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falcon-eye said:
… How do you think reuniting with the rest of the UD crew would go?

Quite a few people asked for this.. but that’s a lot of characters to draw …lol
So here is one that I care about. Yes, I like Sam :3

ficcyshit said:
…Also please give it a name/tag. I am so ready to be a part of this and I wanna be able to find it…

This was another one that several people asked for so I’m just gonna start tagging all my headcanon Josh’s postings with: 


If anyone want to add something to this headcanon, feel free to tag those postings with that :3 

anonymous asked:

Jonsa isn't happening. The show wouldn't waste time on creating a relationship between Jon and Daenerys only to forget about it in season 8. There is only 6 episodes left. Not enough time for anything. JONSA ISN'T HAPPENING. I'm even a fan of the ship but I know it's not happening in the show (or the books)

The show wouldn’t have wasted time on creating a relationship FULL of romantic tropes and parallels between Jon/Sansa and Ned/Cat, Jaimie/Brienne, Gilly/Sam, Robb/Talisa, and even Cercei/Jaimie, only to forget about it in Season 8 🙃

They would not have wasted screentime on creating a relationship, between Jon and Sansa, where they work as a team, where they take back their home TOGETHER, where Sansa is the mind and Jon is the sword, where they complement each other, where Jon starts acknowledging her intelligence, and actually begins listening to her, where they deeply bond and form a strong relationship based on trust, openness, partnership, companionship, communication, love and support, only to forget about it in Season 8 🙃

Jon is as closed as a pearl shell with Dandelion, he hasn’t told her A SINGLE thing about himself. Idk abt you, but I’m 1000% sure Jon isn’t in love with her, and 1000% sure that Dany is in love with the idea of him, and that’s it. 

Like for crying out loud, she doesn’t know anything about him! He hasn’t shared not even a small piece of personal information with her. THAT is HOW you bond with a person, the bonding has happened on her part only, only she, kept sharing personal stuff with him, it has been one sided since day 1. Which, has literally given Jon access to HER weaknesses and soft spots.

All she knows about him, is that he’s honorable, brave, a good commander/fighter, that the people love him and admire him, thus they chose him to be their King, to lead them, and that he took a knife to the heart, died for his people, and then came back to life. 

I repeat, she’s in love with the idea of him, because, she thinks, she sees herself in him, because she thinks he’s as magical as her lol Only, they could not be more different from one another. They have different goals, different ways of approaching certain situations, one would die to protect those he loves, for the greater good, the other has seen the army of the dead, 100.000+ of them, and yet still hesitates to help, because she is too self absorbed and obsessed with power and ruling. But she doesn’t know just how different they are, she doesn’t know what and how he really thinks, because she knows/because he hasn’t shared NOTHING personal about him/himself. I mean look at it this way, boasts around all these titles, “the unburnt”, while jon calls himself The King In The North and that’s pretty much it, we don’t see him calling himself, “the resurrected”, or “the undead”, idk, they ARE opposite of each other. 

Dandelion is entitled, tyrannical, pyromanic, narcissistic, power hungry, unpredictable, impulsive, doesn’t know how to rule, has no respect for other cultures and their traditions, doesn’t care about “the people”, she likes to say that she does, I think part of her/her ego believes that she does, but she doesn’t, at all, it’s all about her image, how she wants to be perceived, it’s all a facade, deep down she’s not like that at all. She wants people falling at her feet in adoration, that’s her narcissistic side, she has a golden child too (Drogon), also part of being a narcissist, she like to be in the center of the attention, she likes power. Shecan sometimes display mercy and goodness, but only if it serves to preserve her image, and even then, her impulsiveness can get in the way of her “I am a good person, I care for the people” idea of herself and murder in cold blood (Randyll and Dickon)

Jon is none of those things, idk how some of you

He hasn’t told her anything about Sansa, about Bran and Arya, as if they don’t exist, he doesn’t give any info away to her about himself about his family, because he’s weary of her, and fears/he thinks she might find his weakness, or the Starks’ weakness, and use them against him, his family and his people, he can’t afford something like that. He does not trust her, and love, cannot exist without trust. Just look at how quickly he opened up to Gendry, he smiled, and laughed, and joked with him, from second 1 lmao THAT is how our Jon is, and not this “weary, always calculating and watching what he says” version we’ve seen with Dandelion.

