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hey, day two of mchanzo week is AUs and i drew Punk Hanzo and Bartender McCree from the awesome fic King’s Row Calling by @malevolentmango​ 

really good fic which i came for the pun, and stayed for everything else. (also i’m pretty sure mccree has both his arms in the fic but i felt like drawing his robo hand)

Jacket details…

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London Lockscreens (iPhone 6/6s)

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  • click on one of the lockscreens and save/screenshot it

This was posted by the ContactSH twitter a few hours ago, and it just hit me after a random thought and I’m not a Londoner, but I’ve been there and isn’t this the exact view from the BBC Broadcasting House????? 

Even the angle fits, because we can see the London Eye in the background. I don’t think someone not working for the BBC or with the BBC could get that picture, right???? 

Excuse this, if someone already mentioned it. 

Tagging some people under the cut, because otherwise I would scream into the void. 

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