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I mean, she's in love with B, hates B/echo, hates O and wants to kill her (not literally, but the thought definitely crossed her mind), literally Diyoza>Octavia and actually literally death>O, she's like wtf with everything and everyone, she's done with the bullshit, done with Bellamy "Drama Queen" Blake, done with this war shit, wants to go home with her family, told Kooper to stop talking, likes Zeke, wishes she was the only one on earth again. Does it get any more relatable at this point?


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bold truth

I was tagged by a fellow summer-sufferer @thefeatherofhope  🖤
rules bold the statements that are true


I am over 5′5″ / I wear glasses/contacts / I have blond hair / I wear sweatshirts a lot / I prefer loose clothing to tight clothing / I have one or more piercings / I have at least one tattoo / I have blue eyes / I have dyed or highlighted my hair / I have gotten plastic surgery / I have or had braces / I sunburn easily / I have freckles / I paint my nails / I typically wear makeup / I don’t often smile / I am pleased with how I look / I prefer Nike to Adidas / I wear baseball hats backwards


I play a sport / I can play an instrument / I am artistic / I know more than one language / I have won a trophy in some sort of competition / I can cook or bake without a recipe / I know how to swim / I enjoy writing / I can do origami / I prefer movies to TV shows / I can execute a perfect somersault / I enjoy singing / I could survive in the wild on my own / I have read a new book series this year / I enjoy spending time with friends / I travel during school or work breaks/ I can do a handstand


I have had my first kiss / I have gotten drunk / I have told a crush I like them / I have traveled outside of the country / I have flown on an airplane / I have stayed awake for more than 48 hours / I have had a near-death experience / I have caught something on fire / I have performed in a talent show / I have shot a gun / I have been on TV (a movie, too) / I have gone scuba diving / I have broken a bone / I have slow-danced / I have gone on a shopping spree


I am in a relationship / I have been single for over a year / I have a crush / I have a best friend / I have known a friend for over ten years / my parents are together / I have a brother / I have dated my best friend / I am adopted / my crush has confessed to me / I have had a long-distance relationship / I am an only child / I give advice to my friends / I have made an online friend / I met up with someone I have met online


I have heard the ocean in a conch shell / I have watched the sun rise / I enjoy rainy days / I have slept under the stars / I meditate outside / the sound of chirping calms me / I enjoy the smell of the beach / I know what snow tastes like / I listen to music to fall asleep / I enjoy thunderstorms/ I enjoy cloud watching / I have attended a bonfire / I pay close attention to colors / I find mystery in the ocean / I enjoy hiking on nature paths / autumn is my favorite season


I can fall asleep in a moving vehicle / I am the mom friend / I live by a certain quote / I like the smell of Sharpies / I am involved in extracurricular activities (I have been in both high school and college) / I enjoy Mexican food / I can drive stick-shift / I have memorized an entire song in a day / I believe in true love / I dream up scenarios to fall asleep / I sing in the shower / I wish I lived in a video game / I have a canopy above my bed / I am multi-racial / I am a redhead / I own at least three dogs / I am LGBT

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Not to sound like a Crazed Communist~! here.

But if you have $131 billion you can probably afford air conditioning and regular bathroom breaks for everyday Americans that work in your stores. 

You’re still going to be ridiculously rich anyway.

But, yeah, let’s focus on finding life on fucking Pluto.