• Me: "Alright Brain, time to go to sleep now"
  • Brain: "Hm... I wonder what's going on on Tumblr now"
  • Me: "Dude, come on, I have to get up early tomorrow!"
  • Brain: "Oh, remember that cup of coffee you drank like 12 hours ago that seemed not to work? I can definitely feel it now!"
  • Me: "Are you kidding me? Just stop shitting around! I already only have 4 hours of sleep left"
  • Brain: "Ooooh, remember those really embarrassing moments that happened when you were a kid? Those moments you constantly try not to remember? Good times"
  • Me: "Let me guess. I'm not falling asleep any time soon, am I?"
  • Brain: "Yes"

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The third answer was correct. Congratulations.

@metakazkz @wolf-wrathknight

The answer to the riddle is “a version of Sans from an Alternate Universe”.

Well, I guess that’s one way to interact with people around here… props to you, Anon, for taking the time to anonymously send people a self-made riddle that doesn’t even tell them who exactly you (or your ‘version of Sans’, should you have one) are, in the hopes that someone figures out your weird hints! Ô.ò

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“ Now that HTGAWM is over for now, I’m so excited for the summer time! I feel like I’ve been totally working overtime lately, with the show’s promo, finishing some other filming, and the movie that I had just filmed coming out and doing awesome in the theaters, so a vacation is most definitely in order for me! Enough about me though, hola! I’m Karla. Care to give a girl some ideas for a vacationing spot, or what? “