london bear

I can’t even begin to describe what it meant to me getting to hug and chat to my best friend (and much cooler, older sis). The decade was more than worth the wait to get to say thank you in person for everything you’ve done for me.

You’ve made me who I am today, and encourage me in everything I do. To get to hang out with you while you told us your secrets and played us your perfect new album was the most content, special and loved I will ever feel.

I love you so, so, so much @taylorswift. Look at us making that long distance friendship work <3

I’ll never stop fighting for you, supporting you and loving you - you’re stuck with me forever and always. Love always from your ‘style twin’ & best friend with the matching velvet and a red lip <3  

Sleep less…
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[When I finish my exams I’ll have so many books to catch up with! It’s both thrilling and scary.]

I was given a selfie stick. Finally I can take my unreasonable narcissism to the next level. Well, once I get my hair sorted out.

And as evident by this picture, I took the advice of both Michelle Visage and Princess Elsa: I stopped relying on that body, I let it go. Snapchat: doryan_grey1

“Please look after this bear. Thank you.”

A late tribute to Michael Bond (13th January 1926 - 27th June 2017).
When I was a child, I tried marmalade because of Paddington Bear. ❤


November 12: Favorite Relationship – John Constantine/Chas Chandler


yo! we’re a ukulele punk band from south london called bears in trees. think katy perry if she listened to way too much my chemical romance, or carly rae jepsen if she got really into modern baseball

anyway! we put out an album last month called just five more minutes that you can jam here

we also have a youtube where we throw up covers (like dodie, fall out boy, the front bottoms, and a l l your favourite 80′s power pop hits) which you can check out here

so yeah. we’re bears in trees and we’ll be here till we sell out and finally get to tour with kesha. till then,

stay hydrated~