I honestly don’t know where y'all Jondelion fans see love between them, but you do you, whatever floats your boat, I guess 😅😅

Their bond is supposedly based on what? Oh yes, talking about the Night King, and about the Wights, oh and yes, talking about the Night King, and of course the Night King too, also the White Walkers, oh and I almost forgot, The Night King as well, you lost two brothers too *crickets*, The army of the dead, The Night King, you took a knife to the heart *doesn’t open up about it, denies it (but he did tell Sansa all about it and more)*, the Night King, they’re going to come see you for WHAT you are (not WHOM, but WHAT, that s*it sounds ominous af), The Army ofthe dead, and the The Night King, we’re all gonna die if you don’t help, the Night King, the Wights. Like seriously, what even lmao

WHERE is the bonding? Just, WHERE?

Jon looks at Sansa in a way he’s never looked at Dany, he looses himself in her eyes, more times than we can count, and Sansa was fully clothed the whole time, just sayin’ 🤗 Sansa “can TWIST him, like no one else”. We’ve never seen Jon look at Dany tenderly, smiling tenderly and genuinely at her, we never saw him, sighing at her, while he lingered longingly on her eyes, he never longingly stared at her lips, not even in the boatbang scene lol The lip staring, seems like something Kit does, a lot, when he’s around a love interest in movies etc. it’s kind of his signature move. I mean he did it with Sansa/Sophie, why not doit with Dany/Emilia too? If he’s so in love with her? hm?

Care to explain the need of this VERY “platonic” scene, with VERY “platonic” looks and lip staring contests? 🙃

The above scene was intense AF. You can try and fight me on this. I agree brothers might give their sisters a foreheard kisses, I get it, okay, but that forehead kiss is usually followed by a sweet, tender smile, a pat on the back or a pat on the head even, idk, but in no universe brothers stare with that type of intensity in their sister’s eyes after a forehead kiss, okay? 

If y'all brothers do that, they’re broken, and need repairing asap lol Jokes aside, I’d be worried and creeped tf out, if my brother kissed me like that, and then leaned in a little, stared deeply, intensively, and seriously into my eyes, and THEN stared at my LIPS!!! Oh hell no 🤢😷😖😖

There should’ve been a smile from the two of them, if they meant to pass this forehead kiss as platonic, the smiles would’ve added a familial feel to the kiss. Instead, Jon is all serious and has intense heart eyes for her, in the first gif, he LEANS IN towards her, after ending the kiss (for a second there, many people thought he was gonna kiss her. I watched that episode, with two male friends, whom I should add, both have sisters, and let me tell you, they were confused af by this kiss). 

Sansa was just as bloody confused as my friends (lol), by what Jon kissing her made her feel, you can literally see it on her face (3rd GIF), when Jon ends the kiss, she had to legit take a moment to recollect herself and, then, she looked at his lips for a moment, and then straight up in his eyes, no smile from her either, instead, she looked at him with a rather, vulnerable, confused look.

Care to explain these very “platonic” looks and strong “platonic” moments between them too?

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i wanted to redraw an old pearlapis drawing i did bc i feel like i have a better understanding of how to draw the gems now, but i didnt like how the whole thing was coming out lol

so here’s pearl and lapis just tenderly staring at each other

lululablette  asked:

hello! i really love your AU and i wanted to ask you (or request idk?) can you make like.... reverse fight falls??? i mean like the most badass twins mixed with some evil twin or something??? idk hope you enjoy the idea!

This is pretty hard, but I manage to do it

They probably are some badass 17 ↑ teenagers who made some deal with Kill Cipher to obtain their magical power. Under the influence of Kill’s power for years, they became mentally crazy and their hair became gray.  

