Trending Photos of June 2015

Nature-themed lomographs were a hit among the community. Wispy branches, gradient skies, and green grasslands served as backdrops for these whimsical shots. The bustling city, with its beautiful patterns and man-made structures, had its own share of stunning lomographs, too. Otherworldly color shifts tied these two different places together into this dreamy gallery. http://bit.ly/1Hps4Uc


Awesome Albums: J’s Dream by anafaro

If dreams were translated into Lomographs, then this could be it; magical and floating in the air, looking all beautiful and astral!

We should also not forget the lovely smile this girl has to offer. A series of sweet dreams, indeed! A doubles project by anafaro with herself, we just can’t help but be smittened by how lovely these Lomographs are!