london borough of croydon

Which London Borough is the most violent? The 5 Most Dangerous Places to Live in the Capital

Is London safe?  People worry that London is a violent city with lots of dangerous areas. I’ve made a map of crime in London that hopefully will help you feel safer in the capital.

The map below shows the safest and most dangerous boroughs in London, measured by the number of violent attacks that happened between April 2014 and March 2015.


All the data came from the Metropolitan Police, except for the City of London which is policed separately from the rest of the capital.

The measure of violence being used is “violence against the person” which includes murders, woundings, assaults, use of offensive weapons and harassment. 

So what are the five most dangerous places to live in London?

5. Newham

Total number of violent incidents? 8208. 

Murders: 4. Woundings: 1072. Assaults with injury: 2006. Common Assaults:2473 

Violent crime is up 22% in Newham compared to 2013/2014. 

4. Southwark

Total number of violent incidents? 8337.

Murders: 2. Woundings: 1092. Assaults with injury: 2070. Common Assaults: 2318. 

Violent crime is up 30% in Southwark compared to 2013/2014.

3. Croydon 

Total number of violent incidents? 8914.

Murders: 3. Woundings: 971. Assaults with injury: 2285. Common Assaults: 2488

Violent crime is up 36% in Croydon compared to 2013/2014.

2. Westminster

Total number of violent incidents? 9004.

Murders: 6. Woundings: 1152. Assaults with injury: 2111. Common Assaults: 2633.

Violent crime is up 23% in Westminster compared to 2013/2014.

1. Lambeth

Total number of violent incidents? 9568.

Murders: 3. Woundings: 1156. Assaults with injury: 2299. Common Assaults: 2569.

Violent crime is up 30% in Lambeth compared to 2013/2014.