to run wild.
  • If there’s celebrating and you join the dance floor his eyes never lose sight of you.
  • Dancing alone? Fear not Ronald is here! He’ll definitely keep you all to himself and make you’re as close as possible to him.
  • To the point that you can probably feel the erection he’s sporting from being so close and watching you.
  • In that case he won’t back away. He’ll stay close and make you are absolutely aware of the situation in his trousers and make sure you are as hot as he is.

William T. Spears

  • He absolutely doesn’t mind being watched when rubbing one off especially if the one watching is one of his subordinates. He’ll just come even harder in the long run.
  • There are consequences to face.
  • He’ll calmly invite them into his room or office, if that’s where he was at the moment, and threaten their life. That’s right overtime. Honestly, no one in the branch wants that kind of work especially since they seem perpetually understaffed.
  • He will stare you down like a hawk if you show any signs of disagreement. A secret between the two of you. Who’s going to believe your story about William anyway?

Grell Sutcliff

  • Red… Obviously!
  • Red lipstick, underwear, blood, etc. Their s/o or potential s/o covered in blood splatters would be such a heavenly sight that Grell can’t help the goosebumps that form all over her body.
  • She’d be more than happy to kiss the bloody mess of her s/o’s lips away and proceed to kiss other places that are clean just because. Grell is just a passionate lover. 

I’m rusty and I cry. 

Something About Eve, A Comedy of Fig-Leaves. James Branch Cabell. London: John Lane, The Bodley Head Limited, (1927). First edition. Original dust jacket, art by John Austen.

Fantasy novel of an Southern gentleman’s out of body experience, meeting during his adventure, God, Nero, Solomon, Merlin, Odysseus, Eve, and others.

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lowkey upset that cole is going to London bc no sprousehart but then again I live in London so......

Dude, I’m high key upset here. After all that build up and week’s worth of anticipation, it feels akin to being left hanging after foreplay. Pardon my metaphor, but I’m in a bit of a mood. Lol!

My London branch of the Sprousehart fam, step up. We are looking up to you! Catch hold of that wayward lad and give him a good spanking for being naughty. 

REQUEST 6 ~ dad

A/n: I made as if Dan knew you from college.

“CHARLIE SLOW DOWN!” You yelled out to your 7 year old son as he went racing towards orcs nest. You decided to take him there after he mentioned he loved watching anime and you wanted to take him there to see what they had to offer. “Mum hurry up!” He shouted back. Once you finally caught up to him you walked inside the shop. Immediately you were taking back but how nerdy it was but you loved it. “Mum look over here!” You turned to see Charlie rushing off to a section of the store but also about to run into a tall man in a black coat. Charlie bumped into the man and fell back you jogged over to see if both of them were ok when you heard the man speak. “Hey dude are you ok?” You recognised the voice almost immediately. It was Dan howell, the same guy who was at your college. “Yeah I’m fine. I’m quite clumsy sorry.” “That’s ok mate so am I to be honest. Are here with anyone?” “Yeah my mum.” You walked up to them and Dan turned to see you. “Oh my god y/n how are you?” He pulled you into a hug. “Hey Dan I’m good thanks. Sorry about Charlie here.” Dan started smiling. “It’s fine. What you doing here in London?” “Um I moved down here last year.” “Oh amazing. Do you guys want to get some lunch and catch up?” “Sure we would love to.” You three headed to Starbucks and then went to the park. Charlie ran off to play in the playground while you and Dan sat on a bench chatting. “So Charlie’s your son?” Dan asked. “Yeah he is.” “ I hope you don’t mind me asking but why did you move to London?” You looked down at your feet. “You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.” Dan comforted you. “It’s ok. Well after I had Charlie his dad didn’t want anything to do with him. So I had to take care of him on his own. He doesn’t know who his dad even is. I worked for a few years in Manchester until I got transferred to a branch in London and so I felt it would be best to take it so i did.” “ oh I’m sorry about his dad. But I’m glad your happier now though.”

-few months later-

“Hey Dan do you want to watch death note?” Charlie asked Dan who was sitting on your sofa. “Sure kiddo put it on.” You and Dan had been hanging out a lot over the last few months and last month had asked you to be his girlfriend. Of course you said yes as you saw how well Dan had been getting on with Charlie. “What are we watching boys?” You asked sitting down next to Dan. “Your favourite anime mum” “oooo death note!” Dan put his arm around your shoulders and you nestled into his side getting comfortable. After 5 episodes of the show you noticed Charlie had fallen asleep on your lap. “You tired there Charlie?” Dan asked. Charlie groaned. “Come here mate.” Dan got up and picked him up and brought him to his room. You walked behind them and peaked into the room. You saw Dan laying Charlie down in his bed and tucking him in. “Thank you Dan. I want you to be my dad. I’m going to call you dad.” Dan beamed down at Charlie. “That’s ok Charlie. I love you like a son. I would be proud to be called your dad.” Charlie had fallen asleep. You walked into the room with tears of happiness in your eyes and you wrapped you arm around Dan’s waist from behind. “You are honestly amazing Dan. Most guys would have freaked out if their girlfriends son called them dad.” You whispered. He turned around and pulled you closer. “Well mainly because they are all arses. But I love both of you so much and I would be happy and honoured to be his dad and maybe even your husband.” You pulled him into a loving kiss and both of you headed to bed. Thank god for orcs nest or else you would have never caught up with Dan again.


