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London Korean Music Festival

The admins were thinking we could also write to the London Korean Culture Center about the music festival they have. Last year in August, F(x) were the main act and it was a huge success with 35000 people.

So we thought why not write a letter thanking them and asking them to still continue to bring different groups in the coming years.

Please consider the fact that this is a free event, when deciding which artists you would like to come.

Also, keep in mind that these would be just suggestions for them, they may or may not consider them. But, hopefully if there’s a lot of interest for certain act, then they will contact them.

Things to include:

  • Thank them for all their hard work
  • Why they should continue doing such festivals?
  • Which artists you would like and why?
  • If you went last year  ~ talk about how enjoyable it was

Send them to the same email but include in the subject “festival letter”. You can scan or send us the document

Deadline is the 16th May ~ we need the responses earlier, to give them plenty of time to organize, since the festival is in August


Admin A ♡

anonymous asked:

hello!! can you suggest me some early date gtop fics like in 2009-2012 that posted in livejournal? thank youuuu

Alphabet Soup by lovelyable  sorry, gd; no rosetta stones for this. (Everyone suddenly speaks another language except for Jiyong and Seunghyun)

Mercury in My Veins by lovelyable jiyong’s an addict to more than just the cocaine. (Jiyong is an addict and Seunghuyn is his dealer)

from the enduring past and future by gdgdbaby Doctor Who AU

Car-Crash Hearts by cranperryjuice canon fic

Dream a Little Dream of Me by roebling Seunghyun has been dreaming a lot since their difficulties began.

The Kimchi Crisis by mlvenne Based off several news stories recently, including the current kimchi-crisis and GD being abandoned on Chuseok

The Big Sleep by whetstone jiyong has a plan.

How Long is Now by danishpinkcess Jiyong is ill; Seunghyun visits him in London. Post-Big Bang.

Not-denial by deuraegon. During Jiyong’s period of reflection he ponders on his relationship with Seunghyun

The Obnoxious Prince by unembraced_fic Based on TOP’s painting scene inFantastic Baby and The Little Prince.

From the enduring past and future by gdgdbaby. Doctor Who au where Seunghyun is the Doctor and Jiyong his companion. 

The greatest magic of them all by leadlight. Hogwarts au

Come Find Me After the Show by earthmylikeness The point is, he was never being subtle in the first place.

All of Snoaz’s ficlets, they’re all fairly PG/PG-13 but they heavily focus on GTOP’s friendship which  think some fics lack a lot of