Can we talk about this for one fucking second? I just found this on that sight lolzbook. This isnt the first horrifying image I’ve seen in the past couple minutes alone but this crossed my special line. The title was “Pregnant Teenagers these days”.

The first thing I want to say is that I do not easily get offended, and Ive never been the pregnant teenager, nor have any of my friends. However, I know just off the girls I do know who are the pregnant teens and everyone else… They do it because they’re teenagers. They’re in love or they’re looking for a fun night and it goes wrong. You cant ask a child to bring another child in the world if they aren’t ready, just because they made a mistake.

Second, Id love nothing more than to rip open the people who find the jokes on this site funny. Ive seen nothing but fat, racist, and misogynistic jokes from it. Is that cute to you? Calling a woman a whale because shes overweight? Or maybe telling a girl to kill herself over being desperate for attention? Thats funny to you? You make me fucking sick.