Imelda May - “Train Kept A-Rollin’” live on Sunday Sessions, BBC London.


Crouch End North London 13th October 2013 by loose_grip_99
Via Flickr:
British Railways Standard 4-6-2 70013 Oliver Cromwell running on the Gospel Oak to Barking line prepares to enter the short tunnel under the abandoned ex-Great Northern Edgware, Highgate & London Railway branch (now known as the Parkland Walk) from Seven Sisters Road (now Finsbury Park) just to the east of here. We were ex-Southall shed destination Barnetby via Harringay & the East Coast main line. The junction for the single line spur up to Harringay can just be seen under the bridge in the distance. This was an engine and support coach positioning run for 70013 to be ready for the next day’s Cheshireman railtour from Cleethorpes to Chester.


Technicolor London is getting a new title! Why do you ask? For legal reasons lol.

The company Technicolor had their lawyer contact me with a valid Copyright  Infringement. My comic’s name was conflicting with Technicolor’s London branch because my comic is the top search.

I never in a million years thought something like that could happen lol! It’s kinda crazy so see how far its gone thanks to all your support these years though!

Eitherway, they were nice enough to give me time to sort this out, and figure out how to re-brand my comic without using the word Technicolor. It’s been a crazy few days but I’m pleased with this new direction. The old title will always have a special place in my heart. I came up with it back in 2009, and started posting it online in 2010. And it’s better it happened sooner rather than later when a Kickstarter is in the works next year.

So on to the new title and what it means. Hazy London.

After trying to find words that stick to rainbows and colors while still trying to capture something as catchy as the old title. It was hard XD. Nothing worked that well and after a bit of brainstorming, I thought maybe it was time to look back at whats done and whats gonna happen in the future of this comic. Instead of being tied down to the rainbow motif, why not try to find something in the middle. And in the end, Hazy had the right look and feeling. It’s along the lines of where I want this this comic to go tone wise gradually.

It’s gonna take time to get used to it, learning to hashtag this comic as such, saying the name over and over. Not just for you guys, but for me. And surprisingly, i’m not too devastated. Just a bit sad but somber. But also tired cause I had to draw new banners and ads these past few days lol! It could have been worse but a title change isn’t so bad. It’s still the same comic, and it’s still continuing with no issues!

So life lesson 1  if you guys ever start comics, try googling your title and see what comes up. So you too can avoid any legal infringement! I didn’t have the luxury back in the day cause of dial up internet and simply not knowing they existed in highschool and never looking into further XDD!

I hope you all have a great day! I’ll see you guys with new pages starting on the 22nd. <3


Earl of Winchester - Dean x Reader

A/N: Part one! I already have everything kind of mapped out in my head, but I’m not quite sure how many parts it will end up being as of now. Anyways, this is kind of a different idea- or so I hope. I posted a drabble with this idea a few months back, but waited to release the full part one until after LHYHM finished. Hope you enjoy! Feedback, as always, is welcomed. :)

Real basic Idea: Dean is sent into London during the late Victorian Era to be hidden from the angels. Sam is sent to a different time period. As the stay becomes prolonged, Dean decides to assist the older Men Of Letters. He takes on a plea to handle a vengeful spirit in the home of a Marquess. Where he stumbles upon the reader.

@kazchester-fanfiction @unefemmedelettres @16wiishes @faegal04 @harshamenghani @crowleyshellhoundproductions @theskytraveler @avasmommy224 @zanthiasplace (A few of these are just people who showed interest. If you don’t want tagged, let me know and I will remove you from the list!)

Warnings: Eventual Smut. Time Travel.The usual editing tag: probably not enough. I believe that’s all!

Word Count: Roughly 2800

“I dare say,” A feminine voice caused Dean to turn his green eyes upwards to collide with E/C orbs that were looking down at him from the tree, “you’re rather bold to be waltzing up to this estate unattended.”

“And why is that?” He drawled out lazily, as people of the time period seemed to do anytime they opened their mouths. A constant bored tone filling the air.

“Haven’t you heard?” The prim and proper notes held a pinch of mocking in their depths. “Why, we’re nothing but savages here.”

