This is hard. I feel emptier without you but I don’t want to be treated poorly any more. I don’t deserve it. I know I’m strong and beautiful but I want to be with someone who knows that too. AND who treats me that way. I don’t want to be under appreciated and I don’t want to be with someone who is intimidated by my good grammar or smart ass remarks.

I just feel so sad without him. I feel a little lost. Like I don’t know who to talk to about my day. I don’t know what to look forward too. It feels like there’s no one waiting to see me or no one who looks out for me. The saddest part is I sometimes felt that way with you anyways. Like you didn’t care about my day cuz you always just stared at your phone and nodded along until I was quiet. I guess what I really need is to think about what’s best for me, for once.

5sos reaction picture/ gif masterpost

Im sure you can find a use for this one

when someone is being rlly anoying

now onto michael 

when you are smooth af

“You Idiot’

when there’s new merch and you’re broke

"CamERas omg iM JUSt a LITTlee kitten WIth a LolypOp”




“Hold the fuck up”

bored af


i’Ve had 7 cUPS of CoffFE

when anything exciting happens

when someone gives you a complement

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