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[When I finish my exams I’ll have so many books to catch up with! It’s both thrilling and scary.]

I was given a selfie stick. Finally I can take my unreasonable narcissism to the next level. Well, once I get my hair sorted out.

And as evident by this picture, I took the advice of both Michelle Visage and Princess Elsa: I stopped relying on that body, I let it go. Snapchat: doryan_grey1


Bear Hugs

Ben Franks And George Robson Celebrate London Irish’s Champion Title!

Woof, Baby!

Sinning Jenny’s time is up, a new Mayor will be chosen! This week, we announce the three candidates who think they can do a better job. Whom will you support?

The Dauntless Temperance Campaigner is a fixture among London’s social reformers. It seems she now has her sights on London! She bears the slogan: “Teatime for London.”

All manner of temperance campaigners flock to her emerald banners. Reformed poets, well-meaning members of Society and deacons and deaconesses of the Church walk in procession through the streets. 

“What I want, dearie, is for London to pull its socks up. For everybody!” She smiles and gives you a firm handshake.

The week will end with an announcement regarding the full details of the festival, which will begin Monday the 26th of June and run for two weeks.