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Dear Dave
When I asked you if you wanted me to say anything here tonight
You said ‘Only three words, one of them testicular’
So I’ll pass that on
Here I am at surely the most eclectic of all the London branches of Bowie Anonymous
All the nicest possible freaks are here
We’re in the Victoria and Albert Museum preparing to rifle through your drawers
It’s truly an amazing thing
This was my favourite playground as a child
Medieval armour : my fantasy space wear
And, alongside, when I was 12 – and a square sort of kid in a Round Pond sort of childhood, not far from here – I carried a copy of Aladdin Sane around with me – a full 2 years before i had the wherewithal to play it
The image of that gingery boney pinky whitey person on the cover with the liquid mercury collar bone was – for one particular young moonage daydreamer – the image of planetary kin, of a close imaginary cousin and companion of choice
It’s taken me a long time to admit, even to myself, let alone you, that it was the vision and not yet the sound that
hooked me up – but if i can’t confess that here and now, then when and where?
We all have our own roots
And routes
To this room
Some of us – the enviable – found the fellowship early in the funfests of Billy’s Bowie Nights
or equivalent lodges from San Francisco to Aukland to Heidelberg and all points in between
For others, it was a more lonesome affair, paced out in a sort of private morse code like following bread crumbs through a forest
I’m not saying that if you hadn’t pitched up I would have worn a pie crust collar and pearls like some of those I went to school with
I’m not saying that if you hadn’t weighed in, Princess Julia would have been less inventive with the pink blusher
Simply that, you provided the sideways like us with such rare and out-there company
Such fellowship
You pulled us in and left your arm dangling over our necks
And kept us warm – as you have for – isn’t it ? – centuries now
You were
You are
One of us
And you have remained the reliable mortal in amongst all the immortal shapes you have thrown
Nothing more certain than changes
Always with a weather eye out
Always awake and clocking the fallout
Those Mayans must have known something when they set their calendar down before
January 2013
Because, of course, now all bets are off
I know, because you told me, how tickled you were to knock Elvis – for once! – out of the headlines on your shared birthday this year
There’s so much for all of us to be happy about since then
Yet, I think the thing I’m loving the most about the last few weeks
is how clear it now is – how undeniable – that the freak becomes the great unifier
The alien is the best company after all
For so many more than the few
They wanted a Bowie fan to speak tonight. They could have thrown a paper napkin and hit a hundred.
I’m the lucky one, standing up to speak for all my fellow freaks anxious to win the pub quiz and
claim their number one most super-fan tshirt
I want to give thanks to the Victoria and Albert Museum for indulging us so
For laying on our dream show
For showing us – look at their advance ticket sales – that , as is
written along the bottom of this months Q magazine,
‘why we all live in David’s world now’
To Gucci and Sennheiser for putting up the cash, laying on the sound and vision
To Geoffrey and Victoria for curating an entire universe so beautifully, on behalf of us all
When I think of what it used to feel like once
To be a freak who liked you
To feel like a freak like you
- a freak who even looked a little like you
And then I think of the countless people of every size and feather who are going to walk through this trace of your journey here and pick up the breadcrumbs
in the great hub of this mothership over these Spring and Summer months..
And how familiar and stamped you are into ALL of our our collective DNA
I’m just plain proud
Where are we now?
I know you aren’t here tonight, but
Somehow, no matter
We are -
And you brought us out of the wainscotting like so many
Freaky old bastards
Like so many fan boys and girls
Like so many loners and pretty things and dandies and dudes and dukes and duckies and testicular types
And pulled us together
By you
Dave Jones
Our not so absent, not so invisible, friend
Every alien’s favourite cousin
Certainly mine
We have a nice life
Yours aye

-Tilda Swinton’s inaugural speech at  “David Bowie Is” exhibition at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum

The phrases shouldn’t be running into one long indecipherable chunk of sound. Seijūrō blinked a few times, holding back what would have been a very rude sigh, and rededicated himself to listening to his advisor.

“…as you know, the London branch has lost stock value recently…”

Kōki had suggested a few weeks ago that they take the upcoming trip to London together. Seijūrō finding out exactly what was going wrong there shouldn’t take too much time; it was a small branch anyway and he would scarcely be a few million yen worse off if he closed the branch altogether. Maybe London was a step too far anyway.

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the family that strips together, scandalizes together

The London Branch of the Hellfire Club has Black and Red positions rather than Black and White

they say it’s to distinguish them from their crass, crude American counterparts

and I believe with all my heart that this is due to the Shaws

either Sebastian ripping his shirt off at meetings all the time

or Shinobi being…Shinobi

and come to think of it, when Jacob Shaw was a young man in England, his botched attempt at getting into the Hellfire Club ended with him running buck naked in the snow