You’ll Be My American Boy by headscarvesandtattoos


Ch. 1/?

“Actually, Louis, can you take Harry to Westminster tomorrow? I have to work all day. Sorry, Harry. I tried to take off but I couldn’t,” Niall apologizes.

Louis isn’t exactly the person Harry wants to spend his first real day in London with, but there’s no way he’s going to find his way around on his own already.

Niall and Harry both turn to Louis expectantly.

“Yeah and after that we can stop at Starbucks to get your non-fat, shit latte, and maybe if I’m feeling super generous I’ll even take a picture of you posing like you’re holding Big Ben in your hand!”

or the one where Harry’s an American studying abroad in London and Louis ends up showing Harry more than just London

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Highgate Cemetery Londen may 2015 by Roberto Maldeno

Right, I understand this is a huge thing to put on here, but I’m completely desperate and I need help. 

I’ve bought tickets for me and my friend to go and see Coldplay in London Wembly Stadium for her birthday and we’re both super, super excited. But unfortunately, something happened with my account at the checkout online and somehow, I’ve been charged for two more tickets, one’s that I didn’t even want - and now I have no money in my account. £0, zilch, because of this stupid internet fuck-up. I’m a student at University and I’m now going to have to rely on my overdraft which I cannot afford to do…I’m completely stuck.

I’ve listed the tickets back onto the site (thankfully because I panicked when I read there was no refund, and I rang the company and they said there was nothing they could do) and I desperately need someone to buy those specific tickets so the money gets put back into my account. I literally have no money to live on. The show isn’t until June and I know there’s a chance someone will buy them by then, but I don’t get anymore student finance for another 2 months.

The tickets are for the show on Saturday 18th June, and if anyone what’s to go or knows someone who does, my tickets are available on the site GetMeIn (link). My tickets are for: Level 5, Block 516, Row 2 and there are two available.

I know there might be sites where you can get tickets cheaper, but this is my absolutely last resort - I’m completely helpless. .