Leipziger Straße Ecke Friedrichstraße in Mitte, 1996

Da gerade jemand nach Fotos vom Abriss des DDR-Casinos fragte: Ich habe doch noch welche gefunden. Ich habe sie mit der Lomo-Kamera aufgenommen und wie vieles, das ich damals im Vorbeigehen lomographiert habe, sind sie leider nicht ganz scharf. Aber was soll’s… Das DDR-Casino war übrigens erst 1991 fertig gestellt worden, ging aber nie in Betrieb.

As someone just asked for pictures of the demolition of the GDR-Casino: Unexpectedly I found some. I took them with the Lomo camera and - as often when I lomographed without paying much attention - they are not very sharp. But anyway. The casino was completed in 1991, but never went into operation.


Same room, same lighting, same settings, 3 diff cameras from the same family. And if I shot all three again I’d get 3 different results. I call it the “Lomographic experience”… expect the unexpected and embrace it. (The one is 2-3 stops underexposed and the bottom one is very obviously flash lit to a point you can see detail that is completely lacking in the top two.) Look at how the flash lights certain parts in top left, top right is black like the night and the bottom is freakin Christmas)


American Southwest Landscapes in Turquoise XR

How do you bring a fresh perspective to a landscape that has been photographed from every possible angle? Using a brand-new film, of course! With this goal in mind, lomographer austex loaded some LomoChrome Turquoise XR into my Nikon 35Ti and went on a major trip across southern Utah and northern Arizona.


LomoLocations: French Chateaux Revisited

Chateaux served as houses of powerful lords, often of nobility and royalty. Most French castles reek of relevant history and monarchical drama, which makes them more interesting. And though France has moved on from the monarchy with liberté, égalité, fraternité, they remain strong and solid as tourist attractions. Thankfully, Lomographers have been around France and regularly share images of these amazing castles.


The Diana’s Plastic Revolution: Highlights from the Detrich Collection

As people picked up the Diana, more and more manufacturers kept making their own version of the charming little camera. These clones carried different names and styles but still kept the quirky retro cool of the Diana. One particular collector amassed an impressive Diana stash through countless eBay bids and purchases. Photographer and avid collector Allan Detrich then sold his camera collection to the Lomographic Society in 2007 – the resulting treasure was the famed “Detrich Collection.”