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Taken w/ expired Fujifilm 400 on an Olympus Stylus Epic 120

keer-sten  asked:

do you have links to the glass animals' demos? I've only ever heard Life Lomographic and want to listen to the other 2. Also do you like /know/ things about them or there music they the keep on the DL? I'm v v curious but don't really know where to find that stuff

aureus (live, because the recording is nowhere to be found so this is the only trace of it I’ve ever heard…and honestly it may not even BE aureus, I’ve just always assumed it is)

slikk furr (a remix, we’ve never found the original)

As for the second question, I know a lot about them purely from having followed them for several years…but if you’re looking for like, deep dark glass animals secrets I don’t think I really have anything lol. I mean…idk exactly what kind of information you’re after so if you have a more specific question I might know?? but yeah!


I cannot lie, I am addicted to my #Lomography #LomoInstant #Automat #camera - and I love wasting er I mean using #film for anything and everything. So much so that I have blasted through 20 or so packs since I got it. #fujiflm #instant #instax #mini #photography #lomographer #alienmeatsack #beard #face #hair #carpet #flash


The Diana’s Plastic Revolution: Highlights from the Detrich Collection

As people picked up the Diana, more and more manufacturers kept making their own version of the charming little camera. These clones carried different names and styles but still kept the quirky retro cool of the Diana. One particular collector amassed an impressive Diana stash through countless eBay bids and purchases. Photographer and avid collector Allan Detrich then sold his camera collection to the Lomographic Society in 2007 – the resulting treasure was the famed “Detrich Collection.”


Around the World in Analogue: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“Around the World in Analogue” is your bite-sized guide to the most amazing travel destinations across the globe, as documented by the members of the Lomography community. Today, we travel to Rio de Janeiro through the moody black and white photographs of lomographer Rhiannon.


American Southwest Landscapes in Turquoise XR

How do you bring a fresh perspective to a landscape that has been photographed from every possible angle? Using a brand-new film, of course! With this goal in mind, lomographer austex loaded some LomoChrome Turquoise XR into my Nikon 35Ti and went on a major trip across southern Utah and northern Arizona.