(New York – July 30, 2015) – RCA Records and Syco Music announce today that Zayn Malik will release his debut solo album on RCA Records.

Simon Cowell of Syco Music says: “With RCA, Zayn has the perfect label to work with on his solo career. They are excited about working with him and I am sure whatever they release together will be special.”

Comments Peter Edge and Tom Corson of RCA: “Zayn’s a genius songwriter with an incredible voice, and we are proud to have him join our roster of iconic superstars. We are thrilled he has entrusted us to deliver his personal artistic vision to millions of his fans across the globe.”

In March of this year, Zayn announced his departure from One Direction, currently the world’s most successful group, having sold more than 54 million albums worldwide.

About RCA Records

RCA Records is a Division of Sony Music Entertainment. RCA includes a diverse roster of internationally renowned artists representing all genres of music, including Justin Timberlake, P!nk, Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus, Foo Fighters, Sia, Kelly Clarkson, Usher, D'Angelo, A$AP Rocky, Van Morrison, Kings Of Leon, Britney Spears, Pitbull, Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera, Dave Matthews Band, Shakira, Weird Al, R. Kelly, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Hudson, Charlie Wilson, Daughtry, Pentatonix, Kesha, Hilary Duff, Fantasia, Monica, Buddy Guy, Three Days Grace, Tool, Giorgio Moroder, T-Pain, Kirk Franklin, and Fred Hammond, among others; critically acclaimed and chart topping artists including Mark Ronson, Miguel, Ray LaMontagne, Cage The Elephant, MAGIC!, Bleachers, Jazmine Sullivan, Tinashe, Prince Royce, A$AP Ferg, Anthony Hamilton, Gavin DeGraw, WALK THE MOON, The Walls Group, Kid Ink and Elle Varner;   burgeoning artists Wolf Alice, Elle King, G-Eazy, Mali Music, Brooke Candy, Kodaline, MØ, Mikky Ekko, Betty Who, Tom Odell, Erik Hassle, Becky G, Luke Christopher, Sam Dew, OverDoz., Kygo, Peking Duk, Alyxx Dione, Martin Garrix, Grace and many more.

RCA Records has key partnerships with RCA Inspiration, Polo Grounds, Kemosabe Records, Bazmark Records, Bystorm Entertainment, Blueprint, Fo Yo Soul Recordings, Freesolo Entertainment, Latium Entertainment and more.

About SYCO Entertainment

Syco Entertainment is a joint venture between Simon Cowell and Sony Music and is one of the world’s leading global music, film and television production companies responsible for some of the world’s most successful global TV and music franchises. Syco Entertainment is also the world’s most successful producer of international talent with Syco Music being named the UK’s number 1 record label for both A&R and sales in 2014 and is record label home for such diverse international recording artists as Labrinth, One Direction, Susan Boyle, Little Mix, IL Divo, Fifth Harmony, Alex & Sierra and Ella Henderson. Syco’s television assets include the global franchises The X Factor and Got Talent. Local versions of The X Factor are produced in more than 56 territories, with artists discovered by the format selling more than 180 million records worldwide, including 200 number ones and 380 top 10 records. The Got Talent format is officially the world’s most successful reality TV format of all time, holding the Guinness World Records title for the “Most successful TV format of all time” having been commissioned in an impressive 68 territories worldwide. America’s Got Talent also airs in 186 countries around the globe and has been the #1 US summer reality series for the pass decade. Syco Film produced the 2013 #1 global box office hit “ One Direction: This Is Us” a 3D concert movie with Sony Pictures and have recently partnered with Animal Logic (The Lego Movie, Happy Feet) to produce a number of music-based live action-hybrid animated movies.

Photo ID From left to right: Tom Corson, President and COO, RCA Records; Zayn Malik; Peter Edge, Chairman and CEO, RCA Records – Photo Credit: @KevinMazur /WireImage


Ant-Man has been spotted on the streets of London! That is, spotted by folks with their eyes peeled for impossibly tiny people. In a perfect pairing of subject matter and artist, Marvel commissioned London-based street artist Slinkachu (previously posted here) to create an awesome series of miniature installations of the itty-bitty superhero and Yellowjacket to promote the release of the new Ant-Man movie.

