All My Money Goes

Now that I don’t drink no more
Now that I don’t mess with pills
Now that I don’t smoke and
No longer shoot dope ,
All my money goes to cold drinks,
Preferably with energy
Sugary of any variety
But I’ll have just about anything.

All my money goes to cold drinks
And I don’t know what to do
I quit doing drugs
But I can’t seem to quit food.



aww remember when i used to make videos

anyway here’s me wishing i had rachael price’s pipes and/or production quality

The oddest moment ever in my French class: *Teacher* “Translate on paper what your father does as an occupation.” *me* “I don’t know the French word for ‘bipolar welder.’”   *girl holds her hand up* “What’s French for ‘being in prison’?” *other boy* “ I’ve never met my dad.”

That poor teacher.