OK I admit it I just want to draw some evil-sexy costumes LOL
so don’t take it too serious xD


so I’m a big corgi lover, I follow a bunch of corgi accounts on instagram. I remember one in particular, loki the corgi, who unfortunately passed less than a year ago. I was curious to see how the owners were doing and wanted to look at the page. 

the couple is doing well and they’ve now welcomed a new big boy into their family named bear and they also foster puppers as well! so I come across this photo of one they’re fostering.  

and I read the caption, they are looking for someone to take this cutie home, and turns out they are in the vancouver area! 

no lie, my first thought was, “aw, imagine if lili saw this!” because we all know she’s been interested. and I just casually scroll down to see comments. 





So I know people have already said this but I’d figured I’d put it in one post;  so since we named the yellow one Oliver, and it already matches the Google logo, I  do think it would be cool if we matched their names with the colors and letters of the logo lol

So by that logic, green could start with an L, Red could start with an E, and Blue with a G.

Here are some ideas, maybe this way we could narrow it done,

L- Lucas, Luke, Leonard, Logan, Lewis

E- Erik, Eli, Evan, Edward, Elliot

G- Gerald, Garret, Gary, 

These were just some ideas,

i think my fav names to go with Oliver, are Leonard, Elliot, and Gerald but that’s just my idea, let me know what you think lol


You tried Tsubaki.👍 Sakuya be nice he’s just trying to fit in. lol

So I found the first page I did of this from months ago for my own amusement(and feels) and then decided to make 2 more pages today. Pffft I am so sorry. Nothing like outdated art memes. 💚💚💚👌


I am going to try to make this as short as I can lol

so I am going to change this account a little bit… instead of just posting BTS meme’s I am going to funny stuff and meme’s of all kpop groups…

I don’t want to go into detail why but just a quick rundown;

I am going to step back from BTS a little… I am still going to love and support them and listen to their music but the fandom has just gotten too out of hand for me… None of this has to do with BTS  themselves, it’s just there are lot of new ARMY’s and several of them seem to think BTS is the only kpop group in the world and they think that BTS is the first to do everything

and as we all know that is NOT true. NOTE: I AM NOT SAYING THIS IS ALL ARMY BECAUSE I KNOW SO MANY OF US ARE NOT LIKE THIS. The fandom has just become too overwhelming for me... I get dm’s and ask ‘s every day telling me I “better” vote for BTS…. not hey let’s support BTS because they have worked so hard… no… people tell me because I don’t post enough to vote for them I “better” vote for them or I am not a true fan…

it’s just gotten too out of hand for me… I am also a person who is a fan of SO MANY other groups and they deserve some love too. 

I hope I didn’t offend anyone and I hope you guys still support my blog… don’t worry I’ll still post BTS as well 


