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London attack: woman fights for life after 'falling' in Thames as car hit pedestrians

Hundreds of people fled in terror from Westminster Bridge as a car mowed down several pedestrians in a terror attack on the Houses of Parliament.

At least four people have been killed in the attack, which has also left 20 people injured.

Witnesses said people either jumped or were knocked over the side of the bridge as the car mounted the pavement and struck a number of pedestrians.

Shocking video footage has emerged showing a number of mangled bodies on the bridge, with members of the public rushing desperately to their aid.

A woman has since been rescued from the Thames after she “fell” from the bridge and is currently undergoing urgent medical treatment.

A spokesman for the Port of London Authority, which looks after safety on the River Thames, said: “A female member of the public was recovered from the water near Westminster Bridge.

"She is alive but undergoing urgent medical treatment on a nearby pier.

"We believe she fell from the bridge.”

At this time it is believed up to a dozen people have been injured.

The car was a grey Huyndai 4x4 driven by a middle aged man, witnesses say.

Steve Voake, 55, was walking across the Westminster Bridge towards the South Bank when he saw the aftermath.

He said he saw at least two bodies lying on the road and one in the water.

“I saw a trainer lying in the road and when I looked more closely I saw that there were a couple of bodies the other side of the road,” he said.

“And when I looked over the side there was another body lying in the water with blood all around it.”

Matt Haikin, 44, was cycling across Westminster Bridge just after the car had knocked people over.

He told the Standard: “I saw a car and as I came up to it I noticed someone next to it covered in blood.

“There were people standing around and others running towards. I assumed it was just an accident.

“Fairly shortly after I heard some shots. I thought then that something was going on.

“As I went over to see what was going on they were starting to move people back.

“I think I saw a couple of bodies on the ground. I couldn’t tell if they were injured.”

Ruchi Sherrikari tweeted: “I’m shaking. I was on the opposite side of Westminster Bridge as the car ran over everyone on the sidewalk. Holy s***.

The car is believed to have eventually crashed into the railings of Parliament at the end of Westminster Bridge.

Steve Boulton and his wife Karen, from Caversham in Reading, had travelled to Parliament to watch Prime Minister’s Questions as a treat for his 50th birthday.

The couple were having lunch in a nearby restaurant when they heard “some muffled bangs in the distance”.

Mrs Boulton said: “We came out of the restaurant and hit this horde of people coming the other way.

“We got a little way along Westminster Bridge when someone said you have to go back and it was a terrorist incident.

“We saw two bodies in the road. It was really frightening.”

Christopher Hope, a journalist at the Daily Telegraph, witnessed part of the Westminster Bridge attack.

He told BBC Radio 5 live: “There was a loud bang on Westminster bridge opposite the pub there, the Westminster Tavern I think it’s called, next to Boots.

“Then there was screaming and shouting and I saw about 100 people running from the bridge across down towards Westminster Abbey.

“And then as they were running it was clear something was going on because people were looking where the bang was and it sounded maybe like an explosion or maybe a car hit some railings or maybe someone was hit by a car but it was a big bang and then there was shooting several shots were fired and there were two individuals lying outside Westminster Hall on the road being treated by medics and an ambulance had just pulled up.”

Tourist Bradford Buck was outside Parliament when the attack happened and said he saw a victim “curled up on the ground” following the attack.

In a video clip posted on Twitter by journalist Jim Waterson, Mr Buck said: “We came up from the Westminster Underground and we saw a car crashed into the gate, the fence around the Parliament.

“There was a man lying on the ground and then the police officers were running with machine guns so the first thing I said to my wife and friend is get behind the concrete and we were all kind of watching, everybody’s in a little bit of shock.

“Then pretty quickly the London police were here just shooing everybody out of here.

“There was a person on the ground. It was a regular civilian, somebody on the ground. They looked pretty bad. They weren’t moving too much. They were kind of curled up on the ground.”

The bridge has been cordoned off while paramedics treat the injured.

