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[NCIS: LA] Snowbound

Title: Snowbound
By: Jess/asthedayisfading
Pairing: Kensi Blye/Marty Deeks
Rating: M
Timeline: Post 6x11, Humbug.
Summary: “We can…pretend we’re snowbound, just you and me…”


Deeks groans softly. “You’re ruining my fantasy,” he chides playfully. Slowly he shifts next to her, lifting his head to meet Kensi’s dark eyes.

Kensi bites her lip as she gazes up at him, the devious spark in her eyes defying the innocence she feigns. “Your fantasy is to be stranded in a blizzard at Christmas?”

Lightly he touches his nose to hers, a grin tugging at his lips. “My fantasy,” he breathes, splaying a hand at her hip, “is to have you alone…for as long as I possibly can.”

I was browsing in the Yandere Simulator tag (it’s a horror game, only about 10-15% done atm, and pretty dang good) when I saw this.

Please, please, keep your crap out of YS. Oka Ruto is SUPER LONELY, anyway - her lines and behavior all support that. For her to deliberately push away over 95% of the population (and 100% in Japanese high schools - you don’t come out in Japanese HS, it’s not done, YandereDev did the research) would be catastrophically stupid and would only make her loneliness more intense and far less sympathetic. You can’t push people away and tell them they’re horrible people for being born as what they are and then complain that you’re lonely. Maybe, just maybe, you wouldn’t be if you didn’t act like a brat.


You know it’s these sort of blogs that I think are ever made by trolls to get attention, or by anger trans/cis people who think they’re supporting trans people who think that this is getting back at all the cis haters who hurl their cis bodies in the air at a character being trans.

I don’t know, the fact they have the Down with Cis hashtag proves that they were never loved as a child.