Kang Daniel College Scenario

Pairing: Kang Daniel and OC

Genre: Fluff

  • So the semester just started
  • Which means everyone and I mean EVERYONE relies on public transport during this time
  • You sat in traffic for about 20 minutes trying to park to get to the train which hella pissed you off
  • Anyways, you finally got a parking spot and super sped walked 
  • When you got there, it was packed and you had to hold onto the railing right beside the door
  • The train chimed to signal it was about to close the doors when you saw a dude running towards you like his life depended on it
  • You already felt like a sardine in the train but you felt bad for the guy since it was the start of the school-year and it would suck to be late so you stuck you hand out to prevent the doors from closing
  • He reached the train doors and squeezed his way in
  • With the amount of people in the train, he had to put his arm around your shoulder to hold onto the railing
  • Talk about personal space cuz gurl, it doesn’t exist in this scenario lmao
  • So this dude looks down at you and thanks you but he does it while breathing super heavily between each word cuz he’s out of breath
  • And you just smile and say “no problem” cuz you find the whole scenario pretty amusing and DID I MENTION HE IS GORGEOUS??
  • Anywho, y’all continue riding the train and you’re minding your own business but you can’t help but notice he KEEPS LOOKING AT CHU??
  • Like hello yes
  • And every time you look back at him to see if he was gonna say something, he just smiles shyly and looks down
  • So you’re like:
  • Also, you notice he keeps letting go of the railing and shaking his hand 
  • The train drops y’all off and you guys head your separate ways but little did you know, homeboy thinks you’re his soulmate or something
  • All you care about is finding your class but he’s frantically texting his homies about you
  • So fast forward 4 classes
  • Now you’re waiting at the station to go home and surprise surprise
  • So is the boy
  • And he’s trying to be low-key about how excited he is to see you again but it’s purdy obvious
  • He decides to take his shot and approach you with one hand in his pocket, looking all smooth
  • But then some skateboarder skates in front of him real quick, throwing him off guard
  • So he freezes in place, SHOOK AF
  • And you try to pretend to be occupied with something else to make him less embarrassed even though you witnessed the whole thing lol
  • Then he does that stupid thing that all boy’s do where he scratches the back of his neck and laughs it off
  • He then goes, “Hey, I didn’t get a chance to properly thank you earlier! I’m Daniel by the way.”
  • Cue the eye smile
  • And unintentionally, them butterflies be dancing in your stomach and you automatically feel bubbly
  • But you shut that down real quick cuz
  • You don’t fuck with the devil.
  • This becomes a routine for the rest of the semester and he’s a major sweetheart which makes it really hard not to fall for him
  • You guys often meet at the campus library to do homework and study since y’all have the same schedule in terms of time
  • And he knows your favorite drink and brings it for you every time
  • And you’re like, “Damn, this kid is a blessing.”
  • So now it’s coming close to Halloween which means
  • You’re not really a party person because you just find them really draining
  • Don’t get me wrong, you can really rock a party but honestly, watching people get hella wasted is not really your cup of tea
  • But one of your closest friend is throwing this party so you think you should probably stop by
  • You dress up as a referee and head to the party whoop whoop
  • When you get there, your friend texts you saying he’s in the kitchen and as you head there, you run into Daniel
  • Who is dressed as a police officer and you’re like ooooooooo damn
  • You guys both head to kitchen to meet up with your friend and you find a bunch of people doing body shots
  • Daniel knows you’re not much of a drinker so he asks if you wanna hang out on the balcony instead 
  • And in your head you’re like, “BLESS UPPPP ThIS KID ROCks MY SoCKS YO”
  • It’s pretty peaceful on the balcony despite the bass from the music inside 
  • You’re about to tell him about something weird that happened in one of your classes the other day but he beats you by saying:
  • “Fuck it. I like you.”
  • And you awkwardly stare at him with your mouth open…not cuz you shocked or anything because you’ve been getting vibes cuz he’s obvious
  • But you just didn’t know how to react lol
  • So the first thing you say is, “You’re drunk.” while pointing at his red solo cup
  • He replies with, “Actually, I’m not.” And he shows you what’s inside of the cup and you guessed it
  • He put potato chips in there bro
  • You still didn’t know what to say so he continues talking
  • “You don’t have to give me an answer, I just wanted to get it off my chest.” 
  • So more silence followed and he leans against the railing and eats his potato chips (in a pretty sad manner which is rare for Kang Daniel)
  • And you’re having a major battle in your head right now because you like him but you’ve been trying to beat your feelings for a while because boys suck lol
  • But Kang Daniel is an exception
  • You then join him at the railing and nudge him with your elbow
  • He looks at you with the saddest puppy eyes and you kinda died a little
  • You tell him the feelings are mutual and you swore the look on his face is the look that someone makes when they win the lottery
  • But that disappears in an instant because cocky Daniel comes in play
  • And he tells you he’s gonna take you to a drive-in theater for your guys first date and seals the deal with a kiss on yo forehead
  • And that moment, my friend, is when you decided
  • You were going to fuck with the devil, but this time only.

So I was going through an old jewellery box of mine a bit ago and found this necklace. I wore this Kingdom Hearts crown necklace everyday for probably 4 four year and I love it so much!

I remembered a funny story though. when I was in school I worked at a dry cleaners and one day I had a customer come in who I think was a teacher and she asked me if my necklace was a gang symbol because kids at her school would draw a similar crown on the desks. I laughed and told her that it’s just from a video game and not only that but a DISNEY video game. She looked like she didn’t believe me though lol

So if you have kingdom hearts stuff that you wear then wear your gang signs proudly lmao

Your relationship with Taeil from his POV


Taeil’s one wasn’t requested like at all lmfao and I know it probably won’t get many notes either because its Taeil like wtf do u lot have against him why don’t u like reading about him :( So I didn’t spend too long on this :( but somehow this is about 2,600 words long lol

Your relationship with NCT from his POV

I will do all the debuted members in NCT excluding Sm Rookies, but first I’m starting with the hyung line of NCT before doing the maknae line!