Vauxhall to Embankment has also been closed "as part of the security response”, according to the Port of London Authority.

Hook up culture, sacred sensuality(sexuality), tantric sex, and womb healing.

The ‘marriage culture’ that we have come to know from our parents generation of failed partnerships, & no intimacy, is what was destructive. We know better now. We no longer have to marry out of cultural necessity, we actually get to CHOOSE now. That in itself is beautiful..

Hook up culture is the result of a psychologically afflicted generation, too bruised by the degradation of relationship values they’ve seen. We no longer honour the sanctity of union-ship. From music, to television, the marriage template is portrayed as stagnant, and Un-enjoyable. No sanctity of union ship, no desire to build a strong family unit = broken communities, weaker social ties & understanding of relationship (dynamics). We are heading toward a culture of several,'baby mothers’, and 'baby fathers’, with no family bonds, nor community practice. The fact that people come on Twitter and even make jokes/ memes, out of having, 'side chicks, and 'side guys’ is proof of desensitisation.

The holy trinity, mother + father + [=]child, (masculine and feminine energies combining to the highest essence of creation).. That’s love.

If people believed they would genuinely be loved, respected, and received if they entered a partnership, there would be no 'hook up culture’

Yes, (we) humanity may be collectively moving toward new ideals. But not ALL of these are progressive. Some are still born of trauma.

A generation that largely witnessed the break down of their parents marriages, (their mother’s lack of expression+ their fathers lack of enthusiasm), are inevitably going to view partnership with contempt, and something signifying entrapment, and passive acceptance.

The only true reason, you’ll want to be having sex with others without building emotional bonds, is because you are fearful of such intimacy. In your humble opinion, it is far easier to, 'mimic’ this form of closeness, as naturally, all humans require some level of social bonding. Sex, for many, is as close as it gets to love.

If you study sacred sexuality, you would know there can be no separation from intimacy, love and sex.

It has only become so, since those in power realised the manifestation power behind such sexual cultivation..
Keep people focused on the primal aspects of sex, and they remain trapped in ego consciousness.

You know you can actually cause trauma to a woman’s womb, and psyche, under the guise of a 'one night stand?’ Men awaken a portal within a woman after sexual intimacy. To then close that portal, or deny responsibility for all that awakens with it, is to prematurely stunt her energy formation. It causes trauma because it reduces her to her sexual organs, in terms of validity.

Women, and men experience sex a little differently.. Aside from tantric sex, and twin flame sex, that awakens awareness in both partners, generally, the process of sex is more physical for men, (unless they practice sacred sensuality), and the process for women, is largely emotional. During sex, a woman’s heart centre may be activated through stimulation of her breasts, (the heart centre/chakra sits right Inbetween), or through stimuli-station of the womb, which is thought to also ignite feelings of either safety/protection, or fear, and attack. It is not surprise that the womb is associated with feelings of love and comfort - this is the very place that houses in-coming souls.

The goal in tantric sex, is to allow both partners to transform their sexual energy, into creative, godly energy, (love). Through the pro-longing of the orgasm, the man trains himself to maintain this momentary glimpse of heaven, by involving not only his lower chakras, but moving from the lower centre, to the higher centres, therefore igniting kundalini awakening. - just think of the snake spiralling up the chakra system, making its way through to the top.
This process begins quite naturally in women after intercourse.. (Well, at least it tries to).

Woman, by nature is accustom to being nurturing and receptive. To making a home out of all she is given.
You cannot stir this process within her, and then force her to dismantle the alchemical transformation whilst it is in progress..
Biologically, at this point, she is awakening, (the true purpose of sex). Abandoning her afterward is equivalent to awakening a sleeping child,only to offer them a sleeping pill whilst they are finally adjusting to being awakened. The confusion of the natural process is damaging.

When you enter a woman, she has surrendered to you.. In turn, you owe her a duty, of succumbing to whatever arises within her.. Because at that point, it is an accumulation of both of your energies. She is experiencing not only her awakening, but stirring yours.

