sweet-hemm0nade asked:

Haii! If you could live through any song with anyone who and what song would you pick? :-))

Either English Love Affair With Michael ;)
Or Thinking out loud with Luke

Boyfriend- Luke/Cal/Mikey/Ash
Why- I just think you two would be so cute together, sitting down cuddling while you read a book and luke just looks at you smiling at how he got so lucky and aww

Best Friend- Luke/Cal/Mikey/Ash
Drink Buddy- Luke/Cal/Mikey/Ash
Secret Crush On You- Luke/Cal/Mikey/Ash

Ship Name- Lonali or Suke

Who says “I love you” First- You/Him
Most Cuddly- You/Him
Most Mischievous- You/Him
More lovey dovey on Twitter- You/Him
Who wakes up first- You/Him

Random Song On My Spotify Playlist-Tenerife sea- Ed sheeran
Random Comment-Damn you cute and your fanfics look awesome!

Want one?