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💕Happy Valentine’s Day~ 💕

Happy Valentine’s Day~ I’m idol Kou JK LOL

So many good friends ask me to do a special skit for diaplushies, so as you wish I made 3 individual skits for each Shu, Subaru and Ruki plushies! (So you can imagine how you and your guy celebrate) The skits are cute, sweet and Salty tho~ No salt means no diabolik ya know!

And Bonus! I made 6 Diaplushies valentines cards! Send to the one you love~ or you can just tag them in this post~ maybe you want to print them out IDK do as you Like!!!!!! Why 6? Because 2 versions! Come And Check Them Out!


You Hoe.

I spent sometime use cocoa powder to form “I LOVE U” OMG LOL

How about play pocky game~?

Sorry I don’t know anymore (maybe I don’t have other idea)…. Sorry Ruki…

By the way I finished Ruki’s outfit~ He finally has his own outfit!!!!!

Now Prepare For the V-Day Cards:

I actually made these cards before Rejet’s new chibis with tux and blowing kisses….Well we got each other Rejet~!

Love You Guys~~~*SNUGGLE*

evan hansen x reader headcanons

evan hansen x reader who meet in a coffee shop

requested: no lol

word count: 1255 (I’m so extra)

  • You had free periods last most of the time so you started working at a coffee shop after school to help out a bit with college funds
  • You were basically on autopilot taking orders and making drinks as all the teens poured into the closest coffee shop from school so you didn’t even notice poor evan trying to get your attention
  • “Um hi i’m evan but sorry, you probably already know that, because we go to the same school and you’re y/n and you’re in my math, english, and french classes but sorry, i just realized that that sounded like i’m stalking you and i’m so sorry i’m not i swear it’s not like i just creepily sit around and calculate how much time i spend with you each day that would be so weird i’m sorry”
  • ‘Don’t worry about it, evan! What can i get for you?”
  • ‘Oh well i’ld like a hot chocolate but there’s so many people from school here and they’d think i was so stupid and immature if i got one so could you maybe say it was something else that sounds better? Sorry that’s so weird i’m asking you to lie that’s so awful i’m so sorry’
  • you were just overcome with giggles because how cute can you get? He was shifting his weight back and forth and steadily gazing at the clock on the wall behind you to avoid having to look at you
  • but then evan got even more nervous (if that’s even possible) from your giggling and was like ‘oh god i just ruined this, i have no chance with them, i should just leave’
  • And he was turning around when you realized what was going on and obv started reassuring him that it was fine and no problem
  • He had spent so long working up the courage to talk to you and ordering that by the time his hot chocolate was ready there wasn’t even anybody left in the store lol
  • So you went over and sat with him while he drank it
  • And poor baby evan was just out of his mind because there’s a cute person who i really like??? Sitting across from me??? And trying to talk to mE????
  • so he could barely pay attention to what you were saying bc he was busy marveling over how pretty you were and how nice you’d been to him
  • and you’d just asked him how heidi was doing, and if you could get him a muffin to give to her bc she stopped by to see you on her way home from the hospital all the time
  • But instead he just blurted out ‘do you wanna come home for dinner? Mom’s supposed to get off early today? Not as like a date bc that’s ridiculous right?? Oh no, not like that i’ld love to go on a date with you! You’re so pretty and nice and smart and i’m just me? And oh god that seems like i’m some creepy guy hitting on you i’m so sorry i just made it awkward didn’t i? I’m so sorry i messed this all up i’m just going to leave now sorry”
  • And he starts to run away from you for the second time that poor boy
  • But then you kiss his cheek and say that you’ld love to go to his house for dinner on a date as soon as your shift is over
  • And he goes bright red and starts stuttering because he really wasn’t expecting this and he had no idea what to do other than stand there and blush with the biggest smile ever
  • And so he waits with you and tries to make awkward conversation till your replacement comes and then you drive both of you back to his house
  • And when you get there he tries to unlock the door at least four times but keeps dropping the key or turning it the wrong way because he’s so nervous