Her behaviour afterward will shine a light on all that you are. If she begins to act fearful, she is responding to a place of fear within you both. If she grows more loving and playful, she is reflecting this nature within yourself.. Listen and take heed.

Abstinence, and a prolonged period of celibacy is a good cure for women who have, in the past given their sexual power away in anyway. Sexual power can be given (taken)away in a magnitude of ways. People pleasers who use sex as a means to validate their desirability, are but one way sexual power may be given. In this case, the abuse is self inflicted, though very much as potent in its damaging effects.

In this absence, the woman should spend time honouring her womb, (rituals to celebrate moon cycles, and womb cycles), and learn of its divinity.

The self cleansing mechanisms of the vagina, will take care of the rest. Largely, it is a mental game of re-introducing harmony.

There are also forms of visualisation meditation that can see you through retrieving parts of your soul that were lost..

In the far reaches of the stacks – past English literature, through the French poets, and nearing the 20th century American greats- there sits in form and figure, authors on the shelf. 

From top left- London, Steinbeck, Joyce, Hemingway, Dickens, Faulkner, Woolf.

Authors on the Shelf
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Marco Lorenzetti
US author tweets that London is 'all Islamic', gets immediately shut down
Janie Johnson's tweet didn't go down too well in Britain.
By Sam Haysom

This again.

Probable actual scenario: US tourists visiting to exploit the cheap pound they’ve heard about, but otherwise in possession of no data about the UK newer than Errol Flynn’s THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD, while walking the ancient cobbled streets of Olde London Towne spot a Sikh bobby and some hijabi ladies coming out of Boots with Clarins bags, and lose their shit.


(Best response seen so far for its sheer irony: the one about how every male in Shoreditch has been forced to grow a beard.)


A natural history of birds 

By Albin, Eleazar, fl. 1713-1759-  Derham, W. (William), 1657-1735  Dwight, Jonathan, 1858-1929  Tucker, Marcia Brady,

Publication info London :Printed for the author and sold by William Innys in St. Paul’s Church yard, John Clarke under the Royal-Exchange, Cornhill, and John Brindley at the King’s Arms in New Bond-Street[1731-1738].
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“And if the Thames that ran beside them, sure and silver in the afternoon light, recalled a night long ago when the moon shone as bright as a shilling on this same boy and girl, and if the stones of Blackfriars recalled the thred of their feet and thought to themselves: at last, the wheel comes full circle, they kept their silence.”  ―Clockwork Princess

So I met Emerald Fennell at LFCC/YALC today, and she’s probably the nicest celeb I’ve ever met! She was so friendly and seemed really surprised people had come to see her. I read her whole book this morning and it was amazing, and I said it was, and I asked her a few questions. She told me she loved my t-shirt (Nelson and Murdock from Daredevil) and then admitted she hadn’t seen it yet, and I said my favourite line was “Jean doesn’t think 12 year old girls should drink coffee, but truly, Jean can get fucked”
She said she fought for that line, and then said she loves swearing :D such a lovely lady who chatted away to everyone she met :D

Whoever loves you now—and you must also love yourself—will love the truth of you.
—  Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Angel
The worst thing that you could do, is train people to believe that spirituality, and spiritual cultivation is centred around perpetual positivity. This is ludicrous, and unattainable. Human emotions are naturally self regulating, and constantly in emotion as we learn more about ourselves and go through the life stages of continuous death, and rebirth, that existence has to offer us. This is the way in which you remain fluid, like water, taking on multiple forms, depending on the ‘jugs’ that we are poured into. Water is considered not only intuitive, but also incredibly prophetic, and intellectual. This is because it has a wide range of experiences, and abilities available - multi faceted. This is the same way in which emotions, and effectively spirituality run. In Order for one to gain deep insight, empathy, and understanding, they most hold the ability to be energy mutable, fluid, and receptive.
There is no shame in the regulation of emotion. And spirituality should be the last place where that kind of belief system is preached!
—  Cindy Anneh-bu