My Final Trip Through Stage Door!

Hello all!

Lots of you have been asking about whether I’ll be leaving via stage door on my last night. I’ve been informed that there will be barriers up at stage door on Sat 13th Feb as they’re expecting quite a few people to be there to say farewell to me and Rob (which is so lovely!) and I will be leaving via stage door but unlike most nights, I won’t be staying very long and may not get round to everyone! There’s a cast shindig after the show for me and Rob that I really don’t want to miss so I won’t be staying for too long. I’d hate for some of the cast to leave to get their last trains home before I’ve arrived to say a proper goodbye!

On another note, I’ve seen some tweets about people thinking of bringing me presents so I just wanted to say, please don’t! Firstly, I don’t want anyone spending their hard earned money on me or going to any trouble! Just the fact you’ve come to see the show or supported me and my career in any way at all is more than enough for me and I’m truly grateful! Secondly, I’m going to be carrying the remaining items from my dressing room and won’t be able to take much else home with me! I also live in a very, very, tiny flat and am not able to keep a lot of the things I’m given so please, save your money! OR if you really, REALLY, want to give me a gift (but you still honestly don’t have to!), donate the money you would have spent on a gift to my justgiving page for GOSHCC!

Here’s to two years and eight months in a wonderful show!