  • And once you finally get in the house he’s so nervous about where you guys should go to wait for heidi
  • ‘We could stay down here or we could go up to my room but that’s so weird and it sounds like i’m trying to have sex with you i’m so sorry’
  • You end up going to his room and he has all these posters of different types of trees and flowers hanging up and he goes on and on about how amazing and beautiful they are and you just listen in awe because he’s not stuttering or panicked at all and he’s just so cute??? How????
  • but he thinks you’re being quiet because you don’t actually want to spend time with him and you’re just doing it out of pity so he stops talking all of a sudden and notices that you’re staring at him and suddenly thinks he has something on his face
  • ‘do i have something on my face this is so embarrassing i’m so sorry that’s so gross i’m sorry’
  • and then you tell him it’s because he’s just so cute when he’s passionate about things and he goes bright red again
  • but manages to choke out ‘you’re kinda,, you know,,,, cute all the time’
  • And suddenly your’re blushing too because that’s the most forward evan’s been
  • so you ask him if you can kiss him and he gives you this really shy, hesitant knod
  • and you lean in and kiss him really softly and gently on the lips
  • and the kiss is just so pure and sweet and poor evan is just in heaven?? like you pull away and his eyes are still closed bc that was his first kiss and it was so perfect???
  • but decides he really likes kissing you so he goes in for another one
  • and this time it’s longer but it’s still just the softest, gentlest thing you’ve ever felt because tbh this boy is just an adorable baby kitten
  • And it’s just kinda getting a bit heated when heidi walks into his room bc you two were so caught up in each other that you didn’t notice her getting home or knocking on evan’s door
  • And poor evan just blushes so red and heidi’s so shocked bc evan never brings any friends home let alone a date???
  • but she recovers and gets very awkwardly re-introduced to you by evan and you giver her the muffin and life goes on except for poor baby evan who’s still so embarrassed
  • but she leaves after asking what kind of pizza you guys want (and telling evan to use protection which makes him turn more red if that’s possible)
  • and evan starts frantically apologizing and working himself up so you just kiss his cheek and hold his hand and reassure him
  • And when he finally calms down he gets really shy so you kinda gently nudge his shoulder and ask him if he wants to be your boyfriends
  • And evan’s just so elated he can’t stop saying yes and he just launches himself into your arms and starts kissing you bc he’s had a crush on you for like two years and he can’t believe you like him back
  • And ofc he’s such a gentleman and he apologizes right after for not asking you first and starts to shrink back into himself but you promise him you liked it very very much and that he can kiss you like that whenever he wants
  • He turns red again lol poor boy

people I’m gonna tag bc they got me into this whole fanfic writing mess (I hope you don’t mind this and that I remembered everyone) (also sorry I can’t figure out how to move the read more thing up):

@earlyjunes @sincerlyyme @daveyjacobss @reprisedpiece @let-the-world-pass-by @indigo-streaks-in-her-hair @secretschuylersister @manuelmiranduh @diggs4life @alexanderhamllton @linsnavi @bi-as-july-4th @tempfixeliza @hamimagines

anonymous asked:

Imagine Ransom or Holster meeting during bumper-to-bumper traffic.

From 555-555-1234:
Can you believe this traffic, bro?

Holster checks his phone, then he checks the number again. He doesn’t recognize it.

From 555-555-1234:
Who’s this?

From 555-555-1234:
Behind you, bro!

Holster turns in his seat to peak through the paint on his back window to look at the car behind him.

A bright smile in a handsome face beamed at him from an older gray Honda Accord. 

From 555-555-1234:
You’ve got your number on your window!

And…that is true. Holster’s driving his dad’s old pickup truck back home for Thanksgiving. He’d taken it to school after his Nissan had crapped out on him. His dad had told him to try and sell it so that they could get a down payment for a safer car with better gas mileage. Holster had decided to go with the tried and true driving advertisement. It’s limited success so far meant he was planning to set up a craigslist ad when he got home for the break.