Visit Slinkachu’s website to check out more of his teeny-tiny creations.

[via DeMilked]

The plan was to make a women’s museum in London … somehow it became Jack the Ripper

Last year, former Google diversity chief Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe promised to launch “the first women’s museum in the U.K.” The result of his efforts, unveiled last week, however, revealed a deep misunderstanding of how to honor the experience of female trailblazers: The museum became about woman-killer the Jack the Ripper instead — and the reason for it is totally tone deaf.

The Boy Who Still Lives: Another Birthday Bash

By Rita Skeeter

Harry James Potter, who is turning 35 on the 31st of July (although I was lead to believe he was much older than this, what will his flowing grey locks being proudly on show in recent months), will be holding a joint birthday bash with fellow ex-Hogwarts student, Dumbledore’s Army member and current Professor of Herbology at Hogwarts, Neville Longbottom.

The whole Potter-Weasley clan, as well as other members of Potter’s ‘Squad’ recently descended upon the South of France earlier this week, much to the misfortune of the residents. 

It has been reported that a certain Ronald Weasley, 35, got “a little too drunk” after downing 2 and a half bottles of Firewhiskey, and decided to loudly proclaim various profanities whilst standing on the bar gyrating furiously, celebrating his brother-in-law, Potter, commenting on the size of his ‘broomstick’, and chanting ‘Potter is hotter than my wife’ whilst being dragged down to the sea to cool off by Rolf Scamander and Longbottom, which then led to Mr. Weasley insisting that he must ‘return to the ancient lost city of Atlantis, to be at one with his ocean friends’. Potter and the rest of the clan remained dry, and laughing rather rambunctiously at the ludicrous situation. There were no further reports as to what Hermione Granger, wife of Mr. Weasley, had to say after this situation, but one can suspect he was made to sleep on the sofa. (Not for the first time! And certainly not the last!)

But this is not the end of the celebrations of Potter and Longbottom’s birthdays, dear readers. Sources claim that the Potter’s will be holding another birthday bash at their London home later this week. 

One can only hope for more scandalous tales to reach the Prophet’s ears! Such as last year when Potter’s godson, Teddy Lupin, broke into his godfather’s liquor cabinet and drank a whole bottle of Gillywater, and streaked through the streets of London insisting he was a Chinese Fireball looking for his nest of eggs. Such fun! Eye-witnesses claim Lupin was ‘absolutely twatted’ and that he is ‘well hung for a young man, and flapping about like an elephant’s trunk’. Let us hope Potter restricts access, or maybe, allows access, to his alcohol stash in the future. One can never hear enough about the antics of this illustrious family!

Me, myself and I can only hope that this is the peak of the celebrations, and that Mr and Mrs Potter (or the Weasley’s) don’t get too engrossed by the party atmosphere. The wizarding world can barely cope with the countless shenanigans that have come about since the merger of the two families. I firmly believe that the world cannot handle another Potter-Weasley hyprid sprog in its midst. One might argue that if the Potter’s did choose to pursue the possibility of another child, that it may become a case of child abuse. Because anyone who decides to name their child ‘Albus Severus’, clearly needs extensive psychological evaluation in St Mungo’s. Although I have heard that the name Firenze Basilisk was a fierce contender when bets were being placed on the name of the last Potter child, later named Lily Luna, straight after Remus Arthur and Hagrid Blast-Ended Skrewt.

More reports of Potter Clan Birthday Scandals may come after this week of celebrations, stay tuned for more articles on your favourite mischief makers!

Dame Mirren checks her waxwork’s ample assets at Madame Tussauds display dedicated to her turning 70

She is known for her flirty and playful demeanor - and it seems Helen Mirren has no plans to tone it down now that she’s 70.

The British icon was pictured peering into the cleavage of a waxwork of herself as she posed with a display dedicated to her at Madame Tussauds London last night.

