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Could you explain the 1981 riots a little bit? I tried reading the wikipedia article but I still don't really understand why it happened

Oh boy! 

Well I will firstly say I was not born til 1986 so I am doing this from what I heard in the later years. Just an FYI. 

They were race riots in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool thanks to inner city deprivation especially for the black community. 

You see the 80′s were a very difficult time here and yes Thatcher was to blame for a lot of it - don’t get me started on the non race riots that happened then and I am not ashamed to say my family were part of and affected by. 

The 80′s saw a lot of downfall in economics and Thatcher basically got rid of industrial jobs and nationalised a lot of jobs. This was fine for her and her rich friends who were in the private sector so they just got richer and richer. But those of us not super rich already? those that were working class and poor? well that just took away any job that was out there for us. It took away entire industries and the only jobs people had known, the only jobs for entire communities. 

So riots were constant in the UK, strikes were common place because she destroyed people’s lives and communities. Communities that even now nearly 40 years later have not recovered from. 

Inner cities like Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool still have pockets of the cities that are just destitute and people would be blind to see that there is a disproportionate that are not white.

It also did not help that the police scapegoated a lot of blacks for making trouble in these areas. See a group of black men? well they must be a gang causing trouble. Basically, if you were poor, black and living in the inner city back then you were automatically screwed. 

If you ask those that took part in this riots they will tell you that they were not rioting but uprising.