To 555-555-1234:
I do
You interested in buying man?

From 555-555-1234:

To 555-555-1234:
So you just hit me up to chat?

From 555-555-1234:
I mean….
We’ve been at a standstill for like 15 min
And I need some sort of distraction from the hunger pains
I did NOT pack enough snacks for this

Holster laughs. This is maybe the weirdest thing to happen to him on a road trip, but the traffic has been maddening and - while it’s a bit hard to tell in the dimming light - Chatty looks cute.

To 555-555-1234:
Alright - how about them Falconers?

As it turns out this was just the right question to ask. Chatty (who goes by Ransom) happens to play intramural hockey at Samwell. He has a LOT of feelings about Alexei Mashkov.

From Ransom:
Come on, bro!
On ice!

From Holster:
Yes, acknowledged, lol
He’s a specimen 

From Ransom:
Mmm, yes, bro

From Holster:
So you’ve got a type ;)

From Ransom:
Tall, broad defensemen - hell yes

From Holster:
Good to know

So, you follow SMH at all?

The traffic chooses then to let up and allow them to move, which is maybe for the best. Holster’s not 100% sure what he’s doing (not that it’s stopped him from doing much else in his life), but he’s got some butterflies going and he hasn’t had those since. Well, since, March.

From Ransom:
Ok - favorite Disney song?

The traffic’s stalled back out again and Ransom’s been hitting him with a lightening round of 21 questions.

From Holster:
Hakuna Matata

From Ransom:
Did you have to mention food, bro??
I’m starving!

From Holster:
Slugs? The tangential mention of bugs has upset you?

From Ransom:
1. The use of three + syllable words - hot
2. I’m THAT hungry

Holster drums his fingers against his steering wheel and eyes the bag full of candy and jerky, protein bars he’d stocked up on before getting on the highway. On one hand, he knows  that inviting strangers into your space is dangerous. On the other hand, there’s a lot of witnesses around, and Ransom actually goes to his school. 

The Haus GroupMe:

Holster: I’m….about to invite a stranger into my car
Lardo: now Adam - we talked about Stranger Danger just last week
Shitty: Holtz, man, I know you and March were serious but…. 
Jack: Birkholtz, no
Nursey: Are they hot?
Dex: Nursey!
Holster: I’m not really sure
Holster: We’ve been texting for the last hour
Lardo: ADAM!
Jack: Birkholtz!
Shitty: Holster!
Holster: Not WHILE driving!
Holster: Traffic’s been shit - I just - we’ve been talking - flirting some
Holster: I think
Nursey: Nice!
Holster: Anyway - just wanted to let you know in case I get murdered
Holster: His name’s Justin Oluransi - goes to Samwell
Chowder: Go with your gut, bro - we’ll file the necessary reports, if needed

From Holster:
I’ve got snacks in the truck if you want to run up

From Ransom:

The knock that comes to Holster’s window is quick and sharp. Outside he sees a bundle of hoodie and scarf, a wool hat and hunched shoulders. He pops his lock and Ransom slides inside.

“Oh shit, you’re hot.”

Holster’s momentarily thunderstruck. 1.) He’s never been greeted this way, especially not in his glasses. 2.) He’s pretty sure it’d be trite to repeat someone’s greeting back to them verbatim.

“Also, given that your Adam Birkholtz, Samwell’s defenseman, I’m assuming that statement isn’t going to get me punched. Or - you know - lose me those snacks.”

Holster chuckles.

“Yeah, no - punching you is not - that’s um - you’ve nothing to worry about - I’ve um. Snacks.”


He hands Ransom the bag of goods and watches as he makes his choices, chattering excitedly about the selection. His voice is rich and kind. His smile, so bright from afar, is stunning up close. And his eyes - Holster’s never seen a deeper brown that shone so vividly.

“Thanks, bro! You’ve saved my life!” Ransom says at last. And, with a burst of cold air and the slam of the truck’s ancient door, is gone.

The Haus GroupMe:

Holster: I’m alive
Holster: Also, maybe, in love
Shitty: …..
Lardo: I’m too old for this
Nursey: Go get ‘em, tiger!
Dex: …..
Keep us posted, bro