I can’t even with this woman right now. Seriously Helen is to fucking cute!!! Adore her with a passion


Last week I was in London and wanted to seize the opportunity to do some Libertines sightseeing which may sound a little weird to some people but hey, I’ve been a fan for more than 10 years! So I went to the alley where Up The Bracket was filmed in Bethnal Green. The alley was quite hard to find and kind of filthy but at least I can say I have been there ;-)

Carsten Höller: Decision - Hayward Gallery

Carsten Höller, Isomeric Slides, 2015 during installation of Carsten Höller: Decision at Hayward Gallery. Courtesy the artist and LUMA Foundation. Photo David Levene.

Carsten Höller wants you to make a decision; several, actually. Do you choose Entrance A, or Entrance B? Do you choose to ride the Isomeric Slides, or opt for the stairs? Do you take part in all of the interactive works on show at the Hayward Gallery’s ‘Carsten Höller: Decision’, or not? Each and every visitor will confront these objects and installations differently, and their own set of choices will ensure a unique exhibition experience.

Let me first say that ‘Decision’ taps in to a number of my personal irrational fears - heights, small spaces, unfamiliar experiences - and slight discomforts - darkness, loud noises, flashing lights. It is also highly interactive, so if, like me, you’re not always a spontaneous barrel of laughs, you may struggle at times. On the other hand, I seemed to be the only person there not having a whale of a time, which in turn I found quite amusing. It’s also important to bear in mind that this is definitely an exhibition suited to families and groups of friends. In fact any combination of at least two people will probably have a super fun day out. I went on my own in order to take notes for ArtMastered; hindsight is a cruel mistress!

Carsten Höller, Decision Corridors, 2015 © Carsten Höller. Installation View Carsten Höller: Decision, Hayward Gallery, London 2015. Courtesy of the artist, Photo © Linda Nylind.

Carsten Höller, Flying Mushrooms, 2015 © Carsten Höller. Installation View Carsten Höller: Decision, Hayward Gallery, London 2015. Courtesy of the artist, Photo © Linda Nylind.

That all being said, ‘Decision’ is a highly impressive project. How the curators managed to fit so many of Höller’s spacious pieces into the Hayward Gallery capacity, I do not know. If you’re a little braver than me, then the Isomeric Slides and Two Flying Machines looked to be particularly popular with visitors, and although I absolutely hated the pitch-black Decision Corridors, I can’t deny that they made an excellent transitional passage into the exhibition space. The Two Roaming Beds, which dreamily drift along the gallery floor, have captured headlines for their multi-purpose usage: during the day, they bustle along on their own, but at night, visitors can sail around the exhibition on these sleepy robotic structures - with a pre-booked ticket, of course.

Carsten Höller, Half Mirror Room, 2008/2015 and Snake, 2014 © Carsten Höller. Installation View Carsten Höller: Decision, Hayward Gallery, London 2015. Courtesy of the artist. Photo © Linda Nylind.

Carsten Höller, Two Roaming Beds (Grey), 2015. © Carsten Höller. Produced with Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm, and HangarBicocca, Milano. Installation view: Carsten Höller: Decision, Hayward Gallery, London, 2015. Photo © David Levene.

This is likely to come across as a very confusing review: four stars, and yet I seemed to have quite a difficult experience. However, I firmly believe that a negative reaction is far better than a neutral one. At least I came away with strong feelings of something, and I can see that a lot of aspects of the show just simply weren’t for me - and that’s okay! I know that if I had been with friends, it would have been an entirely different outcome on a personal level. I’m used to quiet, serene exhibition environments, and the work of Carsten Höller feels more like a huge science experiment or psychological study rather than a display of art. But of all the shows I have visited this year so far, ‘Decision’ is undoubtedly the one I will remember the most. It’s nice to mix things up a bit, and being out of your comfort zone isn’t always a bad thing.

Rating: **** - An opinion-dividing art show, but a superb day out for friends and family. Go with lots of free time and an open mind.

‘Carsten Höller: Decision’ is on at the Hayward Gallery until 6th September 2015. All images are courtesy of the Hayward Gallery.

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