lon hammond jr

Sense AND Sensibility

So I think a lot if people took this reference the wrong way. So a relationship needs Sense AND Sensibility. That doesn’t mean that one person is sense and the other person is sensibility and together they work. BOTH people in the relationship need to have sense AND sensibility. And THE RELATIONSHIP ITSELF needs to have both. Like Riley said, Charlie made sense to her, but she didn’t have the sensibility aspect for him. 

Riarlie have sense, but not sensibility. Rucas has sense, but haven’t shown much in the area of sensibility. Joshaya has sensibility (on Maya’s side) but because of the age difference doesn’t really make sense.

Ok so I’m going to make a TITANIC reference now. Rose was supposed to marry Cal because he made sense, but she didn’t have feelings (sensibility) for him. However with Jack😢 she had feelings (sensibility) for him, but he also made SENSE to her because he was the only one who saw her as more than just a wife. More than just a subservient woman. He believed in her, he cared for her, he protected her, he saved her, he made her life better, he broadened her horizons. They made each other better. Jack and Rose=Sense AND Sensibility. 

Now I will reference THE NOTEBOOK. Allie (after thinking Noah never wrote her–her mother hid his letters) meets Lon Hammond Jr. He is nice, sophisticated, rich, a good guy, and her parents approve (SENSE), but she can’t stop thinking about Noah and leaves because she doesn’t love him. (Sensibility) Noah–She has loved him even though they’ve been apart for years while he was at war. They have incredible passion (sensibility) for each other and no matter what, they want each other for better or worse. Also, Noah built the house–if you don’t know she told him everything she wanted in a dream house for her future, and even when she never wrote back his 365 letters (hidden by her mother) he built the house from the ground up. He could give her a future nobody else could. He could give her her dreams. He got her to start painting again because you shouldn’t give up on something you love. He would give her a family, a life and make her dreams come true. It wouldn’t be a fairytale, but it would work, and they would be happy, and their dreams would come true (sense). Noah and Allie = Sense AND Sensibility

It’s not that one of them was sense and the other was sensibility, but that together, the relationship as a whole had both passion and love (sensibility), but also made sense, and was right. 

Lucaya: In class both Maya and Lucas showed that they are passionate and follow their hearts; their relationship would have SENSIBILITY. But don’t forget that Maya doesn’t want to be with Lucas if it hurts Riley. She doesn’t want secrets or lies. She knows that for a relationship with Lucas to work, Rucas would have to be over with 100% closure, so she steps back, and she probably is going to again–at least for a little while–since New Years. Lucas doesn’t want to hurt anyone. He didn’t start really going after Maya until Riley “brother-zoned” him. He stepped back, and it’s clear that he like Maya from the beginning, even if he pushed that aside and like Riley for a while too, he liked Maya from the beginning. But Maya was pushing Riley, and he was “supposed to” be with Riley, so he was. He, like Maya won’t do anything at the expense of Riley or anyone else. Also, they ground each other: Maya keeps Lucas from going too far, but she also accepts them. Riley wants him to never be Texas Lucas “we don’t like you when you’re like this”, as opposed to Maya’s “uhhh Lucas pick up that bed with one arm.” She accepts and likes all parts of Lucas. There’s also the fact that Lucas helped Maya in belief, when Riley couldn’t. He helped her find her beliefs not by pushing, just by talking about how he finds his beliefs. He doesn’t push his beliefs, he helps her find her own. (SENSE)

Because Lucaya is cautious of other people’s feelings, and they care about their friends’ feelings, and they put their friendships before the relationship, they make each other better, the balance each other, they accept all parts of each other good and bad, there are A MILLION examples of how they have the SENSE aspect. And you know they have SENSIBILITY if you saw Texas part 2 at the campfire–face grab in the heat of the moment pure passion, or creativity, or New Years, etc. They’ve got both